Algonquin Township GOP Holding Meeting Monday — 24 Comments

  1. Listen you 2, the thread is about
    Algonquin township & NOT about
    the GOP & Andrew Gasser.

    As usual your comments r inappropriate
    ‘Dirty XXXXXX’.

    FYI, I have no political affiliation, but choose to
    Support individuals who stand up for most of
    The things Andrew Gasser is trying to change.

    I know him personally & doubt that u do.

  2. TROLL alert ……..

    Looks like somebody sounded the alarm at the local gin mill and all the DEMOCRATIC TROLLS have come out to play.

    Comments are typical Alinsky horseshit taken directly from his rules for radicals rule number 13.

    ““Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

    Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

  3. Yep, preventing property tax hikes and stopping corruption sure is ruining the GOP.

    Maybe if your goal is to ruin the GOP, you can find fault in the current leadership.

  4. Oh give it up baldy…

    Gas bag gasser is what is WRONG with our party, not right.

    Gas bag gasser is a divider not a uniter.

    Everyone knows the Salgados, Donna Kurtz, the Majewskis, and others can’t stand gas bag gasser.

    The problem is gas bag gasser and his piss ant precinct committeemen minions are destroying us from the inside.

    I long for the day of having statesmen lead our party.

    Gas bag gasser and his minions pass meaningless resolutions attacking honorable elected Republicans.

    Gee, there is unity, there is loyalty, to steal gas bag’s own word, there is integrity.

    No one can tell me anything gas bag gasser has actually accomplished in his time on the board.

    He is worthless, clueless, and meaningless.

    Steer clear of gas bag gasser.

  5. D.G. is fortunate Andrew Gasser is a Republican.

    If Mr. Gasser was a Democrat (like lying Jack Franks), would D.G. not be arrested for cyber bullying?

  6. Clearly, the party is not being unified and some people like their white horse way too much.

    Please don’t pay attention to them when they ride into town on that white horse as there seems to be an abundance of them lately…lol…

    That’s for sure…lol

  7. “Watchdog 2” got a name for your horse too?

    Just asking.

    Listen up, we are suppose to be a community working together to create change and this is a collective effort and there is just no room for heroes on white horses.


    If you want to shun those that don’t agree with you, well that is your problem, so don’t make it everyones problem!

    Frankly, if your’e going to be childish I would rather be on an Island by myself fighting for the cause.

    Life is too short!

    The people that own the white horses do not own the party and it’s time for you all to remove yourselves from your “BIG FAT PEDESTALS!” because let me tell you, none of you are hitting any home runs with anything or anyone.

    Frankly the only thing you are managing to do is divide the party.

    GROW UP!

  8. Oh, and by the way, if you are here for the accolades you got it all wrong, because you are suppose to be here to make a difference.

    So chew on your cud for a while and when you all come back to reality, please let the world know.

  9. Whoa FC, agree with alot of
    Things you write, not sure where
    All that horse stuff came from ?

    But after my second or third time
    Reading it, wanted to nibble on a little
    Clover ( no slam intended, just a little
    Horsey humor)

    BTW , I ride a ‘Horse With No Name’.

  10. I just wish the ones throwing horse dung around, thinking they sound anything but foolish, would at least man up and present themselves by their real names.

    Everyone knows you are either a real tool of a Democrat or someone who is so troubled with, and by, your personal vendettas, that you feel you have to constantly bash and berate with no real substance other than moronic childish rants, instead of communication facts and substantial issues that we all need to and are dealing with.

    I for one, have entered into this arena this past year, to do what I can to help all of us get done what needs to be done.

    I am saddened by the people on this blog who feel they need to sling mudless mud at a group I am so proud to be a part of. That group is the Algonquin Republican party.

    You don’t know me, you will, because I’m committed.

    Your slanderous childish rants only compel me to work harder at getting the PCs together as a team, to eliminate the filth called you.

    If being a concerned citizen and hoping for a better county and Township is being a minion, then call me Mr. Minion please!

    I Will end my rant with my signature response.

    Coffee, good constructive debate and face to face, is the honorable way to discuss differences and likes.

    My time has always got room for that.

    847-445-2927 if you feel mature enough.

    I hope this nonsense can stop and we can all get together and get things done.

    God Bless.

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