Madigan Nervous about Trump

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Illinois Democratic Party Chairman (and House Speaker) Mike Madigan is leery of Donald Trump’s candidacy for President.

Madigan S-T 5-10-16 don't rest re Trump headline“Now that the Republicans have nominated Trump, or appear ready to, don’t rest on your laurels,” Madigan told the group in downtown Springfield.

“This will be a very contested election, from president on down, and particularly the Illinois election.”

That came from yesterday, before polls showed Trump within the margin of error in three states–Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida–which South Florida Democratic Party congressional candidate AnnetteTaddeo emails, “Democrats have never won the White House without winning one of the[se] big three swing states.”

You will note that Ohio and Pennsylvania are coal mining states.

So is Illinois.


Madigan Nervous about Trump — 2 Comments

  1. Anyone that thinks this election is garunteed for either side is delusional.

    Voter suppression by the negative campaigns by far favors a Trump victory.

    The question I have is will strident GOP supporters cast their weight behind the Vichy Republicans backing Trump or focus on down ballot races in key Senate races to ensure GOP victories (i.e.:Duckworth v. Kirk)?

    At the end of the day, the GOP isn’t going anywhere and the populist sentiment being channeled by Trump from voters who, for years, have been given lip service by GOP leadership when it comes to economic issues whilst bailouts and tax breaks have overwhelmingly favored the wealthy cannot be ignored.

    Nor can we ignore that Trump’s insurgent candidacy has largely ignored social conservatives.

    His is a brand of scorched earth politics and rallying enraged voters who view DC pols in almost professional wrestling/WWE fashion is a alarming curiosity.

    While the Donkeys and Elephants battle in the ring, Trump is their golden wildcard who now rides in on the theme song of hatespeech and petty-mongering ready to deliver a folding chair to the face of both party’s leadership!

    Exciting, yes; delightfully satisfying to disaffected, disadvantaged voters, indeed; but churlish and immature when juxtaposed to the original intent of the founding fathers.

    If this election is between shooting ourself in the face and electing Trump or poisoning ourselves and electing Hillary, at least one of those two choices has antedote.

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