Recap of Reick Spending to Stay on Ballot, Fend Off Madigan-Franks Stalking Horse

A re-statement of the Steve Reick campaign’s campaign disclosure for the first quarter of the year–the time when fake GOP candidate Jeffrey Lichte was being pushed by Mike Madigan and Jack Franks allies–has been filed.

The House Republican Organization and allies provided significant in-kind (that is) non-cash support to the State Reick for State Representative effort.

Jeffrey Licthe remains appropriately faceless.

Jeffrey Licthe remains appropriately faceless.

John Bartman

John Bartman

To keep Reick on the ballot, the HRO paid attorney John Fogarty $20,348.00.

Challenging an opponent’s right to be on the ballot is a time honored tactic to drain money from an opponent’s campaign.

He it been successful, fake Republican Jeffrey Litche, last seen wearing a Jack Franks tee shirt and driving Jack Franks parade entry in the Wonder Lake Independence Day Parade would be the rollover and play dead opponent to Jack Franks replacement for State Rep. on the ballot John Bartman.

The rest of the expenditures were spent to counter the over $50,000 spent in direct mail and radio advertising by House Speaker Mike Madigan and Jack Franks allies to denigrate Reick and drive Republican voters to cast ballots for Lichte.

Majority Strategies of Ponte Vedre, Florida, has been paid $10,751.59.  No indication of what the firm did for the money provided Reick on behalf of the House Republican Organization.

Next highest vendor was Jordan, Ross & Rose Advertising of Northfield.  Radio advertising cost $2,990.  An additional $6,848 was spent through the firm by Reick’s campaign fund.

Cherry Communications of Tallahassee was paid $1,385.15 for advocacy calls.

Compass Consulting of Western Springs was also paid $485 for advocacy calls.

An ad in the Woodstock Independent cost $820.

Public House of Woodstock got $160 for meals for the campaign committee.

The total spent to counter the one week Madigan onslaught was $37,091.21.

Cash contributions included

  • $7,500 from the House Victory Fund
  • $1,000 from Gary Rabine of Johnsburg
  • $200 from Allen Skillicorn, State Rep. campaign fund

The campaign reported the following debts:

  • $4,900 to Liberty Outdoor Advertising of Crystal Lake
  • $1,680.75 to One Zero Charlie of Woodstock

= = = = =
Here are the Mike Madigan allies who donated to protect Jack Franks from a real Republican Party opponent this fall:

  • 3-8-16 IPACE (Illinois Education Association PAC), Springfield – $12,500
  • 3-9-16 SEIU Healthcare, Chicago – $5,000
  • 3-9-16 llinois Trial Lawyers Assoc. PAC, Springfield – $15,000
  • 3-10-16 IHCA (Illinois Health Care Association) PAC, Springfield – $5,000
  • 3-10-16 Aperion Care Inc., Skokie – $1,250
  • 3-10-16 Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE, Westmont – $5,000
  • 3-11-16 Illinois State AFL-CIO, Springfield – $2,000
  • 3-11-16 KFT Services LLC, Lincolnwood – $1,250
  • 3-11-16 Legacy Healthcare Financial Services, Lincolnwood – $1,250
  • 3-12-16 Heritage Enterprises, Inc., Bloomington – $1,250
  • 3-22-16 International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 2, Chicago – $3,000

Most of the money to defeat Reick went through a last minute pop-up committee called “Government for the People.”


Recap of Reick Spending to Stay on Ballot, Fend Off Madigan-Franks Stalking Horse — 6 Comments

  1. YOUR tax dollars were used AGAINST Reick.

    Trial lawyers are the main supplier of funds for the little liar.

    A vote for Jack Franks is a vote for MORE union / lawyer control of McHenry County.

    A vote for any Democrat in this county is a vote for more union / lawyer control in the County, throughout the state and country.

    Even if the Republican candidate is not Abraham Lincoln, vote for the Republican candidate.

    Union / Progressive control gave us the current divisive force we have in D.C. and Springfield.

    We do not need more of that divisive force in McHenry County.

  2. After seeing how Franks bows down to Madigan every chance he gets and then brings forth a large tax increase I will for sure vote for Reick.

    It looks like Franks talks like Hillary.

    He will be in for I believe two terms only.

    Well it has been nine.

  3. There’s a scabies outbreak in McHenry County and I’m not just talking about Valley Hi.
    The so called republican party has been hi jacked by scabie democrats who ran and couldn’t win so changed their party affiliation to republican.
    aka walkup, reick,tirio,
    true conservatives will need to vote for the democrat in this upcoming November Election to keep the liberals out.

  4. Adding to the phony Republican Jeffery Lichte’s campaign for 63rd District State Representative in the March 15th, 2016 primary election:

    The petition passers, other than Jeffery Lichte, were all from outside McHenry County.

    Which is notable since the 63rd District is in McHenry County.

    Here are those petition passers (gathering signatures to get candidate Lichte placed on the Republican primary allot)

    – Amy Howanietz, 43W730 Rt. 64, Maple Park, 11 petitions

    – Kelley Cook, 1418 Stonefield Dr., DeKalb, 2 petitions

    – Joshua Mediena, 2146 N. Loren, Chicago, 7 petitions

    – Ruby Navarrete, 3022 N. Rutherford Ave., Chicago, 10 petitions

    – Marlene Roa, 2131 N. Maplewood, Chicago, 3 petitions

    – Liliana Alverez, 2151 N. Austin, Chicago, 8 petitions

    – Larry Whitehead, 6040 S. Harper, Chicago, 6 petitions

    – Sharron Troupe, 5659 S. Milncan (?), Chicago, 3 petitions

    – Elizabeth Shatara, 4336 W. Emerald Way, Alsip, 10 petitions

    – James Robinson, 3826 Woodland, Western Springs, 2 petitions

    – Jen Richmond, 832 Ridge Dr., DeKalb, 1 petition.

    Were these people told they were passing petitions for a fake Republican?

    Were any of these people real Republicans?

    Were all of these people real Democrats?

    Do they think it’s a good idea to trick voters?

    Were these people upfront in telling the story about Jeffery Lichte’s candidacy?

    Because the candidacy was all about trickery, however legal.

    These people were recruited by whom?

    The end result, the Cook County Democrat machine infiltrated McHenry County.

    Part of the machine in which Jack Franks participated in by voting for Michael Madigan as Speaker of the House of Representatives (#1 position and leader in the State House of Representatives).

    The same Michael Madigan that is the leader of the Democratic party of Illinois.

    The same Michael Madigan that has represented the 22nd Representative district in Chicago since 1970.

    The same Michael Madigan that is precinct committeeman for 22nd Representative district in Chicago.

    The same Michael Madigan whom controls 4 political action committees (PACs).

    The same Michael Madigan whose first elected position was as a delegate to the 1970 Constitutional Convention (2 elected delegates per district) that produced the pension sentence which states pensions and retiree healthcare are contractual and the benefits cannot be diminished or impaired.

    But the same sentence allows benefit hikes to underfunded pension and retiree healthcare systems.

    And the same sentence allows unlimited benefit hikes to those underfunded pension and retiree healthcare systems.

    Each benefit hike which further indebted taxpayers that were already indebted.

    That’s the pension scam Jack Franks talks about as if he is now somehow against it although he was part of it.

    Part of the Cook County Democrat machine Jack Franks participated in by hosting his fundraisers in Chicago.

    Fundraisers featuring prominent Democrats, many from Chicago and Cook County, including Michael Madigan (Madigan was not featured on the most recent fundraiser).

    The Jeffery Lichte campaign was as legitimate as Jack Franks claiming he’s not a tax hiker.

  5. Stand… High larious.

    Vote for a nothing liberal to keep out the… Liberals?

    Rauner, Trump, Walkup and so many others have jumped from the anti American commie New Democrat Party because of their melt down into corrupt self interest politics.

    They have joined a corrupt self interested party who, at the least, attempts to appear American while lining their pockets at the expense of the taxpayer.

    The only hope is to vote for the individual.

    Jack is a proven empty suit self aggrandizing taxpayer hating Madigan supporting garbage.

    Maaaaaybe Walkup can manage to be an improvement over this.

    Low bar, low expectation.

    But still not espousing the idea voting for proven liberal idiocy is somehow better than voting for Party changers.

    Veery funny try though.

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