Second Democratic Party County Board Candidate Drops Out

Andrew Breen

Andrew Breen

Minority parties have trouble recruiting candidates all over the country.

June 24th, Democratic Party District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Allison Barnard withdrew her candidacy.

The reason was that she was moving out of McHenry County.

Yesterday, District 4 candidate Andrew Breen pulled out as well.

He had signaled he would earlier, saying that he had “watched his party cannibalize itself.”

Sunday Andrew Breen announced his intention to withdraw.

Sunday Andrew Breen announced his intention to withdraw earlier this week.

On the County Clerk’s web site it shows Barnard was replaced by Cathy Johnson.

Democratic Party candidates listed on the McHenry County Clerk's web site as of July 28, 2016.

Democratic Party candidates listed on the McHenry County Clerk’s web site as of July 28, 2016.

There is still time for the Democratic Party to replace Breen.

Breen and running mate were facing off against Republicans Kay Bates and Craig Wilcox.


Second Democratic Party County Board Candidate Drops Out — 12 Comments

  1. Now if Jack Franks would WITHDRAW
    That would be AWESOME ! ! !

    Hit the ROAD (out of Illinois )

  2. well, all the hype from the DNC about unity has not been felt by all of the party base.

    I am getting a constant flow of emails from friends who have been life long Dems, that see Hillary for who she really is and are extreme;y disappointed in the emails that have been released.

    The Dem support of BLM and mothers of thugs over our Law Enforcement Officers, Dem support of Planned Parenthood has turned many away from the Dem party.

    The support of sanctuary cities, and funding illegal aliens over veterans has also made many Dems angry and turned them off.

    It has trickled down to local candidates.

    The current Dem platform and message is not in synch with The People.

  3. Two Down; Eleven to Go! … not including Fatty Liar #1, aka Jack ‘The Perpetual Victim” Franks

    I wonder who was trying to ‘cannibalize’ him/ ….

    Maybe Breen just Grew up or came to his senses and realized that the donkey party just hates white gentile men.

  4. The 10% cut that Jack Franks is calling for means a cut in teachers and other jobs which union people see as a cut to them smart thinking on your part Breen.

  5. Greetings All.

    I just wanted to take a moment and respond to some of the comments here.

    I dropped out of the race because I know longer want to affiliated with a party that supports liars like Jack Franks and did nothing when his wife tried to strong arm me when I abstained from voting yes during his coronation.

    I also do want to be associated with Robert Rosenberg–a candidate who is as about as disingenuous as they come and openly admitted to being a fascist while younger and openly admits to being racist.

    Despite my own personal flaws, I’ve never been a fascist nor a racist.

    I am unable to identify as a Dem (and certainly do not identify as a Republican) and cannot be a part of a party that is corrupt from the National to the Local levels.

    Perhaps, when things change, I’ll come back.

    Until then, I will call myself and “independent.”

    I ask my supporters to support Kay Bates for county board D-4.

    She’s a wonderful woman and we have worked closely together at the McHenry area Chamber of Commerce.

    Good Luck, Kay!

    You’ll have my vote.

    I also ask my supporters to support Pat Keneally for SA.

    He and I have gotten to know each other over this election cycle and believe in his vision(s) for McHenry County.

    If Cal would be so inclined, I’d love write an article about why I am so frustrated with the Democrats this election cycle.

    Cheers Citizens,

    Andy Breen

  6. Whoa!

    I did not see this coming.

    By the way, Breen isn’t “white” or “gentile.”

    He’s Native American and, I believe, his biological dad is Middle Eastern…

    I know he used to attend the McHenry County Jewish congregation.

    @BREEN were you responding while drunk? lol!

    Double check your responses before you post…

    lots of typos and misspelled words.

    Im sure you’ll get eaten alive for them here.

  7. Well Andrew, I also am an independent posting
    Frequently on the board.

    You earn my respect for coming on the blog
    & posting today.

    Dislike Franks rather intensely for things to numerous
    To post AGAIN .

    Hope you might take the time to meet
    Three other good & real candidates
    Mike Walkup, Joe Tirio & Steve Reick

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