County Moving Toward Hiring Water Resources Specialist

With water being the biggest problem on McHenry County’s horizon, the County Board seems on the way to hiring a Water Resources Specialist.

Water usage, past and future.

Water usage, past and future.

The proposal passed without opposition in the Human Resources Committee on June 2nd.

Yvonne Barnes looked a list of projects the person would handle and thought interns would be perfect for the jobs.

An intern in the room was pointed out.

The annual salary and benefits for the Water Resources Specialist grade are projected at $74,273 including $48,599 in salary, $8,694 for IMRF and FICA, and $16,980 in health insurance costs to the County, the memo says.

Next stop is the Finance Committee on June 9th.


County Moving Toward Hiring Water Resources Specialist — 6 Comments

  1. “With water being the biggest problem on McHenry County‚Äôs horizon, the County Board seems on the way to hiring a Water Resources Specialist.”

    [Citation needed].

    Just because the ALAW NIMBYs tell this lie as a pretext to shut down development in the county doesn’t make it true.

  2. There is no legitimate reason to hire a water resource specialist for the County.

    What are the facts that support this proposal.

    Groundwater quantity, quality and elevation has been monitored by every gravel pit in McHenry County for decades.

    What is it with these results that gives reason to believe we have a problem or are likely to have a problem in the next 50 years.

    The 2030 County Comprehensive Plan needs to be revised.

    Let’s get some facts before we go hire another bureaucrat.

  3. We really need this,a water resources specialist.

    I like it!

    We could make a department for this person once they settle in.

    Of course We’ll need to get this person a car eventually.

    Soon an assistant to assist in enforcement of the new government regulations that will need to be adopted.

    They’ll prove their importance by showing all the regulation breakers their powerful messages.

    Once or twice a year we’ll need to send them to Los Angeles county and Las Vegas to a convention just to see what all the other water resource beauracrats have come up with to save us from ourselves.

    Maybe they can communicate when they learn more important lessons, I can vision a resource Dept with a pick up truck or two with water testing devises, we’ll need some specially trained people to operate all this really cool high tech equipment.

    Aah the opportunities are endless!

    Of course this could eventually cost the tax payer a few million annually but it will be for the better.

    We wouldn’t want to see how the Feds suggest populous areas conserve the water resources, We will have our own Dept.!

    This is a big step though, let’s start small and slowly let this new Dept grow into itself.

    Sounds politically correct to me, you know progressive, a bigger government is a better government.

  4. Is this the person that decides when we need to up our fluoride intake?

  5. Cindy: They will work on the flouride after they finish contaminating our ground water with the hundreds of thousands of tons of road salt they are planning to continue to put on our roads!!!

    Now MCDOT has bought TOO much salt so they need a place to store it!!!!!

    Those of you who demand “black” roads, may live to regret your demands but then again, maybe you will not.

    There is a reason, there are fresh water showers at salt water swimming sites.

    How would like to have to pay for water desalination plants in your residence?

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