Skillicorn Goes after Dems on Reapportionment

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Madigan And Illinois Democrats Toss Redistricting Amendment Off The Ballot

Earlier this year 564,000 Illinois residents signed a petition to change the corrupt way Illinois politicians draw legislative districts.

The people were concerned that politicians were gerrymandering districts to pick their constituents, not the constituents choosing their politicians.

Speaker Mike Madigan, using attorneys employed by the Illinois Democratic Party sued to have this ballot initiative stopped and today a Cook County Judge ruled against this popular and necessary reform.

This decision will be appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Nobody knows if the decision will be made before the November election.

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

“As a concerned citizen, proven reformer, and candidate for the state legislature I am troubled and disheartened that a Cook County Judge ruled against over half million people today.

“Not only did I sign this petition, I helped circulate the petition.

“I believe voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around.

“For 45 years Mike Madigan has stood as a roadblock to effective, good governance.

“I urge my friends, family, and neighbors to vote in the November 8th election and to vote against any candidate with D next to their name.

“Illinois can prosper again, but only if we restore bipartisan leadership and the two party system again.”

Allen Skillicorn is the Republican nominee for the 66th State House District. The 66th Legislative District represents areas in McHenry and Kane Counties, including Algonquin, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, East Dundee, Elgin, Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood, Sleepy Hollow, and West Dundee.


Skillicorn Goes after Dems on Reapportionment — 16 Comments

  1. The Better Government Association supports the appeal by the non partisan Independent Maps coalition of this Cook County District Court ruling to the Illinois Supreme Court.

  2. Except you don’t make judicial rulings based on partisanship ideology.

    You base your decision on LAW.

    So if you believe the judge ruled because of his/her politics then you have the duty to file a complaint with the ARDC.

    Do you have the evidence to do that or are you just pissing in your wheaties?

  3. 500,000 people is about 4% of the population.

    “Illinois can prosper again, but only if we restore bipartisan leadership and the two party system again.”


    It is a two party system, but more people want one party over the other.

  4. The press release does not claim the judge ruled based on partisanship ideology or his/her politics.

    The Illinois General Assembly has the ability to pass a measure to place the Independent Maps redistricting reform measure on an election ballot but won’t do so.

    Simply put, Michael Madigan is against this effort desired by the people, as reflected in any poll taken about the subject.

  5. **only if we restore bipartisan leadership and the two party system again.”**

    Don’t we already have bipartisan leadership and a two party system?

    Don’t we have a Republican Governor and Democratic control of the GA, which, by definition, means our state has bipartisan leadership?

    And pretty sure we DO have a two party system.

    As dentbia points out, IL voters just pick the Democratic Party a lot more than they pick the Republican party.

    Just because Allen Skillicorn doesn’t like who the voters choose doesn’t mean we don’t have a two party system.

    But, to be clear, since Allen believes so strongly in bipartisan leadership, this means that he’s going to make sure that the Dem’s control at least one of the US House, Senate, or POTUS, right?

  6. **Simply put, Michael Madigan is against this effort desired by the people, as reflected in any poll taken about the subject.**

    What is your point?

    Do you think everything should be up to the voters?

    Do you also support a millionaire’s tax to fund education?

    Because “the people” overwhelmingly support that too.

  7. One point might be that everything in Illinois should not be up to Mike Madigan.

  8. The point is exactly what it says, Michael Madigan is against this effort desired by the people, as reflected in any poll taken about the subject.

    If the Democrats wanted to pass a millionaire’s tax to fund education they could do so because they have a Supermajority in the Illinois House and Senate which means they could override the Governors veto if they agree to do so.

    So Democrats are against a millionaire’s tax to fund education.

    So the Democrats are against the people.

  9. **So Democrats are against a millionaire’s tax to fund education. So the Democrats are against the people.**

    You are right. SOME Democrats are.

    Well, two or three Democrats are – Jack Franks, Scott Drury, and, depending on the day, Ken Dunkin.

    All of the other Democrats voted for it, and no Republicans.

    My point is that using polling and referendums to claim that the Speaker should support Independent Maps is silly if you’re not also going to say that the GA should pass a millionaires tax because of wide support shown in polling and the 2014 referendum..

  10. ‘shake’ is correct.

    Tax the millionaires in Illinois – expedite their departure.

    Analyze the voter lists in the state and you will quickly discover the majority of voters departing the state are Republicans – the people who can afford to leave.

    Wake up call for the ‘shake’:

    Teachers in this state are already overpaid!

    The problem with public education in the state is not money – it is the lack of quality.

    We keep paying more and more and more but the quality of the product continues to deteriorate.

    Remember when the average life span of a car was 5 years (1969)?

    Unions and weak spined automotive company owners kept increasing the costs but quality did not improve.

    Other countries started to manufacture a longer lived product at lower cost.

    Those countries opened car plants in the U.S. without unions.

    Now the average life span of a car is approaching 12 years.

    Competition drives down cost and generally results in a better quality product.

    Republicans want to add a modicum of competition to our public education system.

    This will improve the product – more money will not!!

    Vote straight Republican – federal, state AND especially local!!

  11. It is well documented that overall compensation for many teachers and administrators, in the property tax rich suburbs especially which is not always the wealthy residential suburbs, is far higher than surrounding states.

    Overall compensation being:

    Current Pay

    Current benefits


    Retiree healthcare.

    There are several reasons for this.

    1. Collective bargaining is completely disassociated with pensions and retiree healthcare and thus overall compensation is not considered when hiking pay (which hikes pensions).

    2. Collective bargaining pay and benefit hikes are opaque to the public.

    – Voters are not allowed to review and voice opinion on the collective bargaining agreements or in most cases administrator contract before they are approved.

    – Collective bargaining agreements are often not finalized and released to taxpayers until months after the tentative agreement is approved by the board and rank and file union members.

    – The rank and file union members get to vote on the tentative agreement, but taxpayers do not get to vote on the tentative agreement.

    – Neither a tentative nor a final change document is released to the taxpayers. The change document would clearly show all the changes form the existing agreement to the proposed / final agreement, for instance, underline text for additions, strikethrough text for deletions; note underline / strikethough to indicate changes is currently used in the Illinois General Assembly for proposed house bills, senate bills, and public acts.

    3. Pensions and retiree healthcare benefit hikes were not transparent to the public. The hikes were never clearly disclosed to taxpayers. The hikes were a complete failure:

    – The TRS teacher and administrator pension and TRIP / THIS retiree healthcare fund has always been underfunded.

    – Yet the Illinois General Assembly and Governors hiked the pension and retiree healthcare benefits.

    – Many of those hikes themselves were underfunded (as the systems were already underfunded).

    Those are 3 reasons.

    4. During collective bargaining, pay is only compared to Illinois teachers, not Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, even if the district is near a state boarder. That is unheard of in private industry and makes no taxpayer sense.

    5. School boards are dominated by union endorsed candidates with taxpayers not realizing the teacher endorsed candidate is the union endorsed candidate with the intention of hiking pay and benefits to the maximum extent possible.

    6. During state budgeting, at times pension funding was diverted to General State Aid which is distributed to school districts and allowed school districts to further hike pay than would have been possible if the funds went to the pension fund. Hiking pay hikes the pension.

    7. Collective bargaining pay hikes were off the charts in some districts in some years for no reason other than the above.

    It is a dysfunctional system that needs to be overhauled.

    The pensions and retiree healthcare in particular are not sustainable at current taxes and we can thank legislators such as Jack Franks for underfunded pension benefit hikes to pension systems that were already underfunded which makes him a tax hiker (even though he says he is not a tax hiker, that is Jack Franks math).

    There are all sorts of nuances.

    Teachers beginning their career on or after January 2, 2011 are in the Tier II pension system which as less lucrative benefits.

    Teachers in central and southern Illinois are often not paid as well (lower property tax base).

    For those full career teachers and administrators retiring now, the pay and benefit levels have been hiked dramatically since they began their career.

    We need sustainable pay, benefits, and taxes.

    What is in place is not sustainable and never was designed to be sustainable, it was done to achieve political power.

  12. Just like the Term Limit wanting to be put on the ballot, if we do not get these bad people out we will never change this government ….

  13. conservative voter, voting straight Republican or Democrate is what got us in in the boat we’re in in the first place.

    Lets educate ourselves about the people we’re electing, and vote for the person no matter the party.

    Thats our job as voters.

    People run government not political parties !

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