Franks Frames Issues for His County Board Campaign

Howell, Big John mastheadFound on WLS-AM’s “Big” John Howell show was this statement from Jack Franks:

“I had to do a real gut check to say ‘where can I do the best for the citizens of McHenry County’, and I thought I could make a much bigger change coming home to fix the corruption and the waste and the fraud, and to really work on property tax relief and the things that are important to my constituents, and I think I can get that done in McHenry County.”

The article added, “Republican Mike Walkup is also running for McHenry County Board Chairman.”

Franks, of course, did not note that the McHenry County Board cut taxes this year, but that can be seen on the real estate tax bills that were just delivered.

During the interview, he said that the Illinois Manufacturers Association has taken a poll two weeks ago and found that he would win re-election as State Representative 78-19%.


Franks Frames Issues for His County Board Campaign — 13 Comments

  1. Even if the polling is 15% off, that’s pretty telling of a Franks McHeney County victory.

    Yes, I inserstand the pollock wasn’t walk up be Franks, BUT C’MON

  2. jack interested in real estate tax relief???

    Not when I called him back in 2011-2012 !!!

    When I explained an unusual circumstance regarding taxes his only response was ‘let it go delinquent’.

    While I took a major financial, and I mean MAJOR financial hit my concern was that he needed to introduce and pass legislation to protect others in the state who were in the same unusual situation.

    My spouse was a good friend to jack and all his campaigns over the years but after his death I needed jack’s help but ‘let the property go delinquent and then pay off the taxes “if you can” was the help I received.

    Sorry, jack doesn’t give one hoot about McHenry County taxes or the people who have worked diligently for him over the years.

    Send him back to practicing law and out of government.

  3. My tax bill went up in McHenry County even if they cut taxes

  4. Look at the county portion and tell us what your bill was this year and what it was last year.

    If your assessment is different from last year, please provide those figures, too.

    And, tell us what part of McHenry County your home is located.

  5. Jack…

    I have always tried to watchdog the activities of our elected officials…

    there is certain documented history of my efforts and I will not give up that effort…

    Jack I have been fighting this battle…

    were you have been nodding yeah or ney downstate…

    and your record speaks for itself….

    that said I do take offence that one who comes from the Sodom of Springfield, would try to cast himself as saving us from the “corruption and the waste and the fraud” here in McHenry County…..

    you were supposed to be doing that for us at the state level..

    anyone who assumes McHenry County has bigger problems with corruption waste and fraud than the State of Illinois is missing the point…


  6. LMAO

    An Illnois Democrat is charging others with Fraud and corruption..

    Is he now doing a comedy show?

    And tonsil his punch line HE is going to fix it?

    Is he going to invoke the ghost Of Daley 1., or Rod Blago?, Madigan? Rhambo, BO,?

    Maybe he will invite Biden, or Pelosi or Reid.

    Perhaps he will bring slick willie here.

    He is a carpet bagger

  7. Is Jacko going to use his influence to bring the tax burden down from the school districts, firecprotection and all the other ebpntities that make up the majority of our tax bill, because that portin for which the county board is responsible pales n comparison.

    More smoke and mirrors bs and empty promises from the left.

  8. Amen Jeff Thorsen, we may have high property taxes & other issues but this doesn’t compare to the mess that Franks has helped create in Springfield.

    After 9 terms, Franks IS part of the problem.

    Then Franks makes these aggressive comments about corruption, waste & fraud, not realizing (duh) now I might have to work with these people I’ve accused ? ? ?

    What a way to win friends & influence people.

    Though I have no party affiliation, I will be offering
    To help Mike Walkup put up his signs.

  9. Little liar Jack Franks, IS the PROBLEM NOT the SOLUTION!

  10. pssssst… the 4th District DO is holding a closed meeting tomorrow.

  11. Jack, for someone who has lived here for so long and is so in the know, why did you need to hire a research firm?

    Do you not know the issues that face the county?

    It just seems very strange.

  12. Franks doesn’t know what the issues are, But is just going to throw out alot of dramatic public sound bites meant to get

    The average voter’s attention to vote for him.

    Thanks for putting the info out about the Research firm.
    Apparently, Jacks has plenty Of money to throw around too.

    Yep, Franks doesn’t want to be a lowly board Member first and learn what issues are etc..

    He just wants to leapfrog over everyone else Who actually knows what is going on, & go for The highest paid job.

    Just seems arrogant & greedy to me.

  13. Watchdog. You make some very good points.

    Like it’s totally unreasonable for lowly Jack Franks to leap frog over other way more knowledgeable and notable County Board members like … and … and that other guy whose name is ….. (insert names here).

    Because Jack doesn’t know the following important issues like ______ and ______ because those are totally understandable only by important people who have sat on the board for a long time.

    Jack has money that is why we hate him, he is popular too and that is another reason that he is the most terrible thing ever.

    He just seems so arrogant and greedy because he has things and wants other things.

    Well said sir.

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