Expect Jack Franks to Continue Saying, “I’ve Never Voted for a Tax Increse”

State Rep. candidate Steve Reick has disputed Jack Franks’ claim that he has never voted for a tax hike.

Decide for yourself.

However, even if you buy State Rep. Jack Franks’ claim, there’s another assertion that he cannot make:

“I never introduced a tax hike bill.”

See this article from 9-28-15 (more interesting bills he voted for and against are included in the article):

IMA Attacks Jack Franks’ Tax Hike Bill

FRanks IMA ad top9-15
Below is the Illinois Manufacturing Association’s summary of Jack Franks’ tax hike bill:
Franks Tax Hike Plan HB 4300


Expect Jack Franks to Continue Saying, “I’ve Never Voted for a Tax Increse” — 6 Comments

  1. Some of those deductions are nonsense.

    We really should have a flat tax with no deductions so everybody pays the same and is treated the same.

  2. Look at all the money that could immediately be infused into the revenue coffers the state.

    %$^* the IMA.

  3. So when the GOP takes Billions for rebuild Illinois is that a tax increase too?

  4. This Loser Had his chance and has spent enough of my tax dollars NO WAY is he getting my vote to continue his non help for us the tax payers paying his way anymore, he would be better off continuing to service his master down in Springfield maddyman…

    then when he goes they all go.. get rid of them all in one fail sweep… of the broom.

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