Serwatka Hoping for Drive By Petition Signers

Seeking still more petition signatures to put his advisory referendum on the ballot, Lakewood Village Trustee is again setting up show in the village park across from the Turnberry Country Club.

Here’s the question he wants on the ballot:

The petition that Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka is circulating.

The petition that Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka is circulating.

Here’s his latest email plea:

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 27th, from 5:00p.m. – 7:30 p.m. I will, once again have a tent and Property Tax Freeze Referendum petitions set-up in the parking lot, at the new Turnberry Park, located directly across the street from Turnberry Country Club. The exact address is 9601 Turnberry Trail.

Please bring your spouse and all registered to vote children. Also, PLEASE notify or bring as many neighbors as possible! The entire process will take you no more than 30-seconds – and you don’t even have to get out of your car!

You can simply drive-up, sign the petition, and be on your way – or you can park and take a peek at the nearly completed, first phase of the new Turnberry Park!

There are still MANY residents who do not receive my emails – and while I have spent a month of Saturdays and evenings knocking on doors & getting signatures, I just cant get to every house or catch everyone at home.

There are still MANY folks who do not know anything about this entire effort.

PLEASE tell your neighbors!

YOUR help in this effort is very much needed as we approach the August 3rddeadline for petitions to be filed in Springfield.

I cannot do this without your help! 


For those new to my email list or just not aware, I am currently working on an initiative to place an Advisory Referendum on the ballot for the upcoming General Election on November 8th, 2016.

This referendum will give Lakewood residents an opportunity to formally vote in the General Election, on whether or not local government bodies – particularly our own Village Board – should be able to raise our property tax levy each year without first explaining why they deem it necessary and then allowing residents an opportunity to formally vote on it.

To get this referendum on the ballot, I am circulating petitions which must besigned by registered voters who reside in the Village of Lakewood.

PLEASE come out tomorrowWednesday, July 27th, from 5:00p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and sign the petition – and PLEASE, bring your spouse, children (if registered to vote)and as many neighbors as you can!

I hope to see you tomorrow!


Serwatka Hoping for Drive By Petition Signers — 8 Comments

  1. One would think that all the Lakewood residents who comment here would be out knocking on doors to get the needed signatures.

    Of course if those that comment here are really just all about lip service, then……

  2. When Lakewood TIF district builds low income housing, in order to comply with Illinois Affordable Housing Act, Lakewood will be bound by contract to pay Woodstock CUSD 200 around $9000 per year per new student.

    This will necessarily require a Lakewood tax levy increase in order to comply with this contract.

    In return for signing this contract,Woodstock D200 agreed to forgo litigation against Lakewood TIF validity.

    How shall this paradox be resolved?

  3. as many as WE can get!!!

    come on people lets get together and end the waste and overtaxation!!!

  4. One more factor to consider, there is academic research to indicate that property tax rates are capitalized into home values.

    That is, America has property tax rate average around 1.4% of total home fair market value, and Crystal Lake has property tax rate around 4% of total home fair market value, and the difference (2.6%) will negatively affect Crystal Lake home values, year after year, by -2.6% relative to home values all over America.

    So if a home buyer in Crystal Lake 2016 needs to move to another place in 2026, the sales price that can be fetched for a home in CL will be 26% below the sales price of a (similarly valued in 2016) home elsewhere.

    CL voters: don’t just consider the additional property tax bill increase every year to come, consider the additional negative drag on your home value for every year to come.

  5. Several residents are working with Paul on this, in different capacities and we will continue to work with him until we take our village back.

  6. Paul is making a lot of us look bad.

    But for the journal of record (The McHenry County Blog) there is a certain points of interest that need acknowledgement:

    1) There is no “one right way” to do something. We all have our God given talents that make us unique human beings. The way that Paul does something in Lakewood doesn’t mean it would work in your neck of the woods.

    2) Many of those who are politically active are aware and have been presented with the opportunity to get involved in their local community. You can do this via the summer walk program which had several faucets to it. You can do this by volunteering at a local organization of your choice. One opportunity is a referendum which Paul, and others, are utilizing all to different varying degrees of success.

    3) Not all of us have Paul’s personality. Not all of us can go door to door as comfortably as some.

    4) Some like what Paul is doing and some do not.

    In conclusion – learn what you can from Paul… what you want to learn… and move on.

    There is still time to get the referendum on the ballot in other areas.

    Andrew Gasser

  7. Lakewood village manager resigns!!!

    she probably would not be comfortable going door to door!! learning from Paul that there is ALOT that goes on that taxpayers should be made aware of but somehow slips by us!!


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