Jeffery Lichte Sighting

Jeffrey Lichte, fake Republican candidate against real Republican Steve Reick, finally has a photo to go with his name.

Jeffery Lichte, fake Republican candidate against real Republican Steve Reick, finally has a photo to go with his name. ┬áHe is not only driving a Jack Franks vehicle in McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade, but he is sporting a Jack Franks baseball cap.

You may remember that fake Republican primary candidate Jeffery Lichte was sighted driving a Jack Franks vehicle in the Wonder Lake Independence Day Parade.

But a photo did not accompany the information.

At McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade, a man driving a Jack Franks’ vehicle was identified as Jeffery Lichte.

Jeffrey Licthe remains appropriately faceless.

Jeffery Licthe remains appropriately faceless.

To make sure I walked over and asked him if he were Jeffery Litche.

He said he was.

So, Jeffery Lichte, Jack Franks’ stalking horse in the Republican Primary Election against real Republican Steve Reick, now has a McHenry County Blog photo.

No longer will he be shown as an unknown.


Jeffery Lichte Sighting — 10 Comments

  1. It really is a slap in the face to the residents of the 63rd Dist.

    The hope was that Lichte would beat Reick and then Franks could drop out of the race and appoint his boy Bartman to the seat without any real opposition.

    Democrats acting undemocratic is nothing new.

    Guess McHenry County is turning into Cook County faster than I thought.

  2. Jeffery Lichte is further tied to Jack Franks and further revealed as a phony Republican candidate in the March 15, 2016 Primary election for 63rd District State Representative representing McHenry County.

    There were three candidates on the election ballot.

    Democrat Jack Franks, received 10,052 votes.

    Republican candidate Jeffery Lichte (he’s a Democrat who ran as a Republican), received 6,057 votes.

    Republican Steve Reick, received 8,029 votes.

    Here is the evidence that Jeffery Lichte is a Democrat Jack Franks supporter, and information about March 15, 2016 election:

    – Google maps picture of Jeffery Lichte’s house showed a Jack Franks campaign sign on his lawn.

    – Jack Franks host fundraiser flyer included Jeffery Lichte’s name.

    – A photo of Jeffery Lichte shows him wearing a Jack Franks hat at the July 24, 2016 McHenry Fiesta Days parade.

    – Jeffery Lichte is reported as driving a Jack Franks vehicle in the July 24, 2016 in the McHenry Fiesta Days parade.

    – Recent voting records indicate that Jeffery Lichte voted Democrat (How did he vote on March 15, 2016?)

    – Mr. Lichte had no campaign signs (even own his own lawn), no campaign website, no campaign flyers, and no photo of himself in the campaign, only a questionnaire that was filled out for a newspaper.

    – Mr. Lichte did not appear at the League of Womens Voters forum at McHenry County College for the 63rd District State Representative race.

    – Of the signature gatherers to get Jeffery Lichte placed on the ballot, all were from outside McHenry County except for Jeffery Lichte himself.


    How many people voting for Jeffery Lichte on the Republican ballot in the March 15, 2016 primary election realized that Jeffery Lichte was a Democrat?


    The Independent Expenditure (IE) committee named Government for the People had a state purpose of supporting Jeffery Lichte and opposing Steve Reick.

    Information about the committee follows:

    – $58,054 was spent, consisting of 25 receipts for $58,225 less $171 returned to Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers PAC (Alliance made the last contribution on April 14, 2016 for $600).

    – Created March 7, 2016, eight days prior to the March 15, 2016 election and closed (D-2 Final Report) on May 22, 2016.

    – On March 8, 2016, one day after the PAC was created, the Illinois Education Association (IEA) teacher union PAC named IPACE reported sending a $12,500 contribution for mail pieces to Government for the People at 2857 W. Leland Ave. Unit 1 Chicago IL 60625. That is the address for top Michael Madigan aide (so anointed by the Chicago Tribune) Shawn Decremer.

    – On March 10, 2016, the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) teacher union PAC named Illinois Federation of Teaches COPE reported sending a $5,000 contribution to Government for the People. That is $17,500 spent by teacher unions on an independent expenditure committee which supported a phony party candidate.

    – The largest contribution was $15,000 from the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association PAC on March 9, 2016. Jack Franks is a trial lawyer.

    – Chairman and Treasurer is John Biesk (who apparently sometimes forgets how to print his name, or maybe someone else filled out the form and signed in his name, because his name also appears as Bieck on the form; related to Joe Biesk the current editor at the Daily Southtown, Lake County News-Sun, and Post-Tribune, which are Chicago Tribune publications).

    – Address of 2978 Kentshire Circle, Naperville, IL 60564.

    – Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) political committee identification number of 32046.


    Here are all the expenditures from Government for the people.

    Illinois Trial Lawyers Association PAC, Springfield – 3/9/2016 – $15,000
    Illinois Education Association PAC (IPACE), Springfield a teacher union – 3/8/2016 – $12,500
    SEIU Healthcare, Chicago, a union – 3/9/2016 – $5,000
    Illinois Health Care Association (IHCA) PAC, Springfield, long term care facilities – 3/10/2016 – $5,000
    Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) COPE, Westmont, a statewide teacher union – 3/10/2016 – $5,000
    International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 2, Chicago, a union – 3/22/2016 – $3,000
    Illinois State AFL-CIO, Springfield, a union umbrella organization – 3/12/2016 – $2,000
    Aperion Care Inc, Skokie, short & long term care facilities – 3/10/2016 – $1,250
    KFT Services LLC, Lincolnwood – 3/11/2016 – $1,250
    Legacy Healthcare Financial Services, Lincolnwood – 3/11/2016 – $1,250
    Heritage Enterprises, Inc, Bloomington healthcare services firm – 3/12/2016 – $1,250
    Risk Management Services, LLC, Lincolnwood residential address 6724 Central Park Ave – 3/10/2016 – $625
    Alliance of Illinois Taxpayers, Chicago, support liberal candidates – 4/14/2016 – $600
    International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 2, Chicago, a union – 3/10/2016 – $500
    U.S. RAS Association, Bartlett, founded in 2014, community improvement?, have a Washington DC lobbyist – 3/22/2016 – $500
    Painters District Council, Aurora, a union – 3/28/2016 – $500
    Bluff City Materials, Inc., Bartlett, gravel pits / aggregate – 3/29/2016 – $500
    Briar Glen Healthcare Centre, Morton Grove – 3/10/2016 – $417
    Camelot Healthcare Centre, Morton Grove – 3/10/2016 – $417
    Sandalwood Healthcare Centre, Morton Grove – 3/10/2016 – $417 (address for the last 3 is 8140 River Drive)
    Atrium Health Care, Cahokia – 3/11/2016 – $250
    Belleville Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center – 3/11/2016 – $250
    Forest Edge Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, Chicago – 3/11/2016 – $250
    River Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, Chicago – 3/11/2016 – $250
    Westmont Nursing & Rehab Center – 3/11/2016 – $250

    Why all the long term care, rehab, and healthcare contributions?

    Is Jack Franks planning to privatize the county owned Valley Hi facility, or subcontract or outsource some of the services?

    And / or was it for past or future healthcare legislation


    Here is how the expenditures can be viewed and downloaded to a spreadsheet. > Search Options > Contributions Search > Search > by Committees > Committee ID: 32046 >
    there are two options, “Print this List” or “Download this List.” > Download this List > Tab Delimited Text File > Save File > OK > (Remember the name of the file and the director) > Open Excel > Open the File > File > Open > Computer (locate the file).

    Here is how to locate the committee and the committee ID: > Search Options > Committee Search > Search > Committee Name > Uncheck active committees only > select contains > Government for the People > Search

  3. Hey, Northwest Herald, is this not worthy of your paper?

    Here is an opportunity for the NWH to objectively expose Jack Franks’ poor ethics to the uninformed.

    Sadly, all indications are they wouldn’t dare up their journalistic game and lose face.

  4. That’s really the remarkable point.

    The Northwest Herald hasn’t reported on this story.

    This is FRAUD….open, plain, unequivocal political FRAUD.

    Led by Jack Franks.

    The question is, WHY wouldn’t the NWH report on this?

    The answer is clear.

    They’re yet another liberal news organization and they actively root for their liberal friends.

    Thus, they’re complicit in the fraud.

  5. Here are some excerpts from the candidate information that Jeffery Lichte, or someone for him, submitted to the Northwest Herald.

    Northwest Herald Election Central 2016

    Home > Illinois House District 63 (R) > Jeffery Lichte

    One the Record

    “I am a different type of McHenry County Republican.

    I am one that believes in less government.

    I am a McHenry County Republican who believes in lower property taxes.

    I am a McHenry County Republican who is actually against cronyism and good old boy politics.”

    How would you differentiate yourself?

    “I am a different kind of McHenry County Republican, independent of party bosses and influence.

    I believe in smaller, more efficient government with transparency and accountability.”

    Jeffery Lichte is faceless on that Northwest Herald website.

    He did not submit a photograph of himself.

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