Dems Pick McHenry’s Patrick Arnold to Fill District 4 County Board Candidate Vancancy — 11 Comments

  1. Interesting.

    Another person running for County Board who has voted Republican in the past.

  2. Who is this guy, another ghost candidate
    Like Lichte & Bartman ?

    Anybody out there have some info
    On Patrick Arnold ?

  3. Patrick Arnold is my older brother.

    I would encourage anybody looking to get to know him to like his Facebook page and send him an email.

    He is a very approachable, down to earth, normal, every day individual and resident in the community of McHenry.

    We grew up in Johnsburg.

    Our parents owned their own electrical contracting company for many years in Johnsburg.

    Our father was also a volunteer fire fighter in the MTFPD.

    Patrick was in Boy Scouts of America until the age of 18.

    He has worked at many established businesses in the community and followed our dad’s footsteps and became an electrician as well.

    He has worked as a foreman for a couple of electrical contractors in the community building projects ranging from new fire stations and local schools to restaurants and grocery stores.

    In addition to having a public service nature that was learned at a young age and being very technically inclined and leading others on job sites he has completed more than one business and entrepreneurial program through MCC and other affiliated schools.

    He is a family man.

    Involved in his church.

    Coaches his sons youth baseball team and is just a good guy.

    Good Luck Pat.


  4. Jack: Happy to hear your brother is a ‘good guy’.

    We need Board members who will fight for the taxpayers;

    Board members who will make government smaller;

    Board members who will work to rein in the power of the unions;

    Board members who can so NO to staff;

    Board members who will do the necessary background work to make correct decisions at committee and board meetings.

    Great for the family that he is a ‘good guy’ but what background does he have that would make him a ‘good board member’?

    We all already have too many ‘good guys’ and ‘good gals’ on the Board.

  5. I only wanted to speak of his ‘personal character’.

    I don’t know what his exact plans are on the ‘political front’ and feel that is for ‘him’ to explain.

    He’s always stood up for what is ‘right’.

  6. I await his press release, which will be published.

    Hope he will send an informal photo, too.

  7. @questioning I see no call for ” background” from any Republican candidate.

    What experience or “background” does a retired Air Force guy have in lowering taxes or making government smaller?

    Let me help here, NONE.

    At least Mr. Arnold has worked in the private sector, as a business owner paid payroll taxes.

    Your questioning is not something anyone in the 4th district race can prove.

  8. NOWHERE does it say Patrick was a ‘business owner’ by his brotherJack.

    Jack Arnold DOES SAY ‘our PARENTS owned their own electrical contracting company for many years in Johnsburg’.

    Also, it says Arnold ‘ followed our Dad’s
    Footsteps & BECAME an ELECTRICIAN’.

  9. Holy crap this is what is wrong with this country.

    You people are attacking someone before you know anything about him. Democrat or republican, whatever maybe he has a message you connect with. Maybe he can do something others can’t.

    Do you get extra votes for being the first to post negative garbage.

    You jump on the guy for only working as an electrician and not owning his own business???

    What is that about?

    What kind of elitist filth do you spew?

    Let the guy lay out what he wants and hopes to do.

    Maybe you’ll agree with some of it.

    Maybe there’s some you won’t.


    Don’t be such a pompous ass

  10. As stated before, McHenry County Blog is willing to publish any local official’s or candidate’s press release.

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