Republican Alan Skillicorn Challenges Democrat Nancy Zettler Not To Vote for Mike Madigan for House Speaker

The man running for take State Rep. Mike Tryon’s seat–Alan Skillicorn–is challenging his Democratic Party opponent–Nancy Zetler–to pledge not to support Mike Madigan for House Speaker, if she is elected.

Not much chance of that, considering so-called “Independent” Democrat Jack Franks voted for Madigan nine times.

In any event, here is Skillicorn’s press release:

Skillicorn challenges Zettler to sign pledge to not support Mike Madigan for Speaker of the House

Illinois’ budget has been out of balance since 2001. The unfunded pension liability, a giant tax hike down the road, has soared to over $100 Billion. All under Speaker Mike Madigan’s watch, who has been Speaker for 31 years and held office for 45 years.

“For 45 years Speaker Mike Madigan has been shifting power and tax money to the Chicago Machine while the rest of the state crashes.

“I pledge that I will not be the decisive, veto over-riding, vote for Speaker Madigan.

“No way, no how!”

Skillicorn Madigan Fire PledgeSkillicorn continues, “My opponent wants you to believe she’s independent of Mike Madigan. If that’s true, she will sign a pledge to oppose Mike Madigan as Speaker of the House. The proof is in the pledge!”

What is this struggle really about?

Speaker Madigan wants more.

It’s about whether Illinois can continue the trifecta of higher spending, higher taxes and higher debt.

The governing methods with which Speaker Madigan sustains his loyal politicians, lobbyists, and other political parasites are complicated, but their goal is universally simple.

Speaker Mike Madigan wants more of our money.


Republican Alan Skillicorn Challenges Democrat Nancy Zettler Not To Vote for Mike Madigan for House Speaker — 4 Comments

  1. Michael Madigan has too much power in the State House of Representatives and in the Democrat party, to the detriment of sustainable good government, taxpayers, many Democrats, and a whole host of other classifications.

    Some history:

    – Current Speaker of the State House of Representatives (#1 position in the House).

    x – Controls which legislation is called to a vote.

    x – Speaker every year since 1983 except 1995 & 1996 (Republican Lee Daniels was Speaker those years)

    – Current Chairman of the State Democrat party.

    – Current Chairman of 4 political action committee funds.

    x – Democratic Party of Illinois (ISBE committee ID 6239), Treasurer is Michael J Kasper.

    x – Democratic Majority (ISBE committee ID 23189), Treasurer is Timothy D Mapes.

    x – Friends of Michael J Madigan (ISBE committee ID 665), Treasurer is Timothy Mapes.

    x – 13th Ward Democratic Org (ISBE committee ID 10), Treasurer is Frank Olivo.

    – First elected office was as delegate to the 1970 Constitutional convention for his district.

    The product of the convention was the constitution re-write which was approved by voters on December 15, 1970 which most notably contains one sentence which states pensions and retiree healthcare is an enforceable contractual relationship that cannot be diminished or impaired (although unlimited unfunded and underfunded benefit hikes to pension and retiree healthcare systems that are already unfunded or underfunded are permissible, and once hiked, the benefits cannot be diminished or impaired…INSANITY!).

    – First elected as State Representative in the fall of 1970, taking office in January 1971.


  2. Skillicorn is such a “me too” boy.

    He like so many foolish political hacks love to sign pledges to help “prove” their sincerity.

    Then because he/she decides to sign such a non-binding pledge believes everyone should follow him/her.

    Silly stuff.

  3. This is a great idea!

    And Skillicorn can lead by example with a pledge NOT to accept funding or support from Bruce Rauner’s Billions or from his dark money Proft-PACs…

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