District 1 Democrat Knocking on Doors

District 1 Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Board Kerri Barber is knocking on doors.

Here is what she is handing out:

District 1 County Board member Kerri Barber's walk piece.

District 1 County Board member Kerri Barber’s walk piece.

This particular piece has a nice note, so apparently the homeowner was not found at home.

Republican candidates for the office are Yvonne Barnes and Tom Wilbeck.


District 1 Democrat Knocking on Doors — 19 Comments

  1. I have a hard time taking obese people seriously.

    If you lack the selfcontrol- to put down the fork, I doubt you have the self-control to lead.

  2. I don’t know why you’d assume this, Observer, but no one particularly cares if you’re offended.

  3. Rawdogger it’s funny you mention self control BC you have none.

  4. **I have a hard time taking obese people seriously.
    If you lack the selfcontrol- to put down the fork, I doubt you have the self-control to lead.**

    Wow, wow, wow. Stay classy.

  5. It seems insanely disingenuous to promote oneself as pro business from the Democrat Party. It is simply not possible to reconcile the two. Democrats want central control of all life under their rule. Americans and American values stand squarely against the attitude of a ruler or centralized control. Can any liberal square their views of governance with this country’s founding values? How does this liberal square her nice note with the values of her Party? How do liberals think America, which has rejected European values/control/interference at every attempt historically, will suddenly capitulate today? Is there an intelligent well educated liberal who can even make the attempt to square anything they and their Party espouse with Americanism? Many would be deeply interested in the attempt and most would respect the response.

  6. Being liberal is not a choice it is a mental disorder. Engaging in reason or introducing facts and history will not work.

    I think McHenry county health department should set aside money to treat the liberally insane. It is money well spent.

  7. Politicians are people.

    They come in all shapes and sizes.

    It’s what they have to offer in smarts that I’m looking for.

    Case in point- Trump, fat, orange, 70 yr old, but he’s crushing it!

  8. The attempt to reach out to any liberal in this venue is to illustrate two things:

    There are clear headed people who live in America but loathe her values to the point of joining a Party desirous of Her destruction from DC to the School Boards and Liberals are fundamentally cowards who know in the arena of ideas they have always, do always and will always lose to the better idea of freedom.

    If you’ll notice the only liberals on this comment site are children.

    As with the Hitler Youth, the African warlords and Castro’s Pioneers the first people thrown into the line of fire by any power hungry monster are the children.

    They are the easily swayed idealists who will follow a cult of personality over ideas or ideals or even sound survival instincts.

    I want an adult.

    A thinker.

    A liberal apologist with a better idea than Americanism for America.

    If they exist in McHenry County I’ve yet to meet them.

    Please step forward.

    I don’t care a whit what your identity is but what your better ideas are for the Citizen and our governance.

    Franks isn’t anything more than an empty vessel for Madigan’s ideas, which aren’t liberal but Authoritarian.

    Harrison is just plain unintelligent.

    Is there no one in the Democrat Party with the ability to express intelligent ideas?

    Any intelligent idea?

    Even one?

  9. The comments are downright horrifying… while I understand why some want anonymous comments it seems to me that “anonymous” brings out the very worst in people.

  10. As much as I don’t like Democrats…….Insulting their Height, Weight or any Physical Appearances is unacceptable…

    Take a look in the mirror, Rawdogger, what do you see, PERFECTION ?

  11. I wonder if the Republicans are knocking in District 1.

    I can’t imagine the area is too conservative given the population density and amount of new homes in the area.

    And with demographic changes, things are just going to get worse for the prospects of Republicans.

    They can no longer take McHenry County for granted.

    If they do, it won’t be long until they get their clocks cleaned.

  12. The Republican party as it is now will only serve to alienate the broader spectrum of society.

    The majority will become the minority in the years to come and we had better learn how to work together with all people, Democrats and Republicans toward a common goal.

    The divisiveness of this blog is mind blowing and only serves to illuminate the crassness of local politics.

  13. Candidates, future candidates and those supporting them take note:

    not one self described liberal stepped into the arena of ideas for a discussion of such.

    When The People cry out asking why there is never a civil exchange of ideas please share with them liberals don’t have any and won’t even discuss others ideas in a civil arena.

    There is a reason the liberal is terrified of these discussions.

    They lose.

    Every time.

    Now go out, keep your messaging intellectually simple, don’t be a booty hurt little snowflake when the moronic left flings poo at you and, although it’s against what your parents taught you, make sure you have surrogates willing to do the nasty work of rounding up the little poo fingers to crush them.

    Do NOT get in these fights yourself as they demean everyone and every idea involved.

    Thus ends the experiment.

    Thus ends the lesson.

  14. “The majority will become the minority in the years to come and we had better learn how to work together with all people, Democrats and Republicans toward a common goal.”

    The Revolution™ has been imminent for about a hundred years now, pinko.

    We’re still waiting.

  15. Why do these Democrats move to a nice area like Mchenry County or Cary and immediately want to poison the area with their liberal views?

    These areas are not like Chicago or any other inner city where Democrats rule and people live in awful conditions.

    Perhaps they should move to the areas that represent their world view like Cook County rather than move to Republican areas because they are so nice.

  16. These days, It’s cool to be a liberal and maybe they like it here just like you do jerk

  17. @Concerned you know she’s bad news?

    What is manipulative and fake BC she seems like a decent human being to me.

    idk enlighten us so we know

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