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When I saw the illustration with Chicago Tribune Eric Zorn’s June 3rd column, I thought of two more.

Illinois in the toilet is the message this Tribune illustration evokes.

Illinois in the toilet is the message this Tribune illustration evokes.

It reminded me to two other images that characterize where Illinois is.

The first was found in a Springfield hotel hot tube early one morning.

If Illinois is this black hole, where are we on the way down?

If Illinois is this black hole, where are we on the way down?

The final image I got sometime in the middle of the first decade of this century.

It was a dead pigeon in a gutter across the street from the Renaissance Hotel (now the Abraham Lincoln) in Springfield.

I have looked and looked for this oh so appropriate photo, but can’t find it.

Or perhaps a more important image is the one below of a couple of teens looking through the door of the State Museum:

The Illinois State Museum was closed.

The Illinois State Museum was closed.

Maybe the tattered Illinois flag outside the State Museum is most appropriate:

Tattered Illinois flag outside the Illinois State Museum.

Tattered Illinois flag outside the Illinois State Museum.


Images of Illinois — 15 Comments

  1. Zorn is a major part of Illinois’ problem.

    Phony “journalists” like Zorn, who are nothing but leaders of the gnomish LEFT wing political herd, palaver their failed political ideology while pretending to be objective.

    Zorn types have made it possible for the incompetent LEFT to fail our state.

    Thanks, Eric Zorn.

    Your LEFTIST failed philosophy has once again been a disaster.

    The Tribune is a failure and Illinois is a failure.

    Thanks largely to the herd liberal mentality of guys like you.


  2. John Cass is the ONLY good thing that the Libune
    has got going for it.
    All the rest are but self-loathing America hating Liberal propagandists.

  3. Are you saying the facts are incorrectly?

    There weren’t Republican Governors with the ability to veto a bloated budget?

    There weren’t 10 years when the Dems didn’t have a majority in the general assembly?

    Sure, keep blaming this all on the Democrats.

    As if Republican’s have been shouting about the potential for disaster coming down the pike for years. ( not)

    Just like the All Republican McHenry county board now claiming they did the right thing because it was the right thing…. sure

    It is just a coincidence that it happened after public scrutiny of their pensions. .

  4. Insist, Inish, Inish,

    Are you saying that the Dems have done right by Illinois? Please explain how that is the case.

    Are you saying the Dems have taken action as a party to reduce taxes?

    Are you saying that the Madigan/ Franks machine have done a good thing by not bringing forth a balanced budget?

    Are you saying that Rhambo and the gn grabbing Dems have been effective in controlling the gun violence in Chicago? Please show me that evidence.

    How long have the Dems been in the super majority? If they have yielded such power and are so effective, why are we the state with the highest Real Estate tax in the country?

  5. I read on Twitter that all IDOT projects are to wind down and leave as secure and open a work done as possible.

    This is for IDOT projects only, not county, local roads or other sources of funding for projects.

  6. How will we be able to tell, The Mrs.?

    We never see anyone working on those projects, anyway.

  7. Not as exciting as 40 stories on Jack Franks, but many people are getting laid off next week and no new roadwork to be bid until a budget is signed, might put a little pressure on the democrats to keep their dues paying brothers in their machines.

  8. **All the rest are but self-loathing America hating Liberal propagandists.**

    You know so very little about the Tribune.

  9. And I’ll say the same about both WGN radio and TV.

    Purveyors of Liberal/Leftist propaganda to the low-info voters who have made Chicago an internationally known cesspool of murder and corruption.

  10. If you seriously think that the Tribune, other than Kass, is a bunch of Liberal propagandists, you either don’t know how to read, or have never read the Tribune.

  11. Honest Abe for County Board Chairman!

    Is Alabamasnake really the Mayor of Woodstock? The one who, for obvious reasons, LOVES ‘Marriage Equality Illinois’?????

  12. I love marriage equality in Illinois, and across the country.

    I’ve never met the Mayor of Woodstock.

    And I dislike bigots.

  13. The definition of bigot:

    ” a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)”

    Would that definition make ‘alabamasnake’ a bigot?

    Apparently he / she has a dislike for a great percentage of the population.

    Insofar as the Tribune, just like most so-called ‘news’ outlets in our country, have they not succumbed to the progressives?

  14. @JOhn- I am saying both sides of the aisle are guilty of avoiding addressing the issue.

    You have not heard the Republicans talking about the pension crisis, the pending disaster, etc. in advance.

    Now it is here- they are pointing fingers.

    But they kick the can down as the road like the Dems.

    Raiding the pension fund began under Thompson.

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