Algonquin Township GOP Unveils Anti-Tax Hike Petition

Matt Cannizzo

Matt Cannizzo

Republican Precinct Committeeman from Algonquin Township heard a presentation from Americans for Prosperity Illinois Field Director Matt Cannizzo about an advisory referendum petition campaign which his organization is promoting.

The question the AFP seeks to have citizens put on their local municipal ballots this fall reads like this:

Shall each taxing body located partially or wholly within the corporate limits of the Village of Cary be required to seek voter approval by referendum prior to increasing its annual total property tax levy?

Cities and villages all or partially within Algonquin Township are being targeted.

To get on the ballot the petitions must contain 8% of the voters who cast ballots in the last gubernatorial election.

Such a referendum has been passed in Homer Glen in Will County.

Cannizzo said those voting in favor exceeded 80%.

Since then, local anti-property tax activists have been using the results to urge townships, school districts, etc., not to raise their taxes.

Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Andrew Gasser has volunteered to prepare petitions for people living in any municipality.

McHenry County Blog would be happy to pass on such requests.

Some of those in attendance at the Algonquin Township Republican Committee meeting.

Some of those in attendance at the Algonquin Township Republican Committee meeting.

Just email them to McHenry County Blog’s email, which is on the left hand side of the page.

This man was wearing a Donald Trump tee shirt.

Gary Mader was wearing a Donald Trump tee shirt.

And, yes, there is a man wearing a Trump shirt.


Algonquin Township GOP Unveils Anti-Tax Hike Petition — 17 Comments

  1. This leadership has really raised the bar in many ways – setting an entirely new standard for local Republican organizations.

  2. It’s a long road to ride Mr. Serwatka, but being honest and open about what we see and where we wish to go, is the goal.

    It is time to get to the meat of the subject now, defeating the liberals in November!

  3. Nice start, but it should be at least county wide.

    Then the state and Fed.

    Also a 2/3 majority of those voting should be the measure to increase the levy.

    As the wind blows 50.1% is why we have a State and Fed debt so large.

    Also no borrowing, even short term with out our 2/3 vote.

  4. Nice to see at least one non-establishment type Republican at a GOP meeting (the guy with the Trump shirt on).

  5. Yes! We need lower taxes so these people can maintain their glorious rotudatude.

    Other than the pathetically skinny Matt Cannizzo, everyone in the photos is an outstanding example of glorious Republican corpulence.

    But it doe not come cheap!

    Beer and donuts are’t free.

    Every dollar in tax is one less dollar for fast food.

    To prevent another Clinton lead national nightmare or peace and prosperity we must all waddle together to the ballot box.

  6. How ya feeling gas bag gasser?

    Your fat ass got played by Majewski like a fine violin.

    No one likes you gas bag gasser.

    Gas bag gasser is all smoke and btoken mirrors.

    Gas bag gasser is weak and foolish.

    Gas bag gasser will lead the GOP straight into the ground.

    What a joke.

  7. Majewski’s presence served no purpose other than to obstruct and prolong the meeting.

    She is a bitter old lady who needs a hobby to occupy her time and thoughts.

  8. As the secretary, and a “newby” by all rights, I appreciated the “help” we received from the honorable Mrs. Majewski.

    After the meeting, she was very gracious to me and offered much advice, that you CAN NOT get from books.

    As a team, if we are not held to standards by the rest of the team, we’re not a true team.

    Check us, correct us, let us hear it.

    We, as your elected officers, are only as good as the whole team.

    I thank you ALL for coming out last night, speaking your minds and WE are all better for it.

  9. Anyone get the Covelli email?

    Sure sounds like Team Andrew isn’t a team at all.

    Gas bag gasser isn’t anything more than smoke and broken mirrors.

  10. Americans For Prosperity is funded by Koch brothers as are many of the counties GOP candidates.

    Do they have our best interests in mind or will they serve the best interests of their corporate sponsors?

  11. Oh please Martha tell us who in the county get funding from Koch?

    Not that I care if they do just calling you on your bull$hit

  12. Thank God someone is funding someone to go up against the Soros and Unions machine politics!!

  13. I agree with the Mrs.

    The Koch Bros. aren’t funding anyone in this county, ‘Martha’!

    How ridiculous.

    AFP is non-partisan.

    They just want to see improvements in accountability, spending, and transparency in govt.

    It’s no wonder a Democrat wouldn’t ‘like’ them!

    Gee, lets just guess who “Dirty Gasser” is.

    By the immaturity of the inflammatory but schoolyard juvenile comments I’d say it is Chris Yaeger.

    Just proving once again, Algonquin Township made the RIGHT Choice in elected Andrew G.

    How does that woman-friend of yours stand you?

    Does she miss her days of babysitting decades ago that much that she has to ‘hang with’ a delinquent like you Yaeger?

  14. Why not say what part of the referendum you disagree with instead of pointing out who is backing it?

    So what part do you disagree with, Martha?

    Or explain why people who are taxed at one of the highest rates in the nation shouldn’t have input?

    I think it’s funny how you liberals pretend to be populists, but then when it comes to a referendum that doesn’t fit your myopic worldview you scream about the Koch brothers.

    80 percent support in another town? Hooey! It’s just corporate fat cat wiggly lip!

  15. Dirty Gasser,

    You provide no value here. You offer no suggestions for improvement. You just whine about Andrew. What is your story?

    Did Andrew always get picked ahead of you when choosing sides for a 3rd grade recess team?

    Do you have any intelligent thoughts or just unfounded ad hominem attacks? No need to answer that. We already know.

    Please give us a list of your accomplishments so we may validate your insight and compare your efforts to those of Andrew.

  16. Andrew Gasser is doing what is right.

    Dirty gasser, take a hike you have nothing productive to add, you cause problems but have no solutions and hide behind name calling.

  17. Um, Mrs.?

    David Koch $850,000.

    Published last Tuesday.

    Not keeping up with your reading?

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