McHenry County Tax Bills in Mail Friday

Glenda Miller

Glenda Miller

McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller will put this year’s (2015 tax year collected in 2016) in the mail Friday, May 13th.

For those who want to ruin their weekend, they will be available online here.  (Today the 2014 tax year bills can be seen.  The website will be updated by tomorrow.)

Compare what your tax districts did to you last year to what they are pulling out of your pocketbook this year by checking out the following stories:


McHenry County Tax Bills in Mail Friday — 10 Comments

  1. That site is so slow, I thought I had aol dial-up again! Actually, mine was good news.

    My taxes went down by over six hundred. Who knew?

  2. Mine up almost $700 in 1 year?!

    I don’t want to move, but being forced out…sad!

  3. Lake in the Hills; Grafton Township here.

    We seriously need a property tax cap in this state.

    This is the 3rd time in the last 5 years that it went up $500 or more.

    How can you budget for that?

    Property taxes higher than your mortgage payyment…seriously?!

    If the cap were 2.5% then you can budget for that; and if the local government wants more revenue they need to provide services to increase your property value and stimulate new growth.

    Now we’re in a “we don’t offer you much, but tax the hell out of you” situation.

  4. Jim, you know a property tax cap won’t happen.

    I’ve got 13 taxing bodies and 9 pensions to pay into.

    McHenry County’s chief priority now is getting paid, plain and simple.

    Services and affordability be damned.

  5. Went up over $1300 here in Dorr township in side Woodstock city limits.

    Called the assessor and was kind of told that since I had in the past challenged the value and won its time to make up the difference.

    Big percentage gainers, the schools and fire district as compared to others.

  6. We are in greenwood township in a town home in Woodstock.

    Taxes went up almost $1000.

    Figuring out how to appeal this.

  7. Run for the District 200 school board.

    That’s where you money went.

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