Gasser Urges Franks to Renouce $58,600 Pension

Andrew Gasser

Andrew Gasser

Turnabout, apparently, is fair play.

During member comments at Tuesday night’s McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser praised GOP County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup’s call for an end to pensions for County Board members.

Gasser is one of the Board members who is not in the County pension program.

Gasser explained that the pension State Rep. and presumptive Democratic Party County Board Chairman candidate Jack Franks’ has accrued in his part-time job over the last 17.25 years would cost taxpayers $58,622.22 per year.  (The pension will be somewhat higher by the time Franks finishes this term.)

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

The Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman then pointed out that the total pension payments to County Board members in a year would amount to about $43,200, less that Franks’ personal legislative pension.

Gasser revealed that Franks has only paid $136,415.81 into the General Assembly Retirement System.

That means Franks would get all of his contributions back in about two years, three months after his retirement.

Gasser quoted from Franks’ website:

“I believe that there is a conspiracy by many of the elected officials to take these benefits that they have not actually earned.”

Gasser denied that anyone on the Board had conspired to do anything nefarious, something that apparently Franks has alleged on his web site.

Gasser urged Franks to follow the example of the McHenry County Board and do his job in Springfield.

“We passed a budget.

“We did what we were supposed to do.

“We didn’t send bills to the Senate and watch them die on the vine.

Mike Tryon

Mike Tryon

Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler

David McSweeney

David McSweeney

“Please renounce your pension.”

Then he said,

“Let us not be hypocrites,” and asked that State Rep. Mike Tryon to give up his $51,541.78 per year pension.

Gasser pointed out that both of the other State Representatives covering part of McHenry County–Barb Wheeler and David McSweeney–did not participate in the legislative pension system.

In a call to action, Gasser urged the County Board to end the IMRF pension program for themselves:

“I echo Mr. Walkup’s call for this county board to refuse the IMRF going forward – it is what is best for the taxed to death citizens of McHenry County.

“Moreover, I look forward to Chairman Jung’s leadership, Chairman Hill’s leadership, and your leadership on this.

“With leaders like this we shall not fail and I am sure that the required resolution will glide through the McHenry County Board.”

Gasser concluded with the following:

“And one last thing – in 2000 Mr. Louis Kosiba [IMRF Executive Director] was making $109,614 a year. In 2014 Mr. Louis Kosiba is making a salary of $242,519. Only in Illinois.”


Gasser Urges Franks to Renouce $58,600 Pension — 30 Comments

  1. So gasser is getting paid by tax payer dollars to make political statements.

    way to go Mchenry county finest this is unethical we demand you Andrew gasser give your resignation

  2. Stanfortruth is an incredible misnomer. Andrew was responding to the political charge initiated by Frank’s. He was asking if Frank’s will do what he asks everyone else to do, or if he will be a typical career politician and tell everyone else what to do and not follow his own message. Let’s see what Frank’s does. It will be VERY interesting.

    Why are you asking how Gasser exists financially? What does that have to do with anything? The military is a real and viable career. What are you getting at?

    Politics is not and should be a career. If one goes into politics to obtain a Cadillac healthcare package and a pension, they do not have the best interest of We The People at heart. As Frank’s so eloquently states, most political jobs are not full time and deserve no pension. Term limits should be imposed in a way that the limited term would negate the possibility of a pension for politicians.

  3. Andrew Gasser is calling the 9 term/18 year career politician Jack Franks out on what he is COSTING the taxpayers for a pension on a part time job.

    Salaries, health care benefits & pensions are crippling the state of Illinois.

    The bigger question is what are Jack Franks motives for running
    Instead of retiring or going into the private sector.
    Does Mr Franks financially need yet ANOTHER job paid for
    By the taxpayers ?

    Jack Franks is a Mike Madigan crony with a bag of dirty tricks
    that will create havoc like the mess he contributed to the last 18 Years in Springfield?

    BTW ‘stand for truth’ your comments are always laughable .

  4. Jack will have McHenry County looking like Cook County as he is a machine Democrat looking do do all he can by taking YOUR money and liberty to do it with!

  5. It is not about the money for little lyin Jack. Little lyin Jack is running for County Board Chairman because his ego is even larger than his head! The audacity to state to the County Democrats “saying he’d give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who’s both “electable” and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.” says it all.

    Just imagine what little liar Jack would do if he was to be elected County Board chair. There are a lot of complaints in Kane County about how dictatorial Chris Lauzen is – you ain’t seen nothing if you elect little lyin Jack!! I know I won’t vote for the little liar!

  6. Can we all just marvel in the irony that a guy named Gasser is spewing hot air?

    And for State pensioner Cal Skinner to deliberately aid in this flagrant misdirection of the public narrative when him and pensioner Sheriff Nygren both enjoy Florida vacation homes at the taxpayer expense to boot!

    Cue Mark Hamill’s joker laugh!!!!


  7. Yet another person using playground language & potty talk, how intellectual & adult.

    No irony here, Fair Play.

    Andrew Gasser had the courage to call out career politician Jack Franks on the pension issue, plain & simple.

    I applaud Mr Gasser & hope he continues to put Franks on the Hot seat & point out the MANY hypocritical things we will Hear coming from Franks in the months to come.

  8. The challenge by Franks was to prove you worked the 1,000 hours the BOARD mandated to qualify for the pension- let us not mixed things up.

    It is clear that a State Representative job requires significantly more than 1000 per month.

    Franks has a private sector job unlike most of the county board.

    Gasser collects a pension for 20 years of service- it is funded by tax payers.

    Is he giving that up?

    Cal receives a pension funded by Taxpayers- and I am confident that you , Cal, have surpassed what you contributed as well.

    Stick to the first point before moving on- Can they prove they worked 1,000 hours?

    Exactly how does someone who is out of state for 4 + months a year work a 1,000 hours? (Hammerand)

    Mr. Gasser: is your county board facing a stand off that is out of your control?

    Explain how Mr. Franks ( or any of our representatives) is to pass a budget on their own.

    Hilarious to call grandstanding while you yourself are grandstanding.

  9. From many of the comments on Cal’s blog lately, there is an uptick in ones that are or may be sympathetic to the left wing Democrat cause.

    They are crossing their fingers for a large turnout with what they consider a strong top of the ticket.

    I suggest they over-estimate Hillary’s appeal and if the nominee, her candidacy is not without blemish.

    I also think that they are underestimating Trump.

    Current events show that everyone was caught sleeping and the talking heads and experts have misread the populace.

    Not so sure that Donald is going to drag the ticket down.

    And with Obama continuing to push aberrant and deviant policies by royal edict, the angry voter will not be with the Democrats.

    I wouldn’t underestimate Franks, but neither is this election necessarily going to be his coronation.

  10. You bring up a valid point Paul.

    I posted this comment before and it didn’t get much traction, but in line with your train of thought…….

    Anyone that thinks this election is garunteed for either side is delusional.

    Voter suppression by the negative campaigns by far favors a Trump victory.

    The question I have is will strident GOP supporters cast their weight behind the Vichy Republicans backing Trump or focus on down ballot races in key Senate races to ensure GOP victories (i.e.:Duckworth v. Kirk)?

    At the end of the day, the GOP isn’t going anywhere and the populist sentiment being channeled by Trump from voters who, for years, have been given lip service by GOP leadership when it comes to economic issues whilst bailouts and tax breaks have overwhelmingly favored the wealthy cannot be ignored.

    Nor can we ignore that Trump’s insurgent candidacy has largely ignored social conservatives.

    His is a brand of scorched earth politics and rallying enraged voters who view DC pols in almost professional wrestling/WWE fashion is an alarming curiosity.

    While the Donkeys and Elephants battle in the ring, Trump is their golden wildcard who now rides in on the theme song of hatespeech and petty-mongering ready to deliver a folding chair to the face of both party’s leadership!

    Exciting, yes; delightfully satisfying to disaffected, disadvantaged voters, indeed; but churlish and immature when juxtaposed to the original intent of the founding fathers.

    If this election is between shooting ourself in the face and electing Trump or poisoning ourselves and electing Hillary, at least one of those two choices has antedote.

  11. I am sickened by the constant attacks on Andrew Gasser and his Military pension.

    These attacks are obviously coming from left wing degenerates who have no concept of what “serving your country” is.

    With all of these mindless quotes about Andrew, I am starting to question what any of us veterans were ever thinking when we proudly wore our uniforms and put our lives, without question, on the line.

    Anyone who has the balls to try and question or belittle a veterans’ service to his country, is obviously a troubled, liberal, lost, lonely individual, who can not grasp the basic concepts of God and country.

    A true testament to why Obama, Hillary and Sanders are even in existence in our political arena.

    It saddens me that this 70′, hippie like rhetoric is rearing it’s ugly head, but I understand since the liberal left ARE our hippies from the past!

    Lastly, as a veteran, you people anger me beyond what I can express here on this Blog.

    I’m scared for our country.

    Scared for our future.

    Scared for the degenerates who post here under fake names to hide their childish and ignorant speech.

    God Bless us, God help us.

    Petty Officer Scott Vetter

  12. Stand4Truth is a gay website.

    Must have a crush on Andrew Gasser as he’s always attempting to pull his pigtails.

    No credibility at all.

  13. Scott

    perhaps we should ask a major news agency to do a poll to see if the American people have more support for a Veteran getting a pension as opposed to a career politician.

    I think we all know that We The People have no problem giving a healthy pension to a Veteran, while we are disgusted at giving our hard earned money to career politicians .

    Don’t let these unaccomplished whiners bother you with their infantile comments attacking the value of pensions for Veterans.

    Comparing the pension of a Veteran to the unearned pension of a politician paints a clear picture of what they value.

    This blog is being hijacked by people who want to launch ad hominem attacks.

    I am done wasting my time here.

    Let these useless dolts attack the empty space.

    It is time for us to move away from this blog and just do the work at hand.

    Who cares what these people think?

    They do not represent the majority of Americans.

    These are the haters.

    They hate the military.

    They hate the police.

    They hate anyone who has any real accmplishments in their life.

    They hate people who have stood in the gap to protect their sorry little lives.

    They are not worth taking the time to respond to them.

    They are anethema.

    Kick the dirt from your shoes and move on.

    We have real work to do, and this is nothing more than a distraction.

  14. John Radke:

    I would suggest now is NOT the time to abandon Cal’s blog.

    The disinformation being spread by these degenerates who label everything good as bad, needs to be met head on with responses to drown out their whiny lies.

    Hillary is paying a million dollars to hire people to troll for her on the internet.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the uptick is stupidity on Cal’s blog is similarly being funded by Lyin’ Jack.

    If you believe in good ol’ American values, believe that sacrifices of our servicemen and women is not in vain, do not abandon free speech to the hate mongers on the left.

  15. Look in the mirror John you are a hater,you just pick different targets.

  16. Mr Vetter, there will always be people with poor self esteem putting others like Andrew Gasser & you down to make themselves feel better.

    Hold your head up high & own what you have done & accomplished by your service.

    There ARE people that appreciate you, try to remember that when the going gets tough.

    😁 😁 😁

  17. Andrew is a public official, a JOB he volunteered for, there for his military pension is part of the deal when talking about pensions.

    The way some of the comments about him are presented here are over the top a tad, sometimes way over the top, which is a shame.

    I’d also wonder why Patronage has so conveniently been dropped for his talking points lately?

    Not one comment from Andrew about the Sheriff’s patronage, why is that other than being disingenuous for political gain?

    Having said that, Andrew is mostly correct about Jack Franks, who IMO is the most self serving politician from this county.

    I’m not a big fan of Mike Walkup, but to vote for Jack is truly ignorant of the facts.

  18. Nob.

    You are wrong Ma’am!

    Or Sir, if you prefer!

    Military pensions are EARNED with sacrifice, putting your life and family aside, for your country.

    None of this has ANYTHING TO DO WITH HONORABLE PRIOR military service.

    You are an angry person and I feel sorry for you.

    Obviously Andy pissed in your Post Toasties, but must you continue to attack issues that have nothing to do with who we are or what we are doing now?

    Also, what is your stance on Patronage Nob?

    Oh, thats right, no one really knows because your tough guy attitude hides behind a fake fallical name!

    The Algonquin Township Committeemen have attacked and taken our stance against Nepotism.

    We WILL attack and take our stance against Patronage next.


    But believe me when I say ANYONE practicing Nepotism or the Act of Patronage, will NOT have the support of the ATRCC come election or reelection.


    I will extend, Nob, the same olive branch I always offer to the likes of you.

    Coffee and good debate.

    You and me.

    My number is (847) 445-2927, my email is

    We need people with your passion out here.

  19. Scott all local and state pensions are public knowledge and so should any pensions paid with tax money like Andrew gets.

    One time I hear openness, next time it sounds like hiding, be consistent, all public pensions should be public knowledge.

    I’m a disabled Vet which means I get VA benefits, and I also know that one in ten are in jobs that don’t put their lives on the line, 9 out of 10 have jobs no more dangerous than working in the real world.

    Pensions after 20 years at any age for the 9 out of 10 is real generous and should be scaled back some as they can work just like everybody else till age 65.

    One local guy I know got drafted in the late 60s and never left Glenview Naval Air Base and I’m sure you know many others that had clerk, supply, cooks, etc, and officers are especially well treated after the fact.

    Thank you for your service, but life doesn’t end after we get out, and neither does our responsibility to not be mooches off the gov.

    Andrew knows my name if you really want to get personal, it’s a nick name by the way.

    Some day we’ll meet, have patience.

    So I was wrong about Jack? 🙂

  20. Scott,

    Gasser was a flight simulator instructor – he wasn’t Saving Private Ryan.

  21. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

    Gasser’s pension is a pension, Scott.

  22. Service is service in the uniform.

    Training and assignments often take those serving away from families.

    If not risking their lives, that still is sacrifice, I wouldn’t want to be away fro MY family.

    I am grateful for those who serve and regardless of their job, a certain demand is required of those serving.

    And if there is a real conflict that “9 out of 10” may be called to take up arms at any time.

    You left wingers are really becoming unglued.

  23. Paul,
    Plump and preen that straw man all you want.

    Gasser has a pension.

    Cal has a pension.

    Jack will have a pension.

    All were public servants.

    Regardless I was responding to Scott Vetters vitriolic post.

    In responding to your post, what is your source on Hillary paying people to troll on the Internet?

    Sounds like baseless BS to me!

    Also, can we take pause to your statement,

    “If you believe in good ol’ American values, believe that sacrifices of our servicemen and women is not in vain, do not abandon free speech to the hate mongers on the left.”

    Can you elaborate on the “good ol American values” section?

    Because, it seems to me you are saying that our vets only fight for Conservatives and not liberals or moderates….. Which is utter nonsense.

  24. I am not criticizing Gasser’s service.

    I am saying stick to the point.

    Franks challenge was did you do the work required?

    Why is no one upset about that?

    Yes, Jack is a career politician and was this a stunt- sure but it doesn’t change the facts!

    We have county board members drawing a pension they did not earn.

    This blog commentators criticize teachers for their pensions.

    They criticize Franks for his pension- but draw the line at asking if the County board even earned the right to their pension.

    As a military household- 6 generations of service- I take offense to these rants – 22 years of service, two kids currently serving, a family history of military service gives me a perspective.

    Being an American gives me the right to speak my view.

    Civil Discourse is the backbone of our political system- too frequently commenters on this blog on both sides of the aisle resort to name calling and hate speech instead of stating their view point.

    If you are responding to Franks challenge at least get the challenge right.

  25. Time to recheck the facts.

    Referring back to date 3-21-16 on the blog
    When it came out that Franks had gone to
    Brianchi accusing board members of perjury etc..

    That WAS NOT a ‘challenge’.

    Franks was attacking.

    Does Franks try to go & get info on this in a normal
    Investigative way ?


    What I saw on that thread was there were issues
    With people ‘claiming eligibility’.

    Who are the people ‘drawing a pension they did not earn’ ?

    Aren’t representatives pensions automatic now ?

    They don’t have to document hours for a pension,

    Mileage & other assorted paperwork yes.

    Jack Franks just wanted to create drama & attack
    Board members, NO CHALLENGE at all.

    Can’t call that a ‘stunt’.

    It was a NASTY ATTACK !

  26. Go back and look at the accusation and the responses.

    The accusation is that county board members are not eligible for the pension because they do not work the 1,000 that they created as the threshold.

    The response are all –

    “Franks is making a political attack”

    “Franks needs to pay attention to Springfield.”

    You honestly think that someone who spends 25% of the year in Florida is working 1,000 a year?


    Sure, Franks has an agenda.

    I am not saying he doesn’t.

    Just like Gasser has an agenda.

    And Salgado.

    And Bianchi.

    And Nygren before.


    There first job is to get elected.

    But the root is still- did you earn your pensions based on the rules you set up.

    SO Gasser- yes.

    He followed the rules to earn his pension.

    Franks- he followed the rules to earn his pension.

    It is clear that the board members have not earned the pension- or they would simply prove it and end the issue.

  27. Because one single pension is the whole problem.

    Why Franks doesn’t just turn it back in and solve all of humanities problems? Because he is greedy.


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