Reick Plans Springfield Fundraiser — 9 Comments

  1. No mention of the fact that a big time contract lobbyist is hosting this fundraiser?

    I thought Reick was supposed to not like special interests!

    Something tells me if a Dem had a fundraiser hosted by a big time contract lobbyist it would be highlighted.

  2. There was a Democrat lobbyist in involved in the attempt to defeat Steve Reick in the Republican primary election for 63rd District State Representative held on March 15, 2016.

    The lobbyist, Shaw Decremer, was involved in the Government for the People PAC, doing campaign work.

    What happened is on March 8, 2016, the Illinois Education Association PAC (IPACE), reported sending a $12,500 contribution to 2857 W Leland Ave Unit 1, Chicago, IL 60626, the address of Shaw Decremer.

    Then on March 9, 2016, IPACE reported that was the wrong address for Government for the People, the correct address was 2978 Kentshire Circle, Naperville, IL 60564.

    Government for the People PAC was supporting Democrat Jeffery Lichte, who ran as a Republican in the 63rd State Representative District Republican primary vs Steve Reick

    Government for the People PAC was opposing Republican Steve Reick.

    Shaw Decremer is a former Michael Madigan staffer.

  3. **who is the big contract lobbyist?**

    Zach Stamp.

    It’s at his office, and he’s the one who sent out the invite.

  4. And thanks Mark – you just proved my point about the hypocrisy.

    You continue to talk about Decremer, even posting his home address and information about his wife, yet say nothing when Reick has a big time contract lobbyists hosting a fundraiser.

  5. The $12,500 to the Shaw Decremer address was for a mailer.

    That primary election featured a smear campaign against Steve Reick.

    The Chicago Tribune has called Shaw Decremer, Madigan’s top campaign aide.

    Democrat Jeffery Lichte ran as a Republican in that March 15, 2015 primary, against Steve Reick.

    The other Democrat in that 63rd District State House primary, Jack Franks, ran unopposed as a Democrat.

    A few months later, on a Sunday in July 2016, Democrat Jeffery Lichte was photographed wearing a Jack Franks hat, driving a vehicle supporting Jack Franks, in the McHenry Fiesta Days parade.

  6. No, Mark.

    You gave his new home address.

    And information about his wife.

    Good try though.

  7. Chicago Tribune

    Madigan consolidates power by holding sway in legislative races

    June 5, 2012

    By John Chase, David Kidwell, and Ray Long

    “Just weeks before the March Democratic primary, a campaign operative for Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan walked into the headquarters of a candidate for state representative to deliver a message.

    ‘You aren’t going to like me,’ Shaw Decremer declared to those inside Carole Cheney’s headquarters, according to several Cheney staffers in the room.”

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