Zettler Replies to Gasser Post on Reapportionment Referendum

The following is in response from Democratic Party State Rep. candidate Nancy Zettler to the Andrew Gasser post just below:

Nancy Zettler’s response to Andrew Gasser’s lies and distortions about independent maps

Nancy Zettler at Algonquin's Founders Days Parade.

Nancy Zettler at Algonquin’s Founders Days Parade.

Mr. Gasser’s recent attacks on me are filled with the usual lies and distortions, which has become typical of Gasser and the new so-called “leaders” of the McHenry County Republicans.

I am not and have never been a member of the “political class.” And for Mr. Gasser to question my integrity and my moral compass – on the basis of lies – is emblematic of Mr. Gasser’s continued attacks on women who step into the public sphere.

But lets correct the record:

1) Since Mr. Gasser wants to talk about integrity, it is clear that he has zero interest in actual facts. The original Facebook post was not ever and is not deleted — you can see the original post right here. If Mr. Gasser has the gall to blatantly lie about the non-deletion of a Facebook post, what else is he willing to lie about?

2) I never called Independent Maps and redistricting reform phony. What I did say was that the Republican outrage about IL’s redistricting process was phony. Until Mr. Gasser, Mr. Skillicorn, Governor Rauner, and their billionaire friends also start talking about the Republican controlled gerrymandering in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and numerous other Republican-controlled states, then I will continue to say that the IL Republican redistricting outrage is phony.

3) Despite the Republican phony outrage, as I said in my statement after the Independent Map amendment was struck down, I do strongly believe that we need a better, more independent map process, both in Illinois and across the country. I once again am in agreement with President Obama, who this past spring told the Illinois General Assembly: “In America, politicians should not pick their voters, voters should pick their politicians.”

It is about time that Mr. Gasser is starting to pay attention to me, because many Republicans have already been doing so and supporting my campaign. But I’d appreciate it if Mr. Gasser at least attempted to use facts when he wrote about me.


Zettler Replies to Gasser Post on Reapportionment Referendum — 13 Comments

  1. That would the same February 10, 2016 speech in which President Obama told told 5th District State Representative Ken Dunkin to sit down.

    “And where I’ve got an opportunity to find some common ground, that doesn’t make me a sellout to my own party.”

    [State Representative Dunkin stood to clap in support of that statement, and to put that into context Dunkin been taking a lot of heat from Democrats for working with Governor Rauner recently].

    “That applies — now — the same — well, we’ll talk later, Dunkin, you just sit down.”

    3 1/2 weeks later, on March 7, 2016, President Obama endorsed Dunkin’s opponent, Juliana Stratton.

    One week after that, on March 15, 2016, Juliana Stratton defeated incumbent Ken Dunkin in the Democrat 5th State House District contest in the primary election.

    So Ken Dunkin attempted to find some common ground with the Republican Governor, and in return the Democrats criticized Dunkin and funded and supported an opponent to run against him in the March 15, 2016 primary election.

    Unusual for a sitting President to make an endorsement in a primary election.


    Has President Obama formerly endorsed any specific reapportionment / redistricting in Illinois?

    Or did he just make a comment with which almost everyone already agrees, with no specific firm commitment or endorsement?

    President Obama’s priority was not reapportionment / redistricting, rather, it was punishing Ken Dunkin for his attempt at bipartisanship relations because that effort went against the current agenda and narrative being spun by Illinois Democrats which is, largely, Rauner is the problem and is extreme.


    The White House appears to have covered it’s tracks as best they could, although of course one could just claim unintended innocent errors.

    Dunkin’s name is misspelled “Duncan” in the text version of the speech on the White House website.

    Furthermore, the text of speech on the White House website omits the comment by Obama telling Dunkin to “sit down.”

    Here’s the quote on the White House website:

    “That applies — (laughter) — well, we’ll talk later, Duncan.”


    Here’s what Obama said:

    “That applies — now — the same — well, we’ll talk later, Dunkin, you just sit down.”

    The audio of the speech is on several YouTube sites, including the White House YouTube site.


    Start at the 31:00 minute mark for the Dunkin sit down comment.

  2. I am glad Nancy Zettler undeleted her facebook post from June 14th.

    These are not attacks as Zettler claims but simple statements of truth.

    Ms. Zettler – why did you hide a clearly partisan post decrying the Independent Map resolution from your facebook page?

    I have a screen shot where you say, and I quote:

    Don’t be fooled by the Republicans for demanding redistricting here in Illinois. If they were in control, they’d do the exact same thing. They are only upset that they aren’t in control here in Illinois. Don’t believe me? look at what they are doing all over the county in Republican controlled states and on a national level. #phonyoutrage #reformIL #GOPhypocracy

    That is fine.

    You can have that opinion on June 14th, 2016.

    But why delete it Nancy and them come out with this statement on July 20th:

    I’m very disappointed that a referendum to change the current map system has been struck down. Our current map system protects entrenched politicians in BOTH parties and should be changed not only here in Illinois, but across the entire country as well. This should NOT be a partisan issue.

    I am in agreement with President Obama, who this past spring told the Illinois General Assembly: “In America, politicians should not pick their voters, voters should pick their politicians.”

    This just makes it clear that we need independent bipartisan leaders – who are not beholden to party leadership or a couple of select billionaires – that will stand up to the entrenched interests in Springfield.

    You flat out flip flopped on this issue and quite frankly the people are sick and tired of the political class, people like you, who say whatever you think you need to say at the time to get elected.

    You cannot accuse those who tried to put the Independent Maps initiative on the ballot as being hypocrites and then delete your post and come out like you were for it all along.

    That is what is truly hypocritical.

    There were Democrats AND Republicans who tried to make this happen.

    This was never a stunt by the ILGOP or the ILDems.

    You and Hillary are two birds of a feather – Hillary deletes emails and you delete Facebook posts only to unhide them when you get caught.

    Moreover – We in Illinois have absolutely NO control over what happens in other states and how they draw maps.

    Your reasoning is not only flawed but also reflects your integrity.

    It is wrong everywhere when political parties rig how the maps are drawn.

    Well I am not.

    When it is wrong you call them and and hold them accountable.

    What Madigan and his judge did is inexcusable.

    You welcome the gerrymandering of maps so the political class can continue to hold power.

    We can only control and have impact here in Illinois and from your carefully worded nuanced response you are quite happy with the way things are managed by Mike Madigan.

    Mike Madigan killed the Independent Maps initiative and you would vote for him for speaker.

    Mike Madigan has been in office for 45 years… that is longer than I have been alive.

    It is time for him to go and all of those who support and empower him.

    We need term limits and as long as Madigan is in power we will never get them.

    I’ll tell you what Nancy – since you want my attention you have it – I’ll move you to the top of my list over the next few weeks and see what we can do… you now have my undivided attention.

    I am not on the ballot but you most certainly are.

    Finally – I think everyone in McHenry County knows I am not afraid to call out the problems on either side of the aisle.

    That, frankly, isn’t even debatable Nancy.

    The nepotism has to end and so does Mike Madigan’s super majority in Springfield.

  3. First, the referendum was flawed.

    People in one way or another are bias, the commission is made up of people, so it will/would be bias.

    A computer should be programmed by people outside the state or even country to design the voting districts.

    Square boxes as much as possible, match legal borders as much as possible, rivers and lakes, with no considerations of passed voting, age, sex, race, or any other of the political nonsense used in the passed.

    If elected Nancy, will you vote for Mike Madigan as speaker like Jack always did?
    No waltzing please, yes or no, will you vote for Mike?

  4. So Andrew Gasser is really excited about having a screen shot of a post that still exists, and was never deleted?

    Got it.

    And he’s going to double down on the claim that it was deleted, in order to attack Zettler’s integrity, even though it was never deleted.

    Got it.

    Andrew – you use the word truth.

    And integrity.

    But its pretty clear that those words don’t mean what you think that they mean, when you’re blatantly lying while using said words.

    Zettler has a point – you’re lying about her deleting a Facebook post.

    And then you’re basing much of your criticism on the lie that she deleted the post.

    So what else are you willing to lie about?

  5. Actually shake no – I do not get it.

    The last time I checked the post had been down for three days… its back again… nice job.

    Enough of the people saw it and know.

    You have no credibility alabamashake – you are just another one of Michael Bissett’s anonymous cowards who scurries around casting fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

    Nancy decided to do what she did.

    This is how the Democrats play.

  6. Nah, I have zero connection to Mike Bissett.

    Good try though.

    But let me know if you need lessons on using Facebook and searching for posts.

  7. She never removed the facebook post Gasser.

    Why can’t you just admit you made a mistake and move on

  8. I agree with Nancy’s assessment of Republicans having selected outrage and how they don’t call for this when they are in the majority.

    That being said, independent maps are a good idea.

    I don’t really see why Skillicorn or Rauner need to comment on what goes on in Michigan or Ohio; these are Illinois state officials.

    We have enough problems here without trying to tell other states what to do.

    I’d like to see independent maps in every state, so let’s start here.

  9. “I agree with Nancy’s assessment of Republicans having selected outrage and how they don’t call for this when they are in the majority.”

    An attorney should be smart enough to understand that the “two wrongs make a right” red herring is logically fallacious.

    Or maybe she does know, doesn’t care, and is demagoguing.

  10. It is Democrats who successfully fought the 2014 ballot initiative for redistricting reform and are so far successfully fighting the 2014 ballot initiative for redistricting reform.

    It is Democrats who successfully fought the 2014 ballot initiative for term limits.

    It is Democrats who have a supermajority in the Illinois General Assembly and thus if they all agree through legislation can place a question on the ballot for redistricting reform or term limits.

    More under this post.

    Nancy Zettler on Reapportionment Referendum
    August 2, 2016

  11. **Either she’s a very angry person or has thin skin. Not great traits for representative.**

    LOL – thanks Allen.

    That’s ironic coming from a guy running for state rep that pretends he’s other people in blog comments.

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