Chance to Tell County Board Your Vision of Area’s Future

A press release from McHenry County:

McHenry County 2030 And Beyond Opinion Survey

WOODSTOCK, IL: The McHenry County Regional Planning Commission is seeking public input regarding McHenry County 2030 And Beyond through an on-line opinion survey.

The survey provides participants the opportunity to comment on the continued relevance of the existing McHenry County 2030 Comprehensive Plan, recommend appropriate future land uses for the county, and provide feedback on the Commission’s preliminary findings regarding McHenry County 2030 and Beyond.

The survey is available by following the opinion survey links on the project website:

The McHenry County 2030 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the County Board in 2010. The plan establishes a vision for McHenry County as well as a set of actionable goals and objectives that serve as a road map to realizing that vision.

It provides long-range policy recommendations for the development and redevelopment of the County’s built form and physical assets as well as for the maintenance and enhancement of the County’s valued natural resources. Additional information about the Plan is available by following the 2030 Comprehensive Plan link on the project website:

The five-member McHenry County Regional Planning Commission is leading the effort to review and update the McHenry County 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

The commission started its review process in February and will submit its recommendations to the County Board by November 2016. All commission meetings are open to the public. In addition, the Commission will be conducting a public open

house meeting on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

Additional information about the commssion meetings and open house meeting are available on the project website:

Additional information is available by contacting project manager Darrell Moore at or 815.334.4549.

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Here is the questionnaire:
Plan Q1

plan q 2

Plan Q3

Plan Q4

Plan Q5

Plan Q6
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At the bottom of the Planning and Development Department stationary appears the following:

“McHenry County government is dedicated to providing the highest quality services.”


Chance to Tell County Board Your Vision of Area’s Future — 6 Comments

  1. There is not a word about the economic crisis in this county engendered by profligate government spending of property tax dollars.

    Every question in this survey can be interpreted as permission to double down on the County policy of conscriptiing more tax dollars to be directed by elected officials toward private interest projects of their choice.

  2. See all those “home for sale signs” going up everywhere around McHenry County ?

    There is no future for residents of McHenry County.

    That is, of course, you consider paying oppressive property (ransom) taxes a future.

    How much did yours go up ?

  3. What an incredibly vapid document.

    “Wouldn’t you like everything to be wonderful, Little Tommy, with pretty houses on big lots and lots of jobs?”

    Who would say no to any of these platitudinous questions?

    The key questions are

    (a) how much of this is the business of the County to seek to legislate? and

    (b) how EXACTLY will they try to accomplish these goals?

    Without asking what government SHOULD be doing AND THEN comparing costs and benefits, documents such as this simply become excuses for any huge pie-in-the-sky project anyone wants to push?

    “The people said they like open space. That means we should buy more land!”

    “The people said they don’t like traffic congestion. That means we should build more/bigger roads.”

    How about adding the following questions:

    “The County should raise/keep the same/cut property taxes”.

    “Please rank order the following goals for the County:”

    Cutting taxes.

    Buying more property for open space.

    Building more roads.

    If they asked questions like that, I’ll bet they’d get entirely different feedback from the community.

  4. Cut property taxes.

    Reduce units of redundant goverment.

    Cut more property taxes.

    Oh eliminate nepotism inside county government.

  5. I got your questionnaire.

    THE most important thing to consider above all: Stop poisoning the citizens from the air and the water.

    No other planning will amount to anything if we are all dead.

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