Message of the Day – Horns — 12 Comments

  1. Recent County Board vote on
    Randall Road land acquisition
    Local 150 union pals

    It works

  2. Was some of that wine purchased for fund raisers involved while making the decision to wear the horns?
    Will this picture appear in future ‘hit’ pieces on the Miller family should any of them decide to run for office again?

  3. A sarcastic
    response to Mr. Gasser’s blog assertion that she (and 3 others) are devils.

  4. Those horns aren’t Halloween props … they’re quite real!

  5. She’s finally showing us who she really is and has been. Kudos to county board member Andrew Gasser for calling it!

  6. If Drake is accurate, what a childish display. Glad she will be gone off the County Board this Dec.

    No wonder she has been such a loyal servant for Local 150 and Joe.

  7. Good for her standing up to Gassers bs.

    You guys get back to the kool aid

  8. Nah, Anna May was serving up
    The koolaid the day of the
    County board vote on the
    Land acquisition vote.

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