Looking at My Lakewood Tax Bill

McHenry County property tax bills went in the mail last Friday.

Most will probably receive them today.

If you don’t or if yours is sent to your mortgage house, you can find your bill here.  Just type in your name or address.

My Lakewood tax bill appears below:

The tax bill for 275 Meridian St., Lakewood, IL.

The tax bill for 275 Meridian St., Lakewood, IL.

After taking into account an increase for Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension assessments, McHenry County government saw a tax cut of 3/10 of one percent.  And that includes cutting the Valley Hi $3 million levy to zero.  The County Board tried to capture all new growth.  (Included in the County figure is the 708 Mental Health Board’s money.)

The McHenry County Conservation District cut its budget by 2%.  The County Board can vote “Yes” or “No” on the budget that the MCCD Board submits.

McHenry County College’s tax take decreased almost 1%.  The reason is two-fold:

  1. the Trustees voted to keep the levy flat
  2. because there was new growth in the district, the tax burden was spread over more taxpayers

Crystal Lake District 47 Grade School District had good news in its non-pension levy.  It decreased.

However, that decrease was more than offset by the increase in its Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and any other payments for pensions.

The result was an increase in my tax bill of 1.1%.

The bill for the Crystal Lake Park District increased the most–almost 3%

Crystal Lake High School District 155 was almost constant.  My bill was cut by one-tenth of one percent.

The part of Algonquin Township not controlled by the Road Commissioner was cut seven-tenths of one percent.

The Township Road District’s bill increased three-tenths of one percent.

My Village of Lakewood cut its tax bill by 2.6%.

So, in summary, Lakewood cut my taxes by the most dollars–$22.92.

The Crystal Lake Park District raised by tax bill by the most–$13,34.

All the rest of the tax districts were plus up 43 cents (Algonquin Township Road District) or down 52 cents to $3.61.

Compare what your tax districts did to you last year to what they are pulling out of your pocketbook this year by checking out the following stories and, then, share what happened to your bill (tell others where you live, please):


Looking at My Lakewood Tax Bill — 23 Comments

  1. The pension line items are for IMRF pensions.

    IMRF = Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

    One of 20 pension systems in the Illinois Pension Code.

    IMRF had an unfunded liability of $8,978,045,654 in fiscal Year 2014 (FY 2014).

    That was the fourth highest unfunded liability in dollars, behind TRS, SERS, and SURS.

    TRS = Teachers Retirement System of the State of Illinois, which is for teachers and most administrators.

    SERS = State Employees Retirement System.

    SURS = State University Retirement System.

  2. Now that Jack Franks will be running in the entire County, expect his lawn signs to go up on any property that does not take the homestead exemption.

    If a sign appears on your property and you did not approve it being there, you have the right to remove it and place it in the trash because that is what it has become: litter.

    Time for the real Republicans to campaign for Walkup, whether you like the candidate or not – it has become a matter of principle.

    Who honestly can state, that Jack Franks can be trusted?

    He lies and lies and lies some more.

    Where and how?

    Go no further than what is documented on this blog.

  3. Those of you fed up with high taxes in this state (especially property tax) and want Walkup to defeat the Franks guy, accentuate Franks support of unions – especially the Illinois Teacher Federation.

  4. Wondering how long “Questioning” has lived in the County?

    Does he/she know Walkup at all?

    Mike is oblivious to the real world.

    Concentrates on organic gardening.


  5. Questioning is right on target!

    I confronted an actual homeowner about his Franks pop-up sign.

    He knew nothing about it.

    When I told him that Franks cast the deciding vote in favort of homosexual ‘marriage’ he immediately removed it and added it to his burn pile!

    This was in ’14.

  6. Cautious voter: I hear you, but the difference between Walkup and Franks is the difference between a cold and pancreatic cancer.

  7. Ooops, I meant Jim B (ishop?) instead of ‘Cautious’ in last post.

  8. House Bill 696 passed the house with 71 votes three weeks ago.

    It has since gone on to the senate and has gained a couple of sponsors.

    It’s essentially a permanent property tax freeze for the state of IL with the exception of home rule units of government.

    Notice, this bill still includes a freeze for school districts and other property taxing bodies.

    Why aren’t more conservatives helping with AFP’s efforts in pressuring the senate to bring this popular idea to a vote?

    We have a real chance to stop the madness with property taxes and seldom are conservatives willing to come out and make the phone calls necessary to let fellow Illinoisans know about this bill.


    Very, very disappointing.

  9. Mine went up over 1K from last year, I can not wait till my new house is built; taxes are less that 1K for the year.

  10. Once again up from last year.

    This time 3.7%.

    This clown government and that vulture teachers union still don’t get it, that homeowners have had enough!

  11. Ours went down $32.00.

    Live in north (unincorporated) Crystal Lake, Nunda.

  12. Wrong, Jim B. .

    Walkup is a good man & is part of the group wanting to see change & taxes go down.

    You must enjoy writing your property tax bill check

    Every year, while the majority of us resent being the 29th highest in County taxes for the United States.

    That is an especially lame comment this week when our
    Property taxes get sent out.

  13. Thanks Cautious Voter on the tip about pointing out Franks Support of the ‘vulturous teachers union’.

    We will/shall be happy to point that out ad nauseum.

  14. paul my tax bill has a new line Lakewood TIF 2015 $1066.52 nice!!!

    and I never received an answer from the village why the two properties to the west of autumn ridge are not on that TIF map as they were part of the forced annexation to get to rt 47!

  15. Jim B.: Re: Walkup: “Concentrates on organic gardening. ”

    Little lyin Jack raids everyone else’s garden!!

    The voters chose Walkup over Gottemoller for a reason.

    With a solid campaign, the voters will choose Walkup over little lyin Jack.

  16. so in summary cal Lakewood cut yours and stuck it everyones shorts in there TIF district BS

  17. You may remember that I opposed the TIF District before the Lakewood Village Board.

  18. I just bought my home this last February in unincorporated Algonquin Township, Crystal Lake.

    Taxes were $7700 last year…..and an obscene $10,400 this year!!!!!

    Assessed value went up $64,000 last year but previous owner didn’t appeal since they were selling.

    Welcome to the neighborhood?


  19. Kim…what was value of house before you bought it and then what did you pay for it?

    That’s how new home owner gets screwed…you buy a house in a desirable area and pay top dollar well over what current owner paid for home and had marginal home value increases assessed to it while they owned home.

    Your purchase immediately raises the property taxes for the home.

    Realize that stinks..but not that uncommon.

  20. I have weathered property tax increase for many years (since 1989)and have contested two of them.

    I was out of town for last years assessment and couldn’t respond in time to contest the increase in assessed value (if there really was an increase in value?

    I haven’t seen any recent sales supporting the Nunda Township Assessor assessment increase).

    My new tax bill is over 25% higher than last year’s tax bill.

    Is this a mistake??

    I an disappointed in the Nunda Township Assessor and the County Board, who have no real concern for people who support our county and pay taxes.

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