Reick on Reapportionment Referendum Rejection

A press release from State Rep. candidate Steve Reick:

Reick Disappointed but Still Optimistic

Woodstock, IL, July 21, 2016: Steve Reick, candidate for State Representative in the 63rd District, reacted to a Cook County Court’s decision to exclude the Independent Maps initiative from the ballot on November 8th.

The Court declared the ballot initiative unconstitutional on two grounds: that the citizen-led constitutional amendment proposal is not limited to “procedural and structural” changes to the IL General Assembly or to a single topic of the State Constitution.

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

“I’m very disappointed by the Court’s decision,” Reick said Wednesday.

“I have been advocating for fair maps since 2014 and I’m optimistic that the Illinois Supreme Court will overturn the decision and allow the initiative to receive a vote on November 8th.

“The people of Illinois who went out and did the work to get this initiative on the ballot and the voters who have had their voice taken away by gerrymandering deserve an independent map.

“They deserve fair representation.”

The 63 rd District is located entirely within McHenry County and includes Woodstock, Harvard, Huntley, Marengo, Hebron, and portions of McHenry Township,


Reick on Reapportionment Referendum Rejection — 5 Comments

  1. Agree Steve !

    I believe the IL Supreme Court
    Probably will overturn it, but it
    Is after that I am concerned about ?

    Could get get very bizarre & messy.

  2. This just makes a growing number of people hate the Chicago political machine even more, especially those that worked so hard gathering signatures for 2 elections.

  3. Seriously, Can we get a little support for steve?

    He’s a rupubican and he deserves it.

    Steve, maybe we can get you a monkey with a tin can.LOL,

    Ha,Ha, Ha!!

  4. Here’s another good idea for you steve,
    Use buzz words like trump maybe that can help?

    I don’t know..

    Ideas anyone?

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