Jack Franks Walk Piece Riddled With Inaccuracies

Jack Franks has sent a volunteer who identified themselves as a Republican and left this walk piece at the door.  Jack Franks continues to twist reality to meet his personal desires.


Franks claims he will lower property taxes as the county board chair but what he fails to mention is that the county board has lowered taxes.


Franks fails to mention that he will be collecting a pension valued at over $58,000 per year.

Franks fails to mention that he promised to run for only three terms but ended up running for nine.

Franks fails to mention that he voted for Mike Madigan for speaker nine times which greatly increased waste and corruption in Illinois.

Franks fails to mention Illinois is losing jobs despite the policies he is responsible for enacting.



Jack Franks Walk Piece Riddled With Inaccuracies — 12 Comments

  1. Gotta love the brash bold faced lies from Lying Jack Franks the DEMOCRAT. Look at the check list.

    Opposed all tax increases ……

    Sure Voted repeatedly for Madigan who always supports higher taxes.

    Root out waste and corruption …..

    With all the campaign money he raised in Chicago … LMAO.

    Focus on Job Creation ….

    How’s that working out for Illinois while he’s been in Springfield.

    Only the kind of brain dead DEMOCRAT that voted for his buddy O’Bummer would believe this crap.

    Then again they believed that if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor and you health costs would go down …….

    how’s that DEMOCRAT LIE working out for you?

  2. So Cal thinks that because Franks left some random pieces of information off, that the mail piece is inaccurate.

    I don’t think that “inaccuracies” means what you think it means.

  3. Didn’t the County Board keep a flat levy for years and actually lowered the budget this past year?

    Seems like they are the ones that are doing the job.

    Cal was the County Board the only governing body in the County to actually lower the budget?

  4. Nunda Highway has lowered there levy two years in a row not just kept it flat.

  5. So exactly how does the County Chairman create jobs?

    More government jobs that mean more TAXES?

    If he was going to create jobs, he had a much better chance as a state legislator than as the County Board Chair.

    This is just smoke and mirrors Dem machine style

    He has failed for 18 years to reduce taxes in Illinois, while he was a member of the super majority. Why did he not get it done in what will be his other part time job as a state legislator?

    Why is he still going to collect his pension for his part time legislator job?

    That would be waste he can and should control.

    If he is serious about rooting out waste and corruption, what has he done to deal with the Madigan machine and the fact we still have no balanced budget in Illinois?


    More empty promises from a guy who does not even follow through on something he could control, limiting his time in office to 3 terms.

  6. Your headline is misleading- Cal , You fail to mention you collect a pension.

  7. Wow, you’re stupid.

    What does Cal’s having a pension or not have to do with the price of eggs and butter in China?

  8. **Your headline is misleading- Cal , You fail to mention you collect a pension.**

    LOL – well played.

    **What does Cal’s having a pension or not have to do with the price of eggs and butter in China?**

    And how does Franks not mentioning that he’ll be collecting a pension make his walk piece inaccurate?

  9. Cal collects a pension?

    How come this is the first I ever heard of that?

    I thought Jack Hot dogy Franks didn’t get a pension until he went over 20 years, how would Cal get one?

  10. Guess you are not a long-time reader.

    I ended up with 24 years of pension credit, 16 for the Illinois House, 4 for County Treasurer and 4 in the state bureaucracy.

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