Captain American versus Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man

For Mother’s Day, my wife wanted to go see “Captain America – Civil War.”

She’s a fan of Iron Man (which probably says something about me).

I just went to watch the movie.

Afterward, I concluded that Captain America is a lot like Donald Trump.

The plot has the United Nations trying to impose restraints on the Avengers.

Too many people get killed and maimed when they go to solve a problem, the UN Delegates concluded.

The answer?

Captain America

Captain America


Require that a UN committee approve any action by the superheroes.

Led by Iron Man, a number of the Avengers agree to be bound by such restrictions.

But, not Captain America.

He and some colleagues are going to follow their own consciences.

Eventually, Iron Man and the others come around to Captain America’s point of view.

I can’t imagine Donald Trump ever allowing the UN to control any part of American policy.


Captain American versus Iron Man — 7 Comments

  1. Odd… a random post about Trump being Captain America, but nothing about it becoming official that Franks is running for county chairman?

  2. That is because they feared it would happen because they know that Jack Franks is liked by both democracts and republicans and he is the better man suited person to lead our county in this important role.

    Walkup does not even hold a flicker of a flame next to Jack Franks

  3. Best line of the movie:

    “An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, But one that crumbles from within is destined to remain dead.”

  4. Tirio is that your goal to crush from within ???

    You are the ones attacking the other most conservative republicans in Mchney County.

  5. Alabamasnake shows her/his true libtard colours once again.

    Is he/she a twitter follower of Lady Gaga and Hillary, too?

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