Roskam Seeks Volunteers

In the mailbox Friday was the following solicitation from Congressman Peter Roskam for volunteers:

Mailing from Peter Roskam seeking volunteers.

Mailing from Peter Roskam seeking volunteers.

Roskam lit 5-20-16 back

What Peter Roskam thinks is important to you.


Roskam Seeks Volunteers — 3 Comments

  1. Vanilla issues and no details.

    Chairman of the over site committee in the house ways and means should have a much more detailed idea of what needs fixing.

    Washington responds to our voice, really?

    Time for new blood.

  2. Never any talking points from Pete on balancing the budget and a end to regular borrowing.

  3. 6 years in the IL legislature and 10 in Congress. When is he going to retire?

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