Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 38

The following letter appeared in the Northwest Herald on June 8th and is printed with permission of its sender, Sandy Robertson of Algonquin:

In response to Tim Keough’s May 29 letter “Reject Walkup at polls,” Keough’s and Jack Franks’ McHenry County Democratic Party utilizes Chicago machine-style tactics almost daily to attack Michael Walkup rather than discuss how Franks will lead the County Board.

Keough fails to mention Franks’ 18-year career in Springfield and 1998 campaign promise only to run for three terms as representative. How can you trust someone who breaks promises like that?

Another lie from Franks was quoted in the Northwest Herald: “I can promise I am not running for County Board chairman.”

Now he is running, and Keough describes Walkup as a hypocrite?

Franks paid a measly $136,415 into the General Assembly Retirement System, while his pension payments will be more than $58,600 annually. Walkup is trying to create a way for those invested in the IMRF to withdraw themselves from the fund – an option not currently possible and purposely overlooked in the bill Franks spearheaded.

After listening to Walkup’s comments, I believe he is dedicated to taxpayers and listens to and is supported by both Democrats and Republicans in McHenry County.

I see Walkup actually working for the taxpayers and moving the county in the right direction.

Franks never has been a part of the solution, but just the opposite, he is part of the problem of politics in Illinois.

We need to reject Chicago politics in McHenry County and Illinois and reject career politician Jack Franks for the 63rd District and as McHenry County Board chairman.

Sunday, May 15th, Pete Gonigam reported this about Franks not running for both offices:

“Franks qualified that saying he’d give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who’s both ‘electable’ and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.”

Has Jack Franks filed a Withdrawal of Candidacy statement yet?

Check whether Franks has filed the form yet, by clicking here.


Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 38 — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Sandy Robertson for putting truth OUT THERE !

    These statements & message about Jack Franks need to continue
    To come out so that voters know the truth about him.

    The Northwest Herald just puts the Jack Franks statements
    Out there without a single filter.


    Get this career politician with his bag of dirty tricks
    Out of Mchenry County politics, for good !

  2. She forgot to mention that Little Lying Jack Franks supports ‘GAY’ marriage.

    But in all fairness most of his socialist DEMOCRATIC friends do too.

    Speaking of things they support we could add open boarders and socialized medicine to name just a few.

    Could it be that Little Lying Jack Franks might be just a little out of touch with McHenry County values?

    Just saying.

  3. The issues of corruption are for more serious than gay marriage in our State.

    We live in a Country where the people are allowed to make free choices.

    Corruption is a choice but not one that is legal or condoned by society.

    It comes at a high price for all those who’s lives have been forever changed.

    If caught, those involved will pay the price by way of the judicial system,

  4. The lyrics from a song made famous
    By Ray Charles

    “Hit the road JACK and don’t cha come back
    No more no more no more no more
    Hit the road JACK and don’t cha come back
    No more ! ! ! ”

    Let’s not leave out this part of the song
    “Well I guess if you say so
    “I’ll have to pack my things and GO ! “

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