Franks Accused of Speaking Out of Both Sides of His Mouth

A press release from McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup:

Jack Franks voted for increase on Social Security Taxes on income

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Mike Walkup, County Board member and candidate for Chairman of the Board of McHenry County, revealed today that ‘Lying’ Jack Franks, Democratic State Representative from the 63rd district and Delegate for Hillary Clinton has already voted for the Democrat Party’s platform which includes tax increases on Social Security language to wit:

“We will make sure Social Security’s guaranteed benefits continue for generations to come by asking those at the top to pay more.”

Recently Lying Jack said on the WGN radio show ‘The Download’ hosted by Justin Kaufmann that

Soaking the rich is bad public policy.”

“He speaks out of both sides of his mouth and says whatever he thinks people want to hear,” Walkup said.

Additionally in a moment of unprecedented honesty for Lying Jack when asked again for the reason he was giving up his seat in Springfield to run for a seat in County government he replied,

“I want to run McHenry County.”

“We need to see ‘Lying’ Jack’ for what he is, and that isn’t good,” Walkup said.


Franks Accused of Speaking Out of Both Sides of His Mouth — 18 Comments

  1. Right about the 25 minute mark on the
    Broadcast Franks said his now infamous
    Words . . . ‘I want to run Mchenry County.’

    There were sooooo many ‘I’s’ in the
    Broadcast, just lost count.

  2. So Walkup is against social security?

    Big talk from a guy taking advantage of “disability” while running for two offices.

  3. Moderate NOT NOT NOT, put
    Your glasses on &/or take a reading
    Comprehension class.

    This thread IS about Jack Franks
    ‘voted for INCREASE on SOCIAL

    NO WHERE in the above thread
    Does it say or remotely imply
    Mike Walkup is AGAINST SSI.

    The thread has NOTHING to do
    With Mike Walkup’s diability or
    Running for board chair.

    So, you are making crap up &
    Deflecting yet another of Jack
    Franks MISDEEDS against senior
    Citizens on SSI.

  4. Mike Walkup would be unemployed if the Social Security system failed- its continued survival is in his best interest.

    But yes- let’s make America great again.

    Let’s choose 1955.

    A person earning $50,000/year in 1955(adjusting for inflation only, about $400,000/year today) paid a top Federal tax rate of 50%.


    In 1955, American corporations paid a top Federal capital gains rate of 95%.


    Yes- let’s make America great again.

  5. Simple is as simple does John …………. Were you making $50,000 in 1955?

    Me neither.

    Pick some random numbers, a few random years and then tell the voters that Lying Jack Franks the DEMONCRAT didn’t just cast his ballot for the platform of the DNC (DEMONCRAT NATIONAL COMMITTEE) and it’s anti-American platform from HELL designed to further the rape of the Country which gave you birth.

    Lying Jack Voted for that CRAP platform and he’ll choke on every word of it and every word which comes forward from the WITCH who he supports with every fiber of his soul.

    Maybe it’s time for you to get down on you knees and pray to God that we can and will…..

    Make America Great Again!

  6. ‘Lovaas’ and ‘Moderate’ have no desire to ‘Make America Great Again’.

    They like the idea of being ruled by the elite via the United Nations.

    Contrary to the statement:

    “Mike Walkup would be unemployed if the Social Security system failed”

    Mr. Walkup would be one of the busiest attorneys in the County.

    He specializes in that field and the courts would be flooded with cases where people paid into the system and were denied benefits.

  7. Conservative,

    Well said.

    Don’t you wonder what screen name Patronage Jack uses?

  8. Actually, there were so many damn lies and distortions coming out of Jacko Frank’s oral cavity, in that puffpiece broadcast, why just focus on that particular falsehood?

    Wyd, Lying Jack actually claimed he singlehandedly saved us $3 billion, on just one of his airy-fairy schemes.

    We should just elect Jacko Emperor of Illinois, so the rotten thing can go up in flames during his reign of tax-terror.

    He won’t resurrect like a beautiful phoenix!

  9. Walkup raised taxes on the CL Park Board.

    He raised taxes on the county board.

    He took a pension and healthcare after campaigning against it.

    And now he’s “disabled” and running for two offices….

    I think that says it all right there.

  10. ,
    Franks has no viable results in 18 years in office.

    None of his supporters have been able to list a single real accomplishment

    Franks is Unashamed in his willingness to practice nepotism and patronage.

    Franks has ZERO tax reduction in 18 unimpressive years in office

    Franks voted for Chicago and Springfield dem machine leadership 9 out of 9 times.

    That leadership has destroyed this state financially, and has placed Illinois as the highest taxed state in the union
    Franks was a delegate for Hillary the liar

    Walkup and the current County board REDUCED the county portion of our re tax bill.

    THAT says it all

  11. Next time you see the proven little liar, ask him how he reconciles supporting Madigan and Clinton with his often repeated statement that he has never supported a tax increase.

    Both Madigan and Clinton are proven tax hikers.

    He just went to Philadelphia to support her and her announced 1.3 trillion dollar tax increase.

  12. This one really got under Franks’ skin.

    He showed up at the GOP booth at the Fair and started excoriating me over it.

    He also picked up the walk piece with the Blago letter and tried to explain it.

    His father had earlier run into me and told me that Jack was hopping mad about the release.

    Some of the things said:

    (1) He wanted to make this about issues but now he has bought $250,000 worth of TV air time to run comparative ads.

    (2) He had hoped that after he was elected Chairman and he and I could work together to change the Board but now he will direct more resources into also defeating me in my District.

    (3) He has consulted with attorneys who have told him that the Chairman is not bound by the Board Rules (which eliminate the Chairman from appointing committees and chairs of committees). He plans to reduce the number of committees to around 6 (I am inferring with Chairs picked by him in derogation of the current Rules) at some unspecified time.

    (4) When I offered to set up debates to discuss said issues he said he would not “share the same stage” with me because of things I might say and, besides, he was ahead of me in the polls he had conducted so there was no reason for him to debate.

    I guess we won’t get to discuss issues then.

    About an hour later someone showed up carrying a new black colored handbill that contained an attack on me with the same bullet points in the “Moderate” comment above.

    Oh yes, and he called this release “libelous and actionable”, but maybe not until after the election.

    I guess we will have that to look forward to.

  13. Wow Mike, Sorry to read you had
    To go through that.

    Thanks for sharing yet more of
    Franks BEHAVING BADLY & basically
    Bullying types of threats.

    Typical of people with such a big ego
    Who cannot deal with ANYONE disagreeing or pointing out his misdeeds.

    Bragging about all the money you
    Have at your disposal & threats of
    Litigation is disturbing & despicable
    For a PUBLIC PERSON/politician.

    Hope there is a life lesson or some
    Karma coming at Franks that might
    MAKE him reevaluate his BAD BEHAVIOR !

  14. What exactly did Mike “go through” ?

    He was told he will be beaten, as if that is news to anyone watching this race.

  15. Re: he called this release “libelous and actionable”
    I posted the following elsewhere:

    What is a liar?

    A person who lies.

    What is a lie?

    to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
    OR to create a false or misleading impression

    Take your pick.

    Listen to the WGN interview and you decide.

    Look at his record of public statements and you decide.

    When a unit of government passes legislation relative to expending your tax dollars, is it a lie if an elected official goes out to the recipients of that money and states:

    “I got you that money.”?

    Remember definition number 2: to create a false or misleading impression.

    If you listen closely to his WGN interview, one of the main reasons he quit Springfield is that he has not been able to manipulate local elected Republicans since Rauner was elected as governor.

    Personally, I believe he quit Springfield because he knew the gig was up.

    I believe his polls showed he would lose the 63rd in November.

    Insofar as running for Governor, his family likely knows he has zero chance.

    I believe County Chairman is his last political gasp.

  16. Anywhere but Mchenry County would
    Be great !

    Franks said on the WGN interview a
    Few days ago that ‘he had Bi-partisan
    Freshman over to HIS HOUSE for dinner’.

    Sounds like that was in Springfield & could be a good enough place for him
    to go.

    It’s warmer there & plenty of lobbyist

    Jack, please just drop out & we’ll
    Say, head for Springfield.

  17. Jack is a public official. In order to prevail in a defamation suit, he has to prove three things:

    1) A statement made about him was false.

    2) The false statement made about him damaged his reputation.

    3) The false statement was made with malice, i.e. “knowledge that the information was false” or that it was published “with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.”

    I don’t think you’ll be able to find a lawyer to take that case on a contingency fee basis, Jacko. You’ll probably have to pay a lawyer upfront or handle the case yourself.

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