DuPage County Board Members Hike Pay to $51,081

That’s what the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

And the DuPage County Board members are going to increase their take by 2% each of the next two years, too.

Only two people voted, “No.”

Meanwhile McHenry County Board members have not raised their salaries and there is a move afoot to eliminate IMRF pension benefits for those who will take office after the November elections.

For those in office, this pension benefit cannot be stopped because of a clause in the Illinois State Constitution that says an elected official’s compensation cannot be changed during his or her term.


DuPage County Board Members Hike Pay to $51,081 — 5 Comments

  1. So what are they going to do differently to justify this increase in pay?

  2. My DuPage Prop Taxes went down, ever so slightly, for the first time since 1991.

    They probably figure it’s the best timing for a boost in pay and pension.

    Now watch next year’s bill spike.

  3. That move is underfoot because of Franks putting a spotlight on it.

    Like him or not- he is shaming the board into doing what needs to be done.

    There has been NO conversation about eliminating the pension until Franks pulled his move.

    Now to do the same with healthcare.

  4. What about Andrew Gasser’s and David Stieper’s using taking no County Board pension when they campaigned in 2014?

    That predates Jack Franks’ bringing up the issue, doesn’t it?

  5. Just shows you what will happen in McHenry County if the size of the Board is reduced to match that of DuPage as Jack Franks and others have proposed.


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