Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 32

In running for the McHenry County Board Chairmanship, State Rep. Jack Franks says he is going to cut property taxes.

Well, almost.

In his press release, Franks contends,

“The residents of McHenry County are over taxed.”


“I have decided to enter the County Board Chairman’s race because McHenry County deserves a proven tax fighter as Chairman. I have spent my public career fighting all tax increases, and it’s that commitment that I will take to the county.”


“As Chairman, I will put the needs of the taxpayers first.”

and he goes on to say he will

“oppose tax increases”


“I am not willing to allow my opponent’s refusal to reform the county and their over reliance on tax increases to continue to put our future in jeopardy.”

Notice that Franks does not say he is going to cut taxes.

And, Franks does not talk about his own big tax hike bill:

IMA Attacks Jack Franks’ Tax Hike Bill

Take a look at all the taxes Jack Franks’ bill would raise:

Franks Tax Hike Plan HB 4300

Franks, of course, ignores that the current McHenry County Board has cut taxes.

And that his opponent Mike Walkup led the fight to eliminate the $3 million levy for the Valley Hi Nursing Home last year.

That resulted in a lower tax bill for county government than the year before.


Franks “announced that he will not seek re-election to the General Assembly.”

But he told Pete Gonigam, the only reporter in the Democratic Party Caucus, the following:

“Franks qualified that saying he’d give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who’s both ‘electable’ and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.”

Guess he didn’t remember what he had in his press release.

Has Jack Franks filed a Withdrawal of Candidacy statement yet?

Check whether Franks has filed the form yet, by clicking here.


Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 32 — 4 Comments

  1. If Franks is the tax fighter he claims to be, he has completely failed.

    On his watch, and him being part of the super majority party in the Illinois legislature, we now hav the highest real estate taxes in the entire country.

    Thise are his results and the results of his fiscally irresponsible party.

    They can’t even pass a reasonable and balanced budget.

    Jackie has been in office failing at fighting taxes for 18 years, and now he seeks another term.

    He has failed for 18 years.

    There is no evidence we can expect anything different.

    Nothing. That’s what will be different, and that is what we can expect for his results.

    We have had enough of him. Vote him out.of his legislative seat, and don’t let him get his hands on our county either.

  2. Time to step down from politics Jack Franks !

    Just retire & move anywhere else but Mchenry County.

    You’ve done your damage, so time to MOVE ON & out
    Of politics.

  3. Clicking on the “IMA Attacks Jack Franks’ Tax Hike Bill” link, the Illinois Manufactures Association and Illinois Retailer Merchants Association ad called him Jack the Jobs Killer for HB 4300 in the 99th General Assembly (2015 – 2016) which is currently in the House Rules Committee.

  4. Well let’s list some of the drama that has occurred in the McHenry County 63rd District State Representative race for the 100th General Assembly, election to be held November 8, 2016.

    1. The petitions of Republican primary candidate Steve Reick were challenged by Democrat union leader Ron Eck.

    2. Democrat Jeffery Lichte announced his candidacy as a Republican in the primary election.

    3. A Democrat Jack Franks campaign sign on Lichte’s lawn was found on Google maps.

    4. Jeffery Lichte’s name was listed on the Democrat Jack Franks campaign fundraising committee in 2015.

    5. Lichte’s nominating petitions were all gathered by people residing outside McHenry County. Did anyone check if any of the petition gatherers were registered as Democrat or Republican?

    6. Heavy Democrat contributions financed a smear campaign against Steve Reick in the primary election.

    7. Lichte received many votes in the primary election, but Reick prevailed.

    8. Jack Franks issues a press release that he will not seek re-election as 63rd District State Representative. That occurred after he faced no Democrat opposition in the primary election.

    9. Jack Franks has not officially withdrawn from the 63rd District State Representative race for which he officially filed as a candidate.

    10. Jack Franks announces he will run for McHenry County Board Chair, and nominating petitions were gathered.

    11. Jack Franks can legally run simultaneously as State Representative 63rd District and McHenry County Board Chair in the November 8, 2016 General Election.

    12. If elected to both offices, Jack Franks can legally serve in both offices.

    13. Jack Franks could drop out of one of the races.

    14. If elected to both offices, someone could be appointed to one of the offices.

    15. No one seems to have mentioned a single viable Democrat candidate for State Representative 63rd District, other than Jack Franks. Feel free to name anyone that was overlooked.

    16. Jack Franks has said that he would drop out of the State Representative race, if an electable candidate can be found that holds a political outlook consistent with his own. So Jack Franks seems to be saying that even if the Democrats locate a candidate they believe to be viable, Jack Franks will not drop out unless the candidate meets Jack Franks’ criteria.

    17. Michael Madigan, the Speaker of the House, the leader of the House, the longest serving State Representative in office today, and the Democrats hold a slim supermajority margin in the State House of Representatives. All State Representatives and Senators in McHenry County are Republican other than Jack Franks, so the 63rd District is a key for Michael Madigan and the Democrats to maintain their supermajority in the House.

    So many possibilities.

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