Kim Zinke Arrest Warrant, Indictment Made Public

Kim Zinke after her arrest.

Kim Zinke’s mug shot after her arrest.

Apparently, indictments remain hidden from the public until the person indicted is arrested.

Woodstock resident Kim Zinke was served with her arrest warrant at the Huntley Police Department last Friday.

Judge Michael Caldwell authorized the warrant.

He set bond at $10,000.

To avoid jail during her trial, she had to post $1,000, ten percent of the bond.

The McHenry County Clerk’s Office received the paperwork Monday.

The case is scheduled for July 1, 2016, at 9 AM in Courtroom 304 in front of Judge Sharon L. Prather.

Zinke is charged with three felonies.

Each is for unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

The following three drugs are listed in the indictment

  • Modifinil, used to treat excessive sleepiness
  • Zolpidem, a sedative
  • Tapentadol, an opioid pain medication

If she is convicted of a felony, she will be ineligible to receive a pension for her service in the McHenry County Kane County Sheriff’s Offices.

This is the warrant that led to Kane County Sheriff Deputy Kim Zinke's arrest.

This is the warrant that led to Kane County Sheriff Deputy Kim Zinke’s arrest.

The three count indictment follows:
Zinke, Kim indictment p1Zinke, Kim indictment p2
Kim Zinke is the wife of former McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke, who almost was almost nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate two years ago.

At the time McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi was a primary supporter of Zinke opponent Bill Prim, who emerged victorious.

The address side of Andy Zinke's last mailing in his campaign for McHenry County Sheriff shows three children and his wife.

The address side of Andy Zinke’s last mailing in his 2012 campaign for McHenry County Sheriff showed three children and his wife.

Because of the close connection to Prim, Bianchi convinced the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office to prosecute the case against Kim Zinke.


Kim Zinke Arrest Warrant, Indictment Made Public — 75 Comments

  1. It is certainly not fun to watch anyone go down in flames.

    I personally am praying for this poor soul to turn her life around.

    Drugs are not anything to mess with.

    Please, people learn from someone else’s mistakes.

    Stay far away from any and ALL drugs.

  2. Her husband could have been our sheriff.

    He was an under sheriff and a detective.

    Shouldn’t he have noticed something was wrong?

  3. As a trained law enforcement professional she should
    be held to a higher standard.

    What was she doing with the drugs, perhaps selling them?

  4. How many times did Nygren & Zinke cover up & protect this type of abuse before.

    She “wigged” out twice while at MCSO
    and Nygren and Zinke just kept sweeping her under the rug, protecting her.

    Since her last several years at MCSO were spent in Detectives, where her hubby Stinky Andy can protect her , was there any drugs missing from MCSO Evidence?

    Or better yet, were the recovered drugs from arrest’s of Deputies, and the drugs turned into Law Enforcement, were they properly disposed of or where a little here and there taken out?

    She didn’t start this type of activity over night folks..

    This had to be going on for some time, and i would bet that it all happened and started at MCSO before she went to Kane County.

  5. None of us are saints but, God forgive me, I find it very difficult to feel sorry for her.

  6. Yes, she wigged out in McHenry County and had a car accident in Kane County during another episode.

    How many people were sent to prison because of her testimony?

    This opens up a whole new can of worms and may bring viable cause to have cases retried and or expunged.

  7. Once you consider all the things that have been done to people while Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren have been in office, most people would find it difficult to feel sorry for her.

  8. You will notice that the Zinke supporting Northwest Herald, has not printed one article. Others were out by Friday night. Here it is Monday.

  9. In my experience the NWH is a quality…

    always truthful…

    Kevin Lyons is a top notch…

    sorry I can’t finish this comment.

    I threw up in my mouth a little and lighting clouds are starting to form.

    I don’t know, lately I just laugh and laugh.

  10. Sounds like Lou has another notch in his gun handle.

    Warning to all who oppose Lou and gang.

  11. Mike ,

    So Lou decided to put the drugs in her path knowing she would grab them ?

    All in another County?

    Your brilliant.

    No warning necessary for Lou , your warning is better suited for Zinke

  12. From where I stand, Mrs Zinke was given special treatment.

    She was paid for a year despite more than enough evidence to terminate her employment.

  13. You may not need a prescription for it in other countries but modafinil (Provigil) is a federally controlled substance ( C- IV ) and yes it can become habit-forming. I think the main issue is that the drugs (she was in possession of) were not prescribed to her.

  14. So proud of our state’s attorney charging this lady for three separate felonies for three separate types of prescription medication. Super strong work there, and there is totally nothing petty about that. (Of course he missed the opportunity to charge for each pill so there would have been about 19 counts.) There is literally no way that this is related to past interactions between the two. Har Har Har.

  15. Oh, and posting the mug shot is a totally classy move on (probably NWHs) and here. Strong journalism. Strong journalism.

  16. Watching:: Apparently you are OK at watching, but your reading skills are quite deficient. Our/your state’s attorney had nothing to do with the indictment. Knowing there would be whiners and baseless accusations made, he RECUSED himself from this and Lake County took it over. How do you morons possibly blame Bianchi?

  17. Watching, you are only showing your ignorance of how the law works and how people are charged through the law.

  18. Watching, if the police catch someone with marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, they get charged with three separate offenses.

    How is this any different?

  19. NWH FINALLY does an article.

    Their usual style – a day late and dollar short.

  20. A) Why and How has this investigation taken soooooooooooo long, and the best they can come up with if three Class 4 Felonies?

    I thought everyone was waiting for the theft charges from her new job? and

    B) Where in this charges does it say that these were not her perscriptions?

    Any State’s Attorney can charge a class 4 felony upon an arrest, overnight if needed.

    How does this take so long?

    Did itntake this long to make something up, or at least try?

    Remember the term “Innocent until PROVEN Guilty”!

    Ask any lawyer, a Grand Jury will indite a ham sandwich.

    IF she’s found guilty, so be it; but until then maybe you should back off, Dum Dum

  21. Too bad, Kim’s friend Melissa is having another bad day, another bad week, and soon another bad year.

    Whatsa matter Melissa you don’t have Kim or Andy defending you any more?

    Hey Melissa, AZsupporter needs some help with his imaginary towels.

  22. Ok, so now we all know she doesn’t have a logical answer to my questions, so DumDum reverts to towels.

    Lake County States Attorney has their work cut out for them; if it took this long to come up with a charge, it could be years before this ever gets into a courtroom.

    Even then, IF she does cop a plea, it’ll probably be for a lesser included charge, not a felony.

    With no criminal record in her past, jail time is probably out of the question

  23. AZ, you are the Dumb Dumb.

    There wouldn’t have been any charges brought against her if she had prescriptions for them.


  24. I hope see gets what is coming to her.

    She abused her badge and just because Kane County has no guts I hope Lake County burns her.

    What a disgrace

  25. **If she is convicted of a felony, she will be ineligible to receive a pension for her service in the McHenry County Kane County Sheriff’s Offices.**

    Is the felony directly related to her time working in the sheriff’s office(s)?

    If not, she’ll be able to keep her pension.

    I believe that a felony conviction is NOT grounds to lose a pension, unless said felony was related to official duties.

  26. alabamashake, I think you are right in what you said in your last sentence but as we all know there is more to the law.

    Even if these crimes were not committed while Kim was working in her capacity as a Deputy Sheriff her department could charge her with Official Misconduct and then she would loose her pension.

    I think the internal affairs division would at least charge her for that.

    But if she is found guilty of anyone of the felonies I’m sure the department would have to discharge her.

  27. As far as Kim’s pensions go you have to remember that he also has a pension when she worked for the McHenry County Sheriffs department and that I don’t think anyone can touch so she will probably get that pension.

  28. Oh look!

    The Herald article says that her attorney, Hank Sugden, formerly of Bobeck and Bianchi law firm, states that she has prescriptions for those medications.

    I wonder why that was overlooked?

  29. AZ Supporter, go get some rest so you can go back to field training in Lakemoor tonight .

  30. Let’s assume for the moment that her lawyer is telling the truth and she had prescriptions for all three drugs.

    It still doesn’t get her off the hook if she in fact brought pills home from a turn in program.

    A prescription entitles a person to purchase a specified quantity of a drug from a licensed pharmacy; it is not carte blanche to source your own drugs in addition to what the doctor prescribes.

    We will know soon enough.

    If the ISP did in fact run a sting operation, they probably marked the drugs in some way.

  31. Let me guess Melissa and Kim are having a glass of wine to sooth their mental anguish pain and suffering…lol….

    Hey, I know, if they know a Birch they could extend a Twigg….lol…

    Or better yet, they could all be cell buddies.

  32. Could be-NOT. Just like the time you had Nygren in your basement while you were talking to the FBI upstairs-nada, zilch, no charges for Nygren, Zinke in the Zipler or McMillian or drug shipping truck case, nothing.

    I was correct again; you were NOT correct again.

    Same sinking ship thinging on Dum Dum’s part.

    Until they PROVE something, you and the rest of the pilers-on, got bupkis.

    BTW; Zgone wanted me to train a field in Lakemoor-

    A) I avoid Lakemoor like the plague (stop light cameras), and

    B) what would you like me to train the field to do?

  33. Nygren was never in my basement.

    Get your facts straight before you talk.

    Same sinking ship?

    Kim has been charged.

    As for you, the imaginary towels you dreamed up need washing because they are full of dirt, just like you.

  34. Rumor has it, Melissa and Kim could become really friendly cell buddies.

    Melissa and Kim sitting in a tree, Ki…………

    Yep, that’s their song.

  35. July 1 st will be a memorable day.

    She may be getting a new fashionable jumpsuit and designer sneakers.

  36. AZ you’re an idiot .

    Have a good night being trained tonight .

    Far cry from stepping all over people and treating them like dirt .

    Good luck with your life

  37. This is sad. I’ve never been a fan of Nygren or Zinke, but c’mon…..”felony” for having pills?

    Give me a break.

    We’ve gone nuts.

    Whom did she threaten?


    This is vengeance in the failed “legal justice system”.

    The “legal justice system” is beginning to reveal itself as a political FRAUD.

  38. @ Fighting Corruption, Maybe her today but could be YOU Tomorrow!

  39. I’m no fan of the War on Drugs either, but I’m sure Kimmy and Andy have jammed up a few minor drug users with felony charges before.

    If you take a job enforcing rules on other people, you had best be like Caesar’s wife and live a life above suspicion.

  40. stand4truth there is NO way it would ever be me.

    I am sooooooooo against drugs and being one of the good people in law enforcement I would be the one who would turn her or anyone else involved with drugs in.

    There is still honor in wearing a badge and she has surely disgraced herself.

  41. stand4truth, my family and I have already survived Zinke family antics.

    There is no way I would do drugs either.

    Kim is getting what she deserves.

    Further, they are not going to prosecute her if they don’t have a valid case.

  42. I would thimnk that Mrs Zinke, if convicted, would receive probation and drug treatment.

    Being a rude, nasty, obnoxious person really shouldn’t aggravate her punishment in my opinion.

  43. Andy Zinke is an upstanding and wonderful person.

    Always has been.

    His credentials are remarkable and he has worked very hard in the police force for many years.

    Its too bad Kim had to go and mess everything up for him.

    People sure do make a lot of conclusions they know nothing about.

    She has been crazy since the day I met her and has dragged him down ever since.

    Some people get sucked up into people’s lies and when you love someone, you are sometimes blinded by the wrong they do.

    The fact that Kim is a screw up should not shove aside all the wonderful things Andy has done for his community and career throughout the years.

    Think before you speak, people.

    Andy is a loving father raising 3 beautiful children.

    The last thing they need is their father being put down for false accusations and lies.

    Kim is the only crazy one here.

    Quit talking like you know something, when really… you don’t.

  44. Fighting Corruption you are correct on all points.

    Stand4truth knows nothing about your dealing with the Zinke’s.

    I don’t think stand4truth knows much about anything.

    Just likes to spout off, maybe they know Cindy

  45. Zgone; field is trained.

    I told it to straighten up and fly right.

    Billybob, apparently, according to today’s blog here, her attorney Hank Sugden, as I stated before formerly of the law firm of Bobeck and Bianchi (yes, THAT Bianchi), has stated , also in today’s NWH, that she has prescriptions for said “drugs”.

    If that can be proved, the charges go away.

    We COULD wait and see, but everyone is having too much fun here jumping to conclusions, led by Dum Dum.

  46. stand4truth, knows nothing about what has happened to anyone because of the Zinkes.

    It has been said the Zinke and Nygren made that Sheriffs Department a horrible, oppressive place to work.

    The list goes on and on and on…………..

  47. News flash, AZsupporter, I am not jumping to any conclusions.

    But, the Zinkes’ deserve what is coming to them.

    The Legal system will take care of them.

    At this point it would be best if you and the Zinkes’ go have a glass of wine to sooth your sorrows.

    Don’t forget to invite Melissa and company.

  48. Hmmmmm I remember the day “THE POSSEE” from the Sheriffs Department came to my home to serve papers to someone that did not even live with me.

    There were squad cars in my drive way, on the grass and up and down the streets.

    They broke the doors, opened them and came into my home and terrorized us for over an hour.

    It may have been several hours.

    Have to go back and recheck records.

    They were told repeatedly to leave and refused.

    That is, until they were informed that there was video surveillance and then they ran out the door.

    By the way, these were the same officers that terrorized the Pavlins.

    When Keith and Andy were confronted they were arrogant abusive and had every excuse in the book for their officer’s behavior.

    They violated our Constitutional rights over and over again that day and Nygren and Zinke let them.

    By the way our doors are still broken and waiting to be repaired.

    There is a long and winding list of indiscretions by the old Regime.

    If Kim is convicted, there is no sympathy.

    She should be taken into custody immediately and forgotten about.

  49. It is evidently hard to forget past transgressions, especially those that ruined lives.

    I remember the CO that was fired by Nygren for divulging information on a much smaller case than the one Andy blabbed about.

    Unfortunately, the murder cases where MIAT were excluded will not be re-opened but they should be.

    Add to that a very high profile suicide on the Metra tracks.

  50. In regards, to that very high profile suicide, Nygren just happened to be sitting around the corner waiting to be called.

    In my opinion, it was not a suicide it was “MURDER”

    All the people that arrived at the scene, or were already at the scene, need to be questioned and or interrogated.

  51. I agree.

    The chain of events raise a lot more questions than answers.

  52. Three FBI Agents who worked with Nygren and Zinke were let go.

    Many believed, they were helping Nygren and the Regime cover up corruption for decades.

    For those of you who don’t believe FBI agents can be corrupt, you may want to research the Whitey Bulger case.

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