Andrew Gasser’s Take on the Randall Road Meeting

District 1 McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser left a comment under Saturday’s article about Northwest Herald Editor Dan McCaleb indecision on whether to support the widening of Randall Road from four to six lanes.

People were demonstrating at the intersection of Algonquin and Randall Roads before the County Board voted to approve the project last September.

People associated with Voters in Action were demonstrating at the intersection of Algonquin and Randall Roads before the County Board voted to approve the project last September.

Here’s his comment:

Andrew Gasser

Andrew Gasser

The NW Herald is not the only one that is torn.

The sales pitch – I mean Committee of the Whole brought up more questions – than answers.

– It was stated that the improvement suggested would only improve the intersection from a grade of F to a grade of D.

– There is no timeline

– “$10 million for property acquisition” but I did not see the properties in question

– If this is so important to business then why do we have to pay a premium to the businesses that will benefit from this?

– None of the board members I spoke to were given a copy of the sales pitch before the Committee of the Whole.

Finally – and I am saying this as politely as is humanly possible for me – we are doing our jobs.

Those of us who are new to the board do not have history of this project from a board point of view.

But more importantly – and why many of us “newbies” were elected – is our bovine excrement detectors pegged when the CFI was almost rammed down our throats buy a few people.

So please, forgive us our skepticism when we say that we do not have faith in what some inside the transportation committee and their lobbyists are proposing.

Forgive us when we feel like we are set up to approve something with very little advance notice.

Forgive us if we want to take our time before we sign off on a capital project.

We are just doing our jobs.

Andrew Gasser
County Board District 1
Overall Nice Guy


Andrew Gasser’s Take on the Randall Road Meeting — 21 Comments

  1. You so fill of s*** gas bag gasser.

    More grandstanding and hot air from the gas bag.

    This is a needed project that will provide jobs and taxes!

    You are such an idiot, you gas bag gasser, and anyone who agrees with you!

    Gas bag gasser has taken out or pushed out good Republicans with great reputations.

    Again, no one really likes you gas bag gasser.

    You are nothing more than a fat ass, overweight, piece of crap who fooled enough people to win a board seat.

    McHenry County will rue the day it ever elected the gas bag known as gasser.

  2. I agree about Gasser he really is not good for the Repulican Party nor is he good for McHenry County.

    This road project has been out there for him to see and understand since he was elected.

    He could have attended the transportation meetings to better understand the needs of our County.

    No instead he waits until he can get on his soap box at the meeting and grand stand.

    I ask you to resign Gasser we don’t need people like you representing our needs.

    Gasser has his own agenda and it does not represent the people of McHenry County.

  3. Keep up the good work Andrew !!!

    You are doing a great job of keeping people informed of what’s going on behind the scenes and the Good Ol’ Boys don’t like it.

    Who’s on the Transportation committee ??

    Yeah, no special interest there..HA !

  4. Dirty Gasser says,

    “This is a needed project which will provide jobs and taxes”.

    Spoken like s true Keynesian.

    And in the Keynesian lexicon, all of this job growth and taxation through government investment (expenditiure).

    The problem with Gasser is not so much his views, but how he expresses them.

    He should focus more on obtaining board majority consensus by building bridges rather than tearing them down.

    Politics is the business of relationships.

    Many of us are still hopeful Gasser will grow into the job.

  5. No apologies are necessary from the Board in asking the Administration to provide details which should have been provided.

    The Administration should be apologize to the Board and Taxpayers for withholding the details, which is business as usual.

  6. Boy, Dirty and Josey, you certainly won me over to the anti-Gasser camp with those stellar narrations.

    Thanks for including facts to back your well-written rebuttals, clear facts that rebut what contributor Steve Wilson has provided in earlier posts.

    And thanks for making it obvious that such expenditures are worth increasing my tax burden even more regardless of the value proposition.

    Keep up the good work!

    Keep those posts coming!

  7. Do all you trump supporters wish you had an african american too?

  8. What kind of jobs ???

    Road jobs ???

    that take 4 years to complete!

    and go nowhere or elevate anything?!

    this county is full of them already!!!

    Just because someone down state wants to tack on a favor for some blow hard who wants to keep his ever lasting job!

    oh I mean Pension!

    me no think so I’m with the People for NON WASTE! of our TAX dollars!!!

  9. Randall Road project will cost all McHenry County taxpayers at least 1.43% of EAV.

    That means most homeowners will pay .48 of their home value for this…is there a benefit accruing to all homeowners worth that?

    “Jobs creation’ tactics which may work in normal economic conditions do not work in McHenry County.

    We have property tax rates around 4% of total home value (Woodstock property tax rate is 4.6% of total home value).

    Property tax rates which are double the Chicago average and triple the national average (and 4 1/2 times the rate of neighbor Indiana) create a negative gravity effect on home values.

    Every percentage point extra that homeowners pay here decreases the value of their homes, and so the TRUE COST of frivolous, make-work spending is NOT just the $100 million itself, it is the negative amortization of all McHenry County residential real estate.

  10. Don’t want the overpriced ridiculous project.

    Don’t even read the Dirty and josey type rhetoric.

    Not providing the necessary information at meetings?

    Pathetic and fishy.

  11. My limited experience within the County is that the more desperate certain parties become to protect their “interests” the nastier the rants they spew.

    I’m sure I’m seeing desperation here.

    Maybe the cash cow for some has developed mastitis…

  12. I am a Local 150 guy from Algonquin.

    I voted for Gasser… and when he runs again I want a Gasser 4×4 in my front yard.

    Dude you are getting hit like a hooker on payday man but stay the course man.

    Know that people know the path you are on is true and just.

    We know what you are fighting.

    Frankly, you are the only one with balls on the board to call it like it is.

    You are leading the fight on pensions.

    You are leading the fight on this.

    Don’t let those leaving power discourage you.

    You have a lot of people depending on you.

  13. “So please, forgive us our skepticism when we say that we do not have faith in what some inside the transportation committee and their lobbyists are proposing.”

    I guess I’d like to hear Andrew tell me who the lobbyist he is talking about?

    I know the Villages of Alg and LITH are lobbying for Randall improvements.

    I know some people that always drive threw their are lobbying for Randall improvements.

    I know McDOT is suggesting various changes trying to stop the whining from those two groups.

    I know the Trans Committee members are trying to find the correct solution.

    I don’t know of any lobbyist wanting the work and handing out favors or $$$$ to get the work.

    So Andrew, who are these big bad lobbyist you speak of?

    Maybe using the buzz word lobbyist is just a tool, part of the game perhaps?

    I’d suggest the county give up Randall and Rakow roads to CL, LITH, and ALG, they benefit the most, why not fork out the most.

    Call it a investment in your future, and one less headache for the rest of us.

  14. !, like all McHenry County residents, am taxed beyond what is reasonable already.

    Until we get the outrageous level of taxes under control, I want no more expenditures that are not immediate need oriented.

    Don’t bring up a single additional project requiring more of my money and expect my support.

    Whose life will be improved, or saved by this project other than those who receive the cash to complete this boondoggle? None, not one.

    Andrew, thanks for being the voice of reason.

    Don’t pay any attention to your detractors.

    They offer nothing but whining about maintaining their gravy train.

    Small people with smaller minds, that is all they are.

  15. Dirty Gasser,

    You are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself.

    It is obvious that these comments are clearly personal and go beyond work.

    I have been reading these comments for awhile now and it is clear you need some professional help.

    This is not the place to post your crap.

    He won fair and square…. deal with it!

    If you don’t like it…… move.

    I am tired of this!

    Andrew – you are standing up for what you believe in and you are making good changes.

    Ignore the slackers that are trying to keep you from doing what is in the best interest of saving tax dollars.

    You are the voice that the people need to hear.

    Keep fighting the good fight! 👏

  16. Haha, is poster “Dirty Gasser” a five yr old or what? (actually most 5 yr olds I know could compose better than that.)

    What nonsense.

    If it’s who I think it is…..

    WOW, they’d better possess some serious assets because brains and common sense elude them.

    If it’s who I think it is…., I think this proves that the right guy was elected.

    The guy/girl team that lost to him are sour grapes & antagonists.

    The Status Quo Good Ol’ Boy/Girl RINOs hate Andrew too.

    That says he’s doing something right!

    May the force stay with you, My Good Man and the enforcer team members you have vetted!

    If we can keep on electing Conservative Republicans, this siege the Dems are waging on our County will fail and McH Co will be on its way to being a place I’d be proud to live again.

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