Franks Advertising on Woodstock Advocate

Even though Gus Philpott has moved to warmed climes, he occasionally posts on his blog, Woodstock Advocate.

I checked it out this morning and found an ad for Jack Franks’ campaign for McHenry County Board Chairman.

You can see it below:

Jack Franks ad on Woodstock Advocate links to his web site page on property taxes.

Jack Franks ad on Woodstock Advocate links to his web site page on property taxes.


Franks Advertising on Woodstock Advocate — 27 Comments

  1. Great to see Gus……I hope he is well.

    Which brings me to a point.

    For those who know me, know that I BLOG when I have things to tell you.

    I can assure everybody of one thing, I am going to be coming out with a major story soon

    I want to give a little information at this time, it goes to what I am working on.

    I am predicting with 100 percent certainty, that our former Under Sheriff Andrew Zinke, is in for one hell of a surprise, as is Keith Nygren.

    A tip for Andy Zinke,

    Andy, make sure you have a ton of cash on hand, you’re going to be needing it!

    To all those Zinke and Nygren have hurt, THEIR TIME IS COMING and you will be elated!

    Nygren, you too, I’d make sure you have plenty of cash at the ready.

    This has been my advertisement, thanks Cal.

  2. David, please tell us less cryptically.

    There are plenty of Nygren / Zinke supporters that comment on this blog as well as their detractors.

    However, unless you have something concrete you undermine your own credibility as well as the credibility of the opponents of Nygen and Zinke that join in the speculation.

    As you know, most people would see me aligned with your interests in opposition to them.

    However, I cannot honestly believe that any additional action will be taken against them.

    I also gather that if Greg Pyle had anything worth trading I’m sure he would trade it with the US Attorney before telling us.

    Nevertheless, I encourage you to seek truth and justice.

    Does anyone know the latest on the prosecution of Kim Zinke?

  3. Dear Mr. Hanlon,

    I am sorry I cannot lay out with more detail what it is that I am very aware of.

    I am willing to place my credibility on the chopping block because I have witnessed with my own eyes and ears, ongoing things that would lead me to make such a prediction.

    Could something go wrong and a deal blows up, certainly.

    But I will go on to say that there is an “Active” and very RECENT, ongoing investigation taking place at this time regarding Zinke and Nygren.

    Those who know me, know that I do not report the news, I go after the news from first hand sources.

    In the past few months, I have really gone out on a limb to find out what it is I am intimating above.

    Has the FBI been active recently regarding Zinke and Nygren?

    I know for a fact that the FBI has been.

    I will never forget what Andy Zinke did to my family and I.

    Then his supporters laughed at me when I commented on this blog, that my wife was taken to the hospital because she passed out, out of fear when the FBI left my home back in November, 2010.

    I know it was Zinke that had told lies about me to the FBI.

    How do I know this?

    I know this because I was able to get a copy of my FBI file and there it was in black and white.

    Zinke and Nygren tried to have me arrested and put in jail.

    It was a nice try but they failed.

    Now it is my turn.

    Yes the FBI has been around gathering information, most recently about Zinke.

    Yes, there are attorneys involved as well.

    Not Zinke’s attorney’s.

    My guess is Zinke and Nygren are just now realizing they have a problem, a serious problem.

    I know it, because I am living the situation.

    I will now let the justice system play out.

    As I stated, is it possible something goes wrong and Zinke is not arrested?

    Sure, as is the case with any investigation.

    But, from what I know and have seen, Zinke has something to be very worried about, here and now.

    Thank you, sorry this was so long.

    I have to try to stay around the edges on this.


  4. No offense to any one person.

    However, the US Attorney should be interviewing Pyle.

    There is protocol in place for the handling of criminal evidence.

    Allowing the US Attorney and or the FBI to handle the information is vital to securing the possibility of any prosecution and conviction of individuals who have committed a crime.

  5. Denise, can you please translate what it is you are saying in your last comment.

    I think you believe that you know how all things work.

    I do not believe you understand how it all REALLY goes down.

    Could you please lay out the protocols that you mention in your comment, I’d like to learn it from you.

    Thank you.

  6. I really hope what you say is true, Mr Bachmann.

    Other than seeing Hillary lose, I can’t think of anything that would give me more pleasure than seeing that nauseating pile of blubber and his brown nosing sidekick get exactly what they deserve.

  7. This is an example of Google AdSense placement, which is a service that inserts advertising in a pre-positioned place that the blog publisher chooses.

    Ads can be blocked from appearing, but that might be something that the publisher chooses not to do.

    Advertisers bid for the space on the site, so it is likely that whomever is managing Franks’ ad budget is targeting local publications.

    It wouldn’t be very expensive to place ads there.

    Given the much larger pool of readers that Cal has worked so hard to attract and engage over the years, he could choose to make a not insignificant sum from this sort of potentially embarrassing advertising.

    It says a lot about him that he has the courage to turn down one of the very few revenue streams available to him in order to maintain integrity.

  8. @techguy Do you know that he has turned it down? I can’t imagine why he would put ads on this blog given the political leanings of the readers.

  9. @joseywhales – so what? That does not have anything at all to do with this topic.

    @Inish – I have kept the hamsters powering Cal’s website all running in the same direction since he went online over 10 years now, so I am in a position to know.

  10. LOVE Jon Stewart !

    He is the only person (with tongue
    In cheek) that makes me augh & giggle
    About the National political race
    This year.

    Comedic relief , sophisticated wit &
    Sarcasm is a must to get through all
    This political insanity !

    Stewart is also an equal opportunity
    commenter .

  11. Lets see, what is the name of the guy that left the State of California after allegations of sexual abuse by a family member?

    It just so happens that blabber mouth Nygren ran an illegal leads report!

  12. Jack Franks promised he would not run for McHenry County Board Chair when pushing for some referendums.

    The promise was printed in the June 6, 2014 Northwest Herald.

    The article appeared on pages 1 and 8 of the paper.

    The article can be found online.

    The article was written by Kevin Craver.

    Kevin Craver quoted Jack Franks as saying the following.

    “I can promise you I am not running for County Chairman in 2016.

    This has nothing to do with me.

    This is about good government.”

    The title of the article is, “Franks asks county for 2 advisory referendums”

    The article is online.

  13. I am not going to allow this post to become a forum for personal insults.

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