McHenry County Salaries – N

It’s time to take a look at what McHenry County employees will earn during Fiscal Year 2016.

Since the Fiscal Year starts in December, the numbers below reflect compensation from December, 2015, through December, 2016.

The official title of the report is

Salary Compensation Report Pursuant to Section 120/7.3 of the Open Meetings Act For Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Sheriff’s employees receive clothing allowances ranging from $125 for Court Security Officers to $950 for Detectives and highest ranking Officers.

A couple of high administrators receive a automobile allowance, which I’ll try to note when I get to their names.

Nabanakulya,Aida K Certified Nursing Asst I 4,594.20     4,594.20
Nassolo,Jovita Z Registry – RN 15,600.00     15,600.00
Nauert,Mary Lou VR Elections Clerk 26,199.52 20,164.44 1,230.24 47,594.20
Nay,Sherril A Certified Nursing Asst I 25,489.75 7,060.56 647.04 33,197.35
Neilsen,Kenneth S Deputy Sheriff LT 109,206.24 26,023.92 1,230.24 136,960.40
Nejdl,Christine Asst. Director 61,575.91 20,164.44 908.64 82,648.99
Nelson,Kent E Corrections SGT 92,253.88 26,023.92 1,230.24 120,058.04
Nesbit,Taylor A Attorney, Assistant 58,653.69 11,149.68 647.04 70,450.41
Nevitt,Cheryl A Radio Dispchr – Union 53,289.60 20,164.44 908.64 74,862.68
New,Lisa W Certified Nursing Asst I 24,421.80 12,960.48 908.64 38,290.92
Newbold,Bryan E Correctional Officer – Union 60,148.09 16,544.40 1,230.24 78,472.73
Newby,Joshua A DBA//Developer 71,135.88 16,155.36 1,230.24 88,521.48
Newcomb,Brian L DOT Maint Worker 43,990.75 8,400.00   52,390.75
Nicholson,Suzan L Radio Dispchr – Union 60,278.40 11,805.36 647.04 73,230.80
Nickels,Ronald H Transportation Spec 10,524.06     10,524.06
Nicolosi,Matthew J DOT Maint Worker 39,390.00 20,400.00   59,790.00
Noah,Yele D Correctional Officer – Union 56,126.93 16,544.40 1,230.24 74,451.57
Nomm,Patricia M Dir Environmental Health 93,010.81 26,023.92 1,230.24 120,264.97
Novak,Jason M Deputy – Union 84,296.21 16,544.40 1,230.24 102,570.85
Nowak,Robert C County Board Member 21,000.00 6,904.08 647.04 28,551.12
Noworolnik,Rachel L Registry – CNA 7,142.85     7,142.85
Nulle,Steven E Deputy – Union 80,253.89 16,544.40 1,230.24 98,528.53

* With the exception of $4,000, the County Sheriff’s stipend is reimbursed by the State of Illinois. Remaining stipends are reimbursed by the State of Illinois.

In accordance with PA 97-609, and certain requirements within this act, a government entity is required to list on its website the total compensation package for every IMRF covered employee earning a total compensation package in excess of $75,000. Salary and benefit information for IMRF employees are for salaries on FY 2015-16 as it represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year. This information is offered to provide transparency.


McHenry County Salaries – N — 4 Comments

  1. The county posts the collective bargaining agreements on its website under County Government > Departments A – I > Human Resources.

    One of the 10 bargaining units is for Patrol Officers (FOP Unit I).

    FOP = Fraternal Order of Police, which is a police labor union.

    The collective bargaining agreement contains the pay schedule.

    The pay for a patrol officer as of December 1, 2015:

    Starting is $59,294, which is $28.51 per hour for a 40 hour work week over 52 weeks per year (2,080 hours).

    Maximum is $90,240, which is $43.38 per hour for a 40 hour work week over 52 weeks per year (2,080 hours).

    Of course due to holidays, vacation days, etc. a patrol officer does not work 2,080 hours per year, so pay per hour worked is higher.

    Maximum pay is reached in the 9th year.

    Since the highest cost in state and local government is almost always salaries and benefits, collective bargaining agreements, and the rules state legislators and Governors have passed governing collecting bargaining agreements, are very important to control costs.

  2. Overtime is and has been out of control in the sheriffs dept for years.

    Those total numbers show an incredible story.

  3. Looks like the FOP is doing a great job.

    Years of service also plays a part of the salary as does other things.

    I also think these men and women deserve the pay.

  4. Not arguing the pay, just questioning getting over $55 an hour in overtime because supervisors are too lazy to do their jobs.

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