Gasser Provides More Information on Randall Road Vote

McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser has posted much more information on the 14-8 $10 million land acquisition vote by the McHenry County Board.

You can access it here.

Gasser voted on the losing side.

Here are the most recent traffic counts:

Traffic counts on Randall Road from 2005-13.

Traffic counts on Randall Road from 2005-13.


Gasser Provides More Information on Randall Road Vote — 33 Comments

  1. Are we not alloweed to know which specific PIN number parcels were purchased and at what price?

  2. They have not acquired the land yet.

    But you can FOIA the documents which contain the PIN Parcels being considered for acquisition.

    The $10 million is broken down in some document.

  3. Thank you to Andrew G. for providing a link
    With more info on this issue 🙂

    Board members that VOTED AGAINST
    This land aqquistion vote.

    Michele Aavang
    Yvonne Barnes
    Sue Draffkorn
    Joe Gottemoller
    Jim Heisler
    Tina Hill
    John Jung
    Donald Kopsell
    Donna Kurtz
    Robert Martens
    Mary McCann
    Anna May Miller
    Carolyn Schofield
    Mike Skala

    What the HXXX were you thinking & doing ?

    A BIG SHAMIE SESSION is needed on the blog for this disgusting decision made for the land purchase.

    Did the board members FORGET people/voters have been Out on the street WITH SIGNS PROTESTING AGAINST THIS !

    Maybe a large angry group with signs needed to have been At the meeting last night to have gotten in the board members faces.

    This is way beyond disappointing, it is VERY UPSETTING & DISGUSTING ! !

  4. So let me get this straight every time some angry mob protests we stop that project dead in its tracks yea makes sense to me

  5. I believe I heard some of the NO VOTERS saying some change is needed, just not all that was recently proposed.

    So why aren’t the NO VOTERS trying to get what they believe is a reasonable improvement put forward for a proposed budgeted type vote?

    Instead of just fighting the process, which has been debated for years, set your goal and try and make that happen.

    Just saying no isn’t the answer, what’s your plan for that area?

    Seems the NO VOTERS doing their JOBS.

    Where’s the Beef?

  6. Did ANYONE. READ the information Andrew put in the link above ?

  7. Maybe I was not clear enough… I made another video.

    Here is Mr. Provenzano explaining, in detail, why some of us feel the way we do.

    Some of us do have solutions Nob… and you are correct Sir.

    The NO VOTERS are doing their jobs.

    We are just in the minority.

    Andrew Gasser
    County Board District 1
    Overall Nice Guy

  8. Gas Bag, quit being an obstructionist.

    You need to learn the first rule of “economic development”:

    “Build it and they will come”!

    And if you can use “free grant money” then all the better!

  9. Andrew I sat through a couple of Trans Committee meetings.

    McDOT was not asked for alternatives, and I didn’t hear any suggestions from the NO VOTERS.

    No direction, no Alternative plan, is NOT doing their JOB.

    If you have a plan, lets here it.

  10. I am still trying to figure out how a government body had a meeting on a federal holiday.

    Most of my neighbors were shooting off fireworks.

    Was that their plan?


  11. Gasser and Provenzano are obstacles to progress they believe by saying no to anything they cannot be held accountable.

    Instead they will sit back and Blaim others.

    If I recall Provezano and Gasser ran on supporting improving our infrastructure and therefore this shows just because they say one thing to

    Get elected does not mean they meant what they said.

    Why don’t you stop being part of the problem and become the solution.

    Oh that is right you are both self serving politicians

  12. This project isn’t progress.

    This project is a transfer of local property tax dollars from every McHenry County citizen to a tiny group of profiteers selected by 14 board members.

    And the yes voters presented no specific rationale for taking the money from the many for benefit of this selected few.

    Read Steve Willson analysis printed on this blog for detailed, source-cited reasons why this project is unnecessary.

  13. …and you would recall wrong stand4truth.

    I ran on fiscal responsibility, limited government, and transparency.

    Moreover, I specifically ran AGAINST the Randall Road Project when it was a $136 million dollar CFI.

    Anyone who cares to know the truth can simply look at this website and search my name or my own website.

    It is all there.

    If that is not good enough you can always shoot me an email:

    Be Blessed,
    Andrew Gasser
    McHenry County Board, District 1
    Overall Nice Guy

  14. Overall nice guy wait ask Schofield and Christina Myers how you treat women Mr overall nice guy not to mention other women I have heard say you are disrespectful

  15. To quantify the damage to citizens caused by our extraordinary property tax rate:

    1. Tax rate capitalization into home prices indicates that in 20 years, a home purchased in Woodstock IL will be worth roughly half the value of the average home(appreciating normally) in America.

    2. Woodstock median income households must spend 8% MORE of household income on property taxes than average American.

    (Woodstock median income households pay more than 12% of household income to property taxes, the average in America is below 4%).

    3. The opportunity cost of the extraneous payments in property taxes is tremendous.

    (We purchase no additional value with our extraordinary property tax payment (4.6% of total home fair market value); other places in America (1.4% average property tax rate) have similar mediocre schools and social service provision in return for their property tax payments.

    If we were ‘allowed’ to keep the annual extra 3% of home value to save for children’s college funds or retirement savings, it would be compounding in value each year. Instead, we are forced, in many cases, to pay interest charges to replace those needed household funds).

  16. It’s too bad that the County can’t approve the project with a poison pill that would exempt the contractors from having to pay prevailing wage.

    The reaction to that would be really fun to watch.

  17. “Build it and they will come”…

    So, the next time a kid asks where babies come from, the correct answer would be “road construction projects”.

  18. Those who approved this expenditure of taxpayer funds are enabling, endorsing, approving the quantifiable destruction of a large portion of County households.

    See quantification formula in prior comment, insert local specific rates to determine local destruction of household income and net worth.

    The sickening aspect of this particular instance is that it isn’t even ‘for the children’.

  19. This project will cost general taxpayers around a half a percentage point of total home value.

    (Tif taxpayers have special deals and may get tax abatement).

  20. While Provenzano and I might have differing opinions at times about the Government’s role in economic development, he and Gasser are right on the money with this one.

    According to one of the earliest presentations (if memory serves), the improvement will save 50 seconds on the trip between Acorn and Bunker Hill… during the busiest hour of the day… on the busiest day of the week (Saturday, 1pm hour).

    All this was based on 2003 or 2004 traffic data.

    This weekend… Saturday, I challenge you to time your travel between those two points (or pick two farther separated points) and time it.

    Then, ask yourself, would I pay $1000 to shave 50 seconds off of that?

    ven if you drive that route EVERY DAY (as I once did), I can’t imagine wanting to pay much of anything for that kind of improvement.

    Now let’s say that you DONT drive that route every day (like most of the residents of McHenry County), how could you possibly support that?

    To those who would say that traffic is keeping retailers and customers away, how do you explain the successes of Schaumburg, Oak Brook, Lombard and nearly the entire City of Chicago?

  21. @Joe- Schaumburg, Oak Brook and Lombard are really bad examples-

    They all allowed for expansion and development..

    There major shopping corridors are off of interstate highways and multi-lane roads that allow for high traffic volumes.

    I would like to see some talk about getting access to areas for development though.

  22. When you are talking about “getting access to areas for development” and other vague general notions which serve as useful idiots’ permission for politicians to spend without restraint,
    do be sure to quantify the amount of economic destruction you are willing to inflict on half (median income) the households you are condemning to pay for your ill-defined whim.

  23. Susan? Speaking of destroying households.

    This looks very suspicious as to who is for this “project”.

    Support seems to all be coming out of Algonquin.

    Anybody thought about the fact that that city is an ICLEI city?

    I trust those people as far as I can throw them.

    There is an agenda and you have hit it on the head.

  24. Please don’t take this personally, Joe.


    Keep fighting the good fight.

    I encourage all the good Godly men to keep banging the drum and stay on their inner-directed walk.

    I smell victory coming from your ranks.

    God bless the good guys.

  25. You see this is one of the things that bothers me
    About this project, basing it on 2003 & 2004 data.

    Andrew G’s numbers show there is less car usage now.

    Another big RED FLAG expenditure coming up is doing a Redu of County Court & other municipal buildings that JIM HIESLER is pushing.

    I guess it is time to send emails to the BIG SPENDERS
    Who voted yes on the RANDALL ROAD PROJECT & add
    The County Municipal Building project.

    When they spread these BIG SPENDING PROJECTS out
    The board thinks we won’t notice or remember.

  26. And here is the thing… some of our buildings are literally falling apart.

    County Board Member Diane Evertsen can speak to this more eloquently than I can.

    However, we have roofs that are leaking, windows that are leaking, and spaces that need attention.

    Moreover, there are other capital improvements that need to happen.

    We must be judicious with our spending and I just did not feel that this met the threshold for dropping $10 million.

    Watchdog #2 you are correct.

    Many of the numbers, not all, but many of the numbers used in the estimates for Randall Road come from CMAP.

    The CMAP numbers are not reliable and show the county growing to 527,000 citizens in 2040.

    That just isn’t happening.

    Does the Randall Road intersection need some attention?


    Does the Randall Road project need to be enacted as is?

    Some of us think No.

  27. “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him”.

    Robert A. Heinlein

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