Rauner on Dallas Police Murders

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Governor Rauner Statement on Dallas Shootings

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner issued the following statement on the Dallas shootings:

“The ambush attack on Dallas police officers is outrageous.

“The men and women who work every day to protect everyone, including those exercising their right to free speech, deserve our respect and support. 

“The shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota that led to last night’s protests, are deeply distressing.

“All of these events speak to the lack of unity and trust in many of our communities and underscores the urgency in addressing that lack of trust.

“Diana and I pray that the victims, their families, and our entire country find strength, healing and peace to rebuild trust among our neighbors and communities.”


Rauner on Dallas Police Murders — 30 Comments

  1. Sad day for law enforcement.

    Isn’t it strange that the police who began protecting the people were the same police that the people were protesting about.

  2. Our cops in Dallas are underpaid, understaffed and morale has been abysmal, now this.

    48 have resigned this year so far, to take jobs in less stressful burbs.

    Now that all the Pols have crawled out from under their rocks, something will finally get done to start supporting them.

  3. False flag.

    These were trained military SWAT snipers.

    All planned in advance.

    When are you people going to get it that your own government is trying to frighten you.

    This is going to keep happening with ever increasing frequencies because you let them get away with these fake attacks.

    Really convenient for Hillary, too.

    Nobody is talking about her emails anymore.

  4. Feel so bad for the families, friends, and colleagues of those officers.

    People don’t realize the “HUGE” sacrifices Police Officers make everyday they go off to work.

    Violence and murder is “NEVER” the answer!

    There needs to be a round table discussion to create solutions, that includes community members, politicians, Police Officers and more.

    Once people begin to talk, there has to be proactive solutions where there is compromise.

  5. It never should be Black against White or Police against Blacks.

    It should be Right against wrong

  6. Cindy get off these stupid web sites you find..

    Their articles are wrong and give the wrong information.

    Take off your tin foil hat and stop chasing flying saucers .

  7. Leave Cindy alone Voter, she just purchased a new flying saucer and she plans on taking a trip to see Andy and Kim..

    Sorry couldn’t resist…lol….

  8. Does she have a cool tin foil helmet while riding the flying saucer?

  9. Just because three posters (more likely one with three different names since they all congregate together) are too stupid to realize what they are watching is the stage being set for civil war doesn’t mean any of this is funny.


    Shame on you for encouraging those nitwits to act like little children.

    My people perish for lack of knowledge?

    I am personally very sad for those that are so brain dead that they cannot think for themselves, let alone speak intelligently without resorting to cat calling infantile behavior.

  10. False flag or not, Cindy, for those who lost loved ones the loss is just as tragic and visceral.

    The founding motive and ultimate goal of the shooter can be debated later.

    Right now it’s a little tone deaf and insensitive to completely forget the loss of life and what that means to their families, friends and communities.

    The divisions in our culture and society which have allowed for this event can be debated at a later time. One cannot overcome the grief of the heart with mere philosophic diversion.

    Treat the hearts in our country, band together around the idea we are one country condemning this act and then address the need to root out the causes later.

  11. Priest? How is it tone deaf to ring the alarm for your neighbors?

    How is it tone deaf to want people to wake up before THEY themselves are caught up in this mess and their lives ruined or STOLEN?

    How is it tone deaf to show love for your fellow citizens by trying to warn them of the game they are playing without them even knowing the game is afoot?

    How is it tone deaf???????????

    I believe you are totally deaf AND blind if you can’t see what is coming this way very soon.

  12. Tea Party in Space is awesome.

    I have needed to write about it for some time now but never had the time or was afforded the opportunity… so thank you Whackamole for giving it to me.

    Tea Party in Space was started in 2009/10 for the express purpose of applying the Tea Party core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets in Space and also Space Policy.

    There were four of us to start with and we really wanted to focus on Commercial Orbital Transportation Services or COTS.

    The shuttle program, canceled by George Bush in 2004, was winding down and the program of record, Constellation also referred to as CxP, failed due to being absurdly overpriced and over engineered (much like Randall Road).

    CxP had the backing of many influential politicians and morphed itself into the Space Launch System also known as SLS much like the Randall Road Project has the support of some influential politicians and morphed from a Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) into what it stands at now.

    These same politicians tried to stifle COTS as it was viewed as a threat to SLS much like in established politicians look at the new politicians as threats.

    A lot of politicians said this would never be possible just like a lot of local politicians said we could never get rid of the politician pension plans.

    I am so looking forward to finding out who you all are so we can debate the issues.


  13. Go have a conversation with your friend who is a pedophile.

    Maybe, he has another temper tantrum he would like to discuss with you.

    Run for the Hills before he explodes!

  14. Cindy, you really need to get a grip.

    Yes, while it’s true that many governments are involved in “wagging the dog” scenarios, not every thing that happens is a false flag event.

    Just because the conspiracy folks have it on their website doesn’t make it so.

    Listen, I’m as much as a conspiracy nut as the next guy but you have to read both viewpoints to make any type of reasonable assumption.

    The underlying motivation at every level of government is money, we all know that, but some times bad stuff really does happen without a government conspiracy.

    I know some of those sites have great deals on emergency supplies but don’t you think they are mainly just trying to separate you from your paycheck.

  15. Orange County Sheriff’s office laughing all the way to the bank.

    They’re happy for the bonus they’ll get for their part in the Orlando gun-grab hoax.


    Do they look like they’re grieving after the biggest mass-murder in American history?

    Cindy is right, wake up people and get ready to throw up.

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