Cost of Randall Road Widening Project, If Paid Only from Real Estate Taxes

Rural Woodstock resident Susan Handelsman has calculated how much the Randall Road project would cost if all of it came from our property taxes.
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The cost of Randall Road project will exceed 1.43% of EAV (of taxable property in the County).

The cost to the owner of a $200,000 home will be $953, not $2860 (1/3 of 1.43%, or .48%).


Cost of Randall Road Widening Project, If Paid Only from Real Estate Taxes — 14 Comments

  1. Not really sure how this is relevant, at all.

    It WONT be paid solely from property taxes, so not sure why we care?

  2. Randall Road is not on the agenda for tomorrow night.

    It is always easier to spend other people’s money… but at some point you run out of other people’s money.

    There is so much more to this issue.

  3. As more “home for sale” signs continue to dot the landscape of McHenry county.
    The Great Exodus from Illinois/McHenry County continues unabated.
    Will they never learn?

  4. Converting the total project cost to property taxes per a $200K home is one way for the taxpayer to approximate cost per taxpayer.

    Any government project that involves combining a mixture of tax / fee revenue should be converted to a single number a taxpayers can comprehend.


    Randall Road does have congestion problems due to poor urban planning or execution.

  5. Ha!

    no one cares but those of us who know better, most of these newbies living here could care less, they love paying taxes when its thrown right in their faces that they will be paying more and can stop what is happening in their towns, they just ignore it, some move, some just bend over and take it…

    it just amazes me how no one cares what is happening around them…

    no one has the &*^^% to stand up, or even get out and vote these losers out of office….

    its sad for those of us who have been here for a very very long time to see this come to pass….

  6. It will be funded entirely from property taxes.

    RTA taxes could be used to pay county sheriff instead, replacing property tax dollars.

    To say otherwise is like saying the wife didn’t blow the rent money at the track, because it’s her husband’s paycheck that pays the rent, not hers.

  7. There is no Federal or State money in the proposed budget for widening Randall Road?


    Mark wake up!

    Illinois is bankrupt and the fed is sixty trillion in debt! You have GOT to be kidding!

    (And where do you think they get “their” money from???????????????????????)

  9. There are lots of Illinois road projects that have received Federal and State money when Federal and State are broke.

    So the proposed Randall Road project has no Federal and State funding?

    And everyone knows that government receives taxes from taxpayers, does that really have to be stated.

  10. The County produced a document in 2009 named, “Randall Road Improvements Study – Transportation Funding Sources,” that listed about 25 different funding sources for the Randall Road improvement project.

    So those approximately 25 funding sources have been largely scrapped and the sole surviving funding source is McHenry County property taxes?

  11. The calculation above accounts for only $100 million of a budget now much higher, due to the parabolic rise of land purchase prices, and county payment to land purchase negotiator .

    $100 million is property taxpayers share.

    Divide that by $7 billion EAV to get .48% of total home fair market value cost to all McHenry county taxpayers.

    See McHenry county budget and 5 year transportation plan for breakdown of monetary inputs sources.

  12. McHenry County Five Year Transportation Program 2016 – 2020

    Approved May 6, 2016

    Page 61

    The McHenry County 2016-2020 Five Year Transportation Program includes $213.2 million in project expenditures, including:

    – $51,000,000 for capacity and operational changes to Randall Road ($33.9 M from County funds).


    McHenry County Budget FY 2016


    Randall Road Operational and Capacity Changes (TIP#11-03-0018)

    The second phase of engineering will design the project to be constructed in three major parts:

    County Line Road to Bunker Hill Drive,

    Bunker Hill Drive to Acorn Road/Polaris Drive including the Algonquin Road intersection,

    and Acorn Road/Polaris Drive to Ackman Road.

    The total costs for the proposed changes to Randall Road are estimated around $115,000,000.

    As the current cost estimates are beyond the County’s ability to fund the entire project, an effort has been made to identify adequate funding to modify the roadway between Bunker Hill Drive and Acorn Road/Polaris Drive including the Algonquin Road intersection.

    Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds from the Federal Highway Administration have been granted to help fund the intersection work at Algonquin Road.

    Years 2006 – 2019
    County: $46,052,558
    State: $0
    Federal: $14,327,442
    Local: $1,000,000
    Total: $61,380,000


    Maybe someone has more complete information.

  13. It’s actually quite simple,the state is on the verge of bankruptcy and we are talking about spending $60M of hard earned taxpayers dollars.

    This project will require additional dollars to maintain and threatens the survival of existing businesses.

    Now is not the time for this massive expenditure.

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