Sandra Salgado Announces Delegates to State Convention, Seeks More – DEADLINE TODAY

Sandra Salgado

Sandra Salgado

McHenry County is large enough and successful enough in elections for the Republican Party that it is eligible to have about 100 delegates to this weekend’s Republican State Convention in Peoria.

So far, only 33 Republicans have asked to be named delegates.

Others who would like to attend, should contact Republican County Chairman Sandra Salgado today.

Applicants need to provide their name, phone, address and email address.

Here is the email to use:

The following are already signed up to be delegates:

  • Sandra Salgado
  • Kurt Schnable
  • Shawn Green
  • Sharon Bills
  • Jeff Thorsen
  • Paul Serwatka
  • Mark Shephard
  • Mathew Meyer
  • Bob Anderson
  • Steve Rooney
  • Eric Dowd
  • Tom Venezio
  • Andrew Gasser
  • Jim Cosler
  • Chris Christensen
  • Adam Shuster
  • Joe Monack
  • Gary Mader
  • Debra Ebert
  • Sandra Robertson
  • Jennifer Weinhammer
  • John Radke
  • Chris Coveli
  • Laura Radke
  • Sue Johnson
  • Mark Jaeger
  • Mike Shorten
  • laura Kajita
  • Linda Christl
  • JD Berry
  • Leslee Spears
  • Melissa Sanchez
  • Nick Provenzano


Sandra Salgado Announces Delegates to State Convention, Seeks More – DEADLINE TODAY — 2 Comments

  1. You misspelled Adam Schuster. It’s not “Shuster” – it’s spelled “Schuster”, like Simon & Schuster, the Publishers. 😎

  2. Hey folks, Laura Radke here, even though I support
    Several Republican candidates at the county level,
    I am completely an independent voter.

    Would not have passed the vetting criteria to
    Attend the convention.

    Just really find the party polarization going
    On in this country so sad & disturbing.

    Will always vote for someone (at least 1 time) for the strength
    Of their character, accomplishments, & if their reasons for running
    Match their behavior.

    Anyone can talk a good game, but will they follow through with
    The right actions & behavior .

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