Gasser Calls for Fight Against Nepotism and Patronage

A constituent of Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Andrew Gasser forwarded this email from him:

Andrew Gasser and Chuck Wheeler

Andrew Gasser and Chuck Wheeler


I know I rarely email you but I wanted to make you all aware of what we in the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee will formally take up this next Tuesday, May 10th.

We do not need to tell you how riddled with corruption Illinois is and whether we like it or not – nepotism and patronage are a big part of this.

It is killing our party.

It is killing our state.

It is killing our country.

For too long so many “Republicans” have not brought attention to this problem because frankly, we were the ones doing it. It was ok because it was “our side”.

McHenry County and Algonquin Township are no different.

In Algonquin Township and McHenry County – Republicans own it. It is our problem.

You cannot blame the democrats for this.

Election cycle after election cycle we tolerate this… and look where it gets us.

Our elections are the laughing stock of the state and I am pretty sure Algonquin Township has the highest paid “Administrative Assistant” clocking in at just over $96,000 a year while we hire the two son in laws at $92,000 and $91,000 respectively.

We need to take a stand and start to correct the problem. It is always the hardest to be “the first” out of the chute – and that is ok – we will do it.

Tuesday night this will be debated and completed… one way or another.

You will hear the gnashing of teeth.

But we, as the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee will denounce these practices and begin the process of healing the party.

We have no clue what Grafton Township, Dundee Township, or any other county will do – but this is what we will do.

We can only hope others pile on and begin to fix this problem.

We, the committeemen of Algonquin Township, will control what we can control and we just hope the word gets out on this which issue which is why I am emailing you all.

If you could pass this along to your networks we sure would appreciate it.

GIDDY UP and Be Blessed,



Gasser Calls for Fight Against Nepotism and Patronage — 28 Comments

  1. This is excellent!

    I can’t wait to hear of your accomplishment(s) on this.

    Nothing would make me happier than to see McHenry County take the lead on an issue that’s keeping inept and corrupt people in our Govt., municipal , township, county, state, federal.

  2. So then, Mr. Gasser must be in favor of term limits for ALL elected officials.

    If he is not, then he is not truly a reformer.

  3. Where is the detailed plan for shrinking McHenry County government?

    Rather than worry about Algonquin township it is time you come up with a detailed plan on how to shrink or do away with those programs your board chooses to fund every year.

    For instance, how about serious discussion and action regaring Valley Hi for starters.

    Time to stop showboating and sending selfies of yourself and time to do some nutcutting.

    So far, I am underwhelmed!

  4. This is a Township email Mr. Stieper.

    A Township taking aim.

    Please deal with County issues on County posts!

    We hope to all stay on point here!

    Healing starts from within, so from “within” the County, we, the Townships, will begin to heal the County and beyond.

    Please join us!

    Please help!

    We need you!

  5. My Grandmother used to tell me, ” You are either part of the solution or part of the problem….no inbetweenzies here! So which are you, Scotty?”

    Algonquin Township has chosen to be part of the SOLUTION!

  6. David, Andrew has his flaws, I’ll agree with you.

    We all do.

    But within my experience I’ve always found him to be completely honest, to vote the right way on fixing government, and to be a hell of a hard worker.

    I’ll take that combination, flaws and all, any day of the week.

    Now I see Andrew taking on nepotism and patronage in his Township.

    There’s no upside for him personally in this fight; he could easily have ignored the issue.

    Instead, he chose to fight it.

    I think that’s evidence of principle.

    In fact, if Andrew chose to ignore the problem right in his own Township, where he’s party chair, I’d be disappointed in him.

    And I’m sure that you agree with Andrew’s position.

    I don’t know you personally, but I know your good reputation, and I’m quite confident that you, too, are opposed to nepotism and patronage.

    Now, you said Andrew should work to cut County government. Again, I’ll agree with you.

    From what I’ve seen, he’s been on the right side of the issues there.

    But I don’t see how that issue is in contradiction to the fight against nepotism and corruption.

    I think, and again I’m sure you’ll agree, that sometimes we have to fight more than one battle, fight wherever we see problems.

    So let’s leave it at this:

    Andrew: go and fight for smaller government as a County Board Member.

    And if you also choose to fight against nepotism and corruption, good for you!

  7. Algonquin . . . Supporter, post your name rather than hide behind a moniker.

    I was always taught a person who is ashamed to assign his or her name to his or her public comment is a coward not worth listening too.

  8. I will say this. . If we are to stand against nepotism and patronage, first, we must clearly and concisely define this term and apply it to EVERYONE.

    I think we all know the definition, but, it seems some are willing to justify, and somehow give a pass to, those who happen to be friends or allies while attacking those who are not.

    It applies to all, or it applies to none.

    We must be willing to call it out everywhere it exists, not just where it suits our personal agendas.

    If this is to be a sincere effort, it must go further than just “the Miller’s, the Miller’s, the Miller’s”…

    It can’t just apply to those in “the old guard” and all these beaten to death terms.

    It must apply to, and be addressed in, everyone, including our own friends and allies!

    Are we really willing to do that?

  9. This is a very strong move forward for Algonquin Township, and Andrew is taking the lead.

    He should be praised for having the courage to stand up against decades of history that has accepted these practices.

    The Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee does not have the authority to make these changes.

    We do, however, have the power and authority to raise awareness and make these situations public for the voters in Algonquin Township to deal with.

    Honest Abe, regarding term limits, Andrew has committed to self police himself with respect to his time in any given elected office.

    Without a doubt, he will do so.

    If, somehow, he didn’t, there are those of us who will hold him accountable, and, btw, at his request.

    I believe the ATRCC will also address term limits, but even Rome was not built in a day.

    Let us get the issues of nepotism and patronage addressed first.

    Many of us have had numerous conversations about the need for term limits in ALL levels of government.

    We will get there…

  10. Good focus.

    Only hire those needed and those that are the most qualified to do the job.

    Trying to run any type of office with an unqualified staff breeds inefficiency and increases cost.

  11. As I read this board, I am often disappointed at comments about the shortcomings of people in our party.

    Two things come to mind every time I read such comments.

    1. We are told to remove the plank from our own eye before we concern ourself with the spec in the eye of a brother.

    This is sage advice.

    It certainly how we would prefer to be treated when the criticism is turned on us.

    2. I was raised to deal with differences of opinion by going directly, and privately to the person with whom I have an issue.

    We do that to seek understanding of the other person’s views, and to shre our perspective in an effort to come to some sort of common place on an issue.

    It is inappropriate to attack people on a public forums without first having that direct 1 on 1 conversation.

    Our party has much work in front of us fixing many issues locally, at the sate level and at the national level.

    It would be far easier for us to work together should we practice some common courtesy, and not air our dirty laundry in public forums where we give our competition the ammunition to use against us.

    Just a couple of thoughts…

  12. Interesting that nepotism the subject of scrutiny in Algonquin Township GOP now, that Mr Gasser is on the Committee.

    Why was nepotism not fought against at the county level while Mr. Gasser was on the county committee?

    Possibly protecting those in the Sheriff’s Office?

  13. Bot,

    What have YOU done to fight nepotism or patronage?,

    anywhere or at any time?

    Since you hide behind a screen name, the only way you can be addressed is on this blog.

    If you have not fought against nepotism, why not?

    Are you protecting someone?

  14. Wow, tough crowd.

    It seems that if you raise your head around here to try and do something good you will be shot down in flames.

  15. The idea that Gasser is protecting someone in the Sheriffs office is absurd.

    Currently, we have a hardworking employees in the Sheriffs office that actually work for the people in our community.

    Though, during the Nygren days many protected Nygren and Zinke and the members of the Regime. That is true.

  16. You are kidding when you say we have no nepotism in the sheriff office.

    Certainly we have plenty of patronage but we will not talk about that.

    Bi believe the people prim has surrounded himself with are because he trust them and they are willing to work countless hours next to his side to accomplish an important task.

    If they were hiring someone that was not working than that is different

    The Millers have work tirelessly to support the folks of Algonquin township it is not just about whether you are family it is whether the are qualified and get the job done.

    Just because someone is related does not automatically disqualify that person that would be discrimination

  17. David,

    I posted from a post on Facebook so it automatically posted me as ATRCC.

    That was not my intention!

    Hell I even put my Grandma name, Scotty, in there!


    Believe me, I post all the time against people posting with “made up” names!

    So, I agree with you there, Sir!

    Scott C Vetter

  18. “Wow, tough crowd.

    It seems that if you raise your head around here to try and do something good you will be shot down in flames.”

    Yep, these people are either just miserable people who need to find other things to be happy about other than schadenfreude OR it is a deliberate effort to make good people lose hope, disengage in the process even more, and have things deteriorate further while they remain in power. Either way, it has the same effect.

    All I ever see is “GAS BAG GAS BAG”.

    Last I checked, “Gas Bag” was at least doing *something*.

    What are some of these people complaining doing?

    Please, be part of the solution, not the problem.

  19. Paul said it best, but unfortunately the game isn’t being played that way.

    Sheriff has gotten a pass, the county board hasn’t changed their own policy manual, no effort to get legislation passed by our state reps and senators, nada just whining and no real action.

    Township elections are less than a year away, so who will Team Andrew run as candidates for Alg Twh is the big question?

    I suppose that will be kept a secret right up till the very last moment so vetting is harder right?

  20. Just a couple of facts: If you compare apples to apples, and know who, how, and what you are searching.

    Open Books has just wages and not total compensation:

    The son in laws are not paid any higher than other employees in the area with the same experience and they earn their pay.

    If you compare the part time Alg Twh Supervisor’s assistant part time wages to the Highway dept assistant full time wages, do some math and consider every thing not just parts, they are paid almost the same hourly rate.

    The Highway Dept assistant puts in over 2080 hours a year, and yes some OT, there is video to prove that fact.

  21. The point I was trying to make is where is the large plan to change both reach and cost of McHenry county government.

    In other words where are the big ideas from these big conservatives.

    Time to quit advertising for the next political job and roll up your sleeves and do the hard work.

    Come up with a good philosophy supported by specific plan and people will follow. Name calling and accusation will get you no consensus.

    Scott nice meeting you.

  22. I saw this being promoted on Facebook.

    I never knew this blog existed.

    I always wondered when someone would wake up to the Nepotism problem we have.

    I agree with Paul Serwatka that whatever is done is applied fairly.

    This is reasonable.

    The township, the Clerk’s office, and the recorder’s office come to mind.

    Thank you Mr. Gasser for doing this.

    You have so many people behind you.

    We need more people willing to stand up to the problems we have locally and then, maybe, we can work on bigger things.

    Nice facebook page and website.

    Please keep communicating.

  23. You have the cure right in front of you, Mr. Gasser: County Elections this November and Township and municipal elections next spring. Throw out the problems and vote in the problem-solvers. AND this fall you have the opportunity to clean house at Algonquin Township, by having the Algonquin Township GOP hold a CAUCUS and SLATE real Republican candidates for all Township and municipal offices for those Spring 2017 elections. The question is, do you have the political will to do this, or are you more comfortable promoting empty “resolutions” that don’t actually do anything..?

  24. This is wishful thinking But by some miracle it flys, I Hope this means one of the Maddy gang is gone! as well….

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