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  1. Whatever will we do?

    The robbers are not paying attention to the rules!

    I’m stumped!

  2. Gun free zones help criminals and those intending to harm innocents.

    The perp or mentally challenged know that any resistance in the gun free zone is minimal so they are free the commit their crime or cause chaos.

    All people with concealed carry permits have some firearms training and have gone through extensive background checks from local state and federal law enforcement.

    Why block them form your business?

  3. When will Harvard officially change its name?

    And just what name will than be?

    Xingoudong? Tiajuana Norte, Shing’Gxiou? San Bandito?

  4. Or the homie that robbed the 7-11 at 3 a.m. in Huntley two weeks ago.

    BTW, a big thanks to the McHenry P.D. for their quick work in apprehending him when he stuck up that payday loan store.

    Too bad I can’t say the same for the HPD, no surprise there.

  5. **and just what name will than be? Xingoudong? Tiajuana Norte, Shing’Gxiou? San Bandito?**

    **Or the homie**

    Sigh… the blatant racism that is accepted on this blog is sad.

  6. Perhaps a bigger sign would have worked.

    I’m positive if the robber had clearly seen it he would have turned around.

    Maybe a better idea is to place all tellers and workers behind secure glass.

    In many countries, you have to be buzzed into the bank after they have recorded you on video.

  7. That’s how the Union, Illinois, bank was designed when I visited in the late 1960’s.

    Then McHenry County Treasurer Bill LeFew copied the design for his office.

  8. Those signs will not stop evil from happening.

    Those signs only stop law abiding citizens from carrying in that dwelling, business, or building.

    If someone is that intent on doing evil where they will use a firearm in the commission of their act of evil do you really think a sign at eye level is going to atop them?

    Sorry but life, human nature, does not act like that.

  9. I was laughing at CP’s comment until the end.

    Like we don’t have enough surveillance already?


  10. Cindy, as much as I dislike surveillance, in many countries, you are not admitted until you are deemed identifiable.

    Remember that you are already being recorded at the bank and this is added security.

    This is the age we live in.

    Its ludicrous that our banks are so open.

    I’m all for concealed carry and self-peotection but common sense and being aware of the world we live in helps too.

  11. Pullease, CP.

    You don’t really believe that surveillance has ever been used for the good, do you?

    Just try getting acess to any surveillance tapes.

    You will find out what a sham it all is.

    Why are they not reviewing those tapes to identify the robbers?

    Why do the good always suffer because of a few bad characters?

    You are going at this all wrong.

    Everybody should be videoed just in case there are some bad out there?

    Think about what you are proposing here.

    It is ludicrous that you should be so willing to fall for the agenda and to willingly give up your rights to walk freely in your life.

    Do you not see that your “solution” is just as ludicrous as posting a sign to criminals that they are not allowed?

    And the Patriot Act is to protect us?

    You apparently believe in a lot of fairy tales.

    You are dangerously close to being with the onslaught against freedom when you think like your last post about “other countries do it”.

  12. Cindy, what I am suggesting is that surveillance is used to help prevent robberies instead of merely recording them in progress.

    Having lived where terrorism was always present, I am in favor of sensible surveillance.

    In my opiniob, our government has committed horrendous acts and I am in no way in favor if giving them more info on us, but I for believe our banks security is a joke.

  13. My main question is ….

    Are businesses allowed to pick and choose which parts of the American Constitution they want to follow?…

    and If for instance, I was in that bank. unarmed and unprotected, and injured during the robbery .would I be able to sue the Bank for not allowing me my constitutional rights…

    If killed would my family be able to sue for wrongful death?

  14. Sounds good, Bill.

    But you do realize that the whole system is rigged, right?

  15. Alabamashake’s genocidal racism is there for all to see.

    I suggest he start a counter-movement and move to Mexico or the PRC, and see how he/she fares.

    Oh, but there’s no welfare and social services for him/her there to roost.

    50 years from now, he’ll get his sicko-wish.

    A TOTAL Third World Land, w/ corruption that would make Blago and Ryan blanch, a police state, and 5th class citizen status for ‘reparations.’

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