Referendums on the Ballot

Three referendums are on the fall ballot so far:

The new McHenry County Board is composed of all Republicans.

The new McHenry County Board is composed of all Republicans.

McHENRY COUNTY – ADVISORY QUESTION Shall the number of County Board Members be reduced from the current 24 Members’ following the 2020 Decennial Census?

VILLAGE OF GREENWOOD Shall the Village of Greenwood, McHenry County, Illinois be authorized to levy a new tax for general corporate purposes and to have an additional tax of .25% of the equalized assessed value of the taxable property therein extended for such purposes?

CITY OF CRYSTAL LAKE Shall bonds in the amount of $30,100,000 be issued by the City of Crystal Lake, McHenry County, Illinois, on behalf of the Crystal Lake Public Library, for the purpose of constructing a replacement library building adjacent to the existing library and acquiring necessary furnishings and equipment, which amounts to an estimated increase of $132 per year for a $200,000 market value home?


Referendums on the Ballot — 11 Comments

  1. Cal………

    You have the caption a tad wrong.

    Shouldn’t it read The new McHenry County Board is composed of SOME Republicans?

  2. I agree “In The No”.

    Why would McHenry county have some of the highest property taxes in the country if we were run by true Republicans?!

  3. The board probably shouldn’t be reduced in size, but I bet in about two minutes I could pick half the board who shouldn’t be serving.

  4. It’s the SCHOOL DISTRICTS that
    Are the MAJOR CAUSE of the
    Overtaxing in this county !

    WAKE UP VOTERS, look at your
    Tax bills & go to the BOARD
    MEETINGS for gradeschools,
    Highschools & MCC ! ! !

    This not a Republican vs Democrat
    Issue, the CULPRITS ARE the school
    District boards.

  5. The Illinois General Assembly (State Representatives and Senators) shares equal blame with the school boards for local school district property tax hikes.

    That’s because of state collective bargaining and prevailing wage laws, among others.

    Prevailing wage in Illinois state and local government is where the state dictates wages that the state, and the local taxing districts (city, school district, park district etc.) must pay for labor on construction projects, for example.


    The Crystal Lake Library is a non binding referendum by the City (the library is a component of the city not a separate taxing district).

  6. I’m all for saving money, but I don’t know if that should be achieved by cutting out representation.

    Maybe if they reduced it to at the minimum 18 I could support it, but I’ve heard some talk about 12 which I think is way too low.

  7. Well we canned the pensions now lets work on the taxpayer funded healthcare next.

    Personally I would rather have no pension, no health care, and keep 24 members on the board.

    We would save hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs… and we serve because we love the people and the communities we serve… not for the flipping healthcare.

  8. One per 20,000 population as a rule for representation.
    At this time that would be 16 board members.

    Single member districts.

    Computer programmed by outsiders to draw up the districts.

    No bennies for a part time JOB.

    Want to save real tax $$$$$, cut some services or freeze spending till we get to the 2.5% of property value dealy.

  9. How about this one:

    “Shall the County erect bronze sculpure-monuments, of no less than 125 feet high, to honor Tina Hill and Jack Franks for their wondrous service to McHenry County and their protracted parasitism on the villianous tax-payers.”

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