Franks Ad Found on Marathon Pundit — 6 Comments

  1. The real story about the Ron Sandack scandal is coming out soon and McHenry County will be in the national news.

    Mr. Skinner, why was Representative Sandack at the Lou Malanati’s event?

    He is from way south of our county.

  2. Rep. Sandack attended the Donna Kurtz fundraiser at Lou Malnati’s.

  3. The little liar (and other Democrats) talk and talk and talk about lowering property taxes.

    The McHenry County Board (Republican) actually DID lower the tax bite.

    Look at the reduction in the number of employees at the County.

    There is room for more efficiency at McHenry County but the little liar would do nothing but try to grab a headline or two in his buddy’s newspaper with some ridiculous claims!

    Go after school boards, library districts, park districts, municipalities. fire districts and any township that funds a food pantry or other frivolous activity!

    The little liar, just like the current Admin in D.C. is a ‘divider’.

  4. This intense polarization in our country
    Because of political parties weakens the

    Sure there are lots of big issues & there
    Will always be natural divisions, but it has become so much worse.

    People & politicians don’t seem to look
    At a single issue & just use their common
    Sense anymore.

    Every issue just becomes a big political
    Party bashing excuse.

    How can our country be ‘Great Again’
    When the majority of people are fighting
    Each other, like the Hatfields & McCoys.

  5. Watchdog 2: Whatever happened to Watchdog 1?

    Did you have something to do his/her disappearance?

    BTW, our country CAN be great again if people like you return to your nidus in remote Erzincan_Province.

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