Althoff Passes Bill Forbidding New County Board Members Pensions

Pam Althoff

Pam Althoff

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

State Senator Pam Althoff passed her IMRF reform legislation, Senate Bill 2701, as it was amended by House sponsor State Rep. Jack Franks.

No one opposed the legislation, which says future Downstate County Board members will not be allowed to participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

The bill does not mention elected part-time township or municipal officials.

You can read what the bill does here.

The Human Resources Committee of the McHenry County Board is scheduled to recommend taking McHenry County Board members out of the IMRF pension plan at its 8:15 AM meeting on Thursday.

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The forthcoming County Board action will be views by those who read the Northwest Herald as a response to the forthcoming state law.

This is a pretty good example that timing is everything in politics.

Clearly, Franks has it and the County Board doesn’t.

County Board members have been discussing this move for months, but delayed too long to get much good press out of withdrawing the pension program that Franks has made a campaign issue in his quest to become McHenry County Board Chairman.


Althoff Passes Bill Forbidding New County Board Members Pensions — 8 Comments

  1. OK Cal, this isn’t just a timing issue.

    Something is rotten in ILLINOIS & perhaps McHenry county.

    Pam Although from Mchenry county puts Senate bill 2701 out there,

    Jack Franks (from Mchenry county) amends it & gets put/rammed through.

    Again, this is a TRAP !

    No options for board members to renounce the pensions
    Who are legally stuck in them.

  2. IMO this is Pam helping Jack just like she has been “working across the aisle” for years.

    She is ‘feeding the alligator’ hoping she will be the last one to be ‘consumed’.

    Typical establishment Republican.

  3. Cautious voter agree 100% about Pam.

    While this is a step in the right direction it should be retroactive and it should include State workers pensions, Regional Superintendents and Township..retroactive back 20-30 years.

  4. It’s the end game for the Democrats inside the Republican Party.

    Those who stand strong for fiscal issues, realize nepotism is a problem, and work to solve these issues will be ok in November.

    This bill is so frigging disappointing.

    Both Jack and Pam knew sitting board members who are in IMRF cannot get out.

    Like some of us said awhile ago – this is a stunt.

    Pam and Jack were afforded the opportunity to include language that would have allowed board members to get out.

    That didn’t happen.

    Now we have a political issue which clearly works for Jack and Pam.

    We also have an integrity issue.

    There was enough room with this issue for everyone to “win” politically.

  5. Curious if this prohibits the County Board Chair from participating in the pension?

    If not, why not?

  6. This is such a joke! when they should not be allowed any ! yet they make sure that some have it…

    You know we see the desperation of these people running around like chickens with their heads cut off, because they know the AXE is near ….

    stop trying to fool the people we have been lied to and raped far to long to fall for partial BS such as your trying to put a show on about…

    if you want to help leave your jobs and Don’t take any more of our $$ with you..

    that would be a nice gesture of HELP! for the state TAX payers.

  7. I like your picturesque language, LT.

    I’m with you to march in that parade.

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