“A Republic, If You Can Keep It”

William Parrott of McHenry has a letter to the Chicago Tribune published today.  It is reprinted below with his permission:

It’s our republic — let’s remember that


Bill Parrot holds microphone at the Patriots United Health Care forum.

U.S. House oversight revelations with new details surrounding the travesty of Benghazi in September 2012 were met with scorn and denial from a glitterati press bent upon carrying the water for an incompetent, disingenuous administration. Utter disgust laced with a healthy dose of jaded skepticism should be the order of the day for every devoted American.

Reality of a world ablaze with global jihad against all civilized societies serves as stark contrast to the U.S. pop culture artificially preoccupied with bathroom protocols and gender. Engaged, patriotic Americans fear the worst for this nation, which is seemingly oblivious to this present danger while gleefully absorbed in trivia-driven, mindless social media.

Historians dutifully credit Benjamin Franklin as reassuring concerned patriots in 1787 that he brought them “a republic, if you can keep it.”

Today’s presumptive front-runner and very possibly the next president of the United States may screech yet again,

“What difference — at this point, what difference does it make?”

Every American devoted to the future health and security of this nation, for our children and grandchildren as well as the still grieving families of four dead heroes from Benghazi, should most honestly address that poignant question.

— William G. Parrot, McHenry


“A Republic, If You Can Keep It” — 9 Comments

  1. I used to love Bill Parrot’s letters.

    Today he seems very laid back.

  2. And this is precisely why we have The 2nd Amendment.

    One can not fail to notice that new firearm sales have set records month after month thanks to the greatest firearms salesman in the history of America.

    Namely, Barack Hussein Obama.

    The Left is Hell bent on instigating a confrontation with American patriots.

    It may come as a very nasty surprise when they find out that we have been preparing for that day.

    Molon Labe, and God bless America.

  3. You know what I fear?

    “Patriots” who think if they can’t win at the ballot box somehow that gives them the right to take up arms and impose their ideas on us.

    Thats not a Republic, a democracy or any place I want to live.

    Real patriots vote.

    Dictators try to impose their will at the point of a gun.

  4. Joe? You are an idiot.

    Check out battle of Athens, Tennessee if you think elections have never been stolen.

    What gives this crap socialist government the right to impose on us?????????

    AND you are right about the dictator.

    They are using the guns now to intimidate everyone into their style of slavery.

    Wake up and smell the tyranny.

  5. Cindy, I’m sure B.H.O., Loretta Lynch, H.R.C. and the Leftists/Progressives would love Joe.

    He sounds just like one of them.

    BTW Joe, many governments have been overthrown from the “inside”.

    Or didn’t you learn that in school?

    Freedom isn’t free.

  6. This is one crazy world…….

    Hillary belongs in jail….

    Judge Prather recused herself from the Kim Zinke case on Friday….

    Loretta Lynch WON’T recuse herself from the case against Clinton…

    Vote Trump…

  7. Just read some good news in the Daily Herald ….

    The Appellate Court reinstated Lou Bianchi’s suit for malicious prosecution against a special prosecutor and investigators….

    Everybody remember that ?

    You go Lou !!!

  8. Go get-um Lou

    Now maybe they will get what they deserve

    I guess Judge Prather doesn’t even want to deal with the Zinke’s

    Thanks for the info Happy

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