Valley Hi Board Discussing Scabies Wednesday

The Valley Hi Operating Board will meet at 8:30 AM to discuss scabies infections among patients and staff.

(You can find general information on the problem here.)

Attorney and medical expert Jack Franks, running for the Chairmanship of the McHenry County Board has decided to make the outbreak a campaign issue.

The following was found on Facebook Sunday night:
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Franks scabies 5


Valley Hi Board Discussing Scabies Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. Some of these comments are hilarious!

    The courage to force change?

    What kind of change has he ever forced?

    Voting for someone other than Mike Madigan?

    (In case you are unaware, in his 9 terms/18 years in Springfield, at every opportunity Jack Franks voted to support Mike Madigan at EVERY opportunity.)

  2. Here is a comment I found that
    I agreed with on this issue.

    ” Anytime an outbreak like this happens it is
    upsetting to the residents, staff and administration.

    Mr. Franks, why would you stick your nose into this,
    stir the pot and make this situation public?

    This had to upset everyone so much more
    Than it already did.

    Seems like bad judgement ! 🙁 “

  3. Jack Franks is our knight in shining armor coming to our emotional rescue.

    If only Jack Franks would run for President, he could save the world from the scourge of scabies and rid workers of the opportunity to work overtime in a job consisting of wiping butts and drooling mouths.

    “Ronnie James Dio no dio alas a los alacranes!!”

  4. Rainbow,

    I am laughing my butt off at your comments.

    Are there unicorns in your vision too?

    Jack Frank’s a knight in shining armor? Way too funny.

    Now I do hope with all hope, that Jack gets a job working with scabies, wiping butts and cleaning up drool.

    That is a job that fits his skills to the T.

    Of course, he would not get a pension for such a job.

    He would actually have to do something instead of just talk about it.

    Perhaps he can send another letter to his buddy Blago and see if he can help him find such a job.

    Perhaps at the “Charm School in Joliet?”

  5. “Mr. Franks, why would you stick your nose into this,
    stir the pot and make this situation public?”

    IMO the litle liar has no moral foundation. He is a ‘user’.
    “5) a person who constantly gives you excuses…when you know he or she is completely full of S#*T “

  6. It is interesting how many people who vote Republican in most primaries actually vote for the little liar Jack Franks.

    It is indicative of how easily people are deceived.

  7. If Jack wants to know more about scabies he can go visit any jailhouse and take a look.

    I can’t believe he hasn’t come across it before during his many travails… how odd.

  8. Maybe Jack Franks could go visit Blago,
    So he could get Jack up to speed on
    Scabies education.

  9. I previously suggested privatizing Valley Hill.

    Why not?

    1) The county would not be exposed to the litigation liability associated with running a nursing home. Yet here we are over the tips of our skis

    2) the $40MM surplus could be returned, yet the government hordes that treasure trove.

    3) A company with actual experience in running a nursing home could run it, yet we need more government pensions.

    4) the Union won’t like the sale, yet they could organize other facilities.

    5) The tax payers could get real relief, yet we keep electing the same folks that do the same nothing.

    6) We would not hear about how effective our county board is, yet it cant see any benefit in having real nursing home operators take over.

    7) Time and time again, our board misses the opportunity to make real savings and minimize government. this is yet another example.

    8) the employees might be compensated at market wages by an investor with real economic stake in the game, but that would concede the free market as a better supplier of care.

    9) The county board needs to focus on spending all of that money on unneeded infrastructure.

    10) We don’t hear any discussion on this option because the Democrats can’t conceive of not giving away social services and the Republicans wont admit that they cant manage everything.

    Wake up people its our money and we can start by putting a few greenbacks in our wallets.

    The Government dolts will have to have a bullcrap feasibility study to assess this issue, because they can’t think without one.

    To all you government dolts out there: Here is a cheap feasibility study: get an appraisal (because the law requires one) and auction it off ASAP with a reserve.

    Done – Everyone wins!

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