Rating Restaurants at the Front Door

This may be the northernmost Waffle House. It is in a suburb west of Paducah..

This may be the northernmost Waffle House. It is in the suburb of Lone Oak, west of Paducah..

We returned from vacation through Paducah, Kentucky, on Interstate 24 for the second year in a row.

Health Dept restaurant rating KY Waffle HouseBesides trying to buy a wine glass at the Purple Toad Winery (maybe some wine, too), which was closed because it was Sunday, we stopped to see how the local health department had rated the Lone Oak Waffle House.

Last year the restaurant earned an “A” rating for sanitation.

The sign was right next to the front door.

This year, it had dropped to a “B,” according to the Purchase District Health Department.

Looking at the report, however, the score is 99.  The previous score was 83.

Waffle House B 6-15 Last summer I asked,

Why doesn’t the McHenry County Health Department follow a similar policy of public disclosure?

The numbers were available, if one went searching with a Freedom of Information Act request, but they were not available to the general public.

Under the leadership of newly-appointed McHenry County Health Department Director Michael Hill, the Board of Health voted to make the information more available.  (Most of the links in my original article don’t work anymore.  Strange.)

Publishing the restaurant ratings on the internet happened last April.

Andy Andrewsky, co-owner of 1776 in Crystal Lake, made the motion on the Board of Health.

When I looked up his rating, I found it was 96.

The report is posted somewhere on the premises, but not near the front door as in the Kentucky county where the Waffle House is located.


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  1. Cal:

    We saw a Waffle House just off of I-80 Exit 234 in Ohio yesterday. (South of Youngstown)

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