Turnberry Country Club Sells for $1.2 Million

Turnberry Country Club sign.

Turnberry Country Club sign.

The sales price of Lakewood’s Turnberry Country Club has finally surfaced in a public record.

It’s $1.2 million, according to the Declaration of Value filed with the McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments.

Gone is the threat that condos will cover the landscape where neighbors paid good money for the golf course views.


Turnberry Country Club Sells for $1.2 Million — 1 Comment

  1. How to Save Turnberry C.C. of Lakewood IL???

    History the McIntosh family 1st owned the property and built Turnberry in Lakewood cira 1973-4…I believe.

    At both ends of Turnberry Trail would need a private Guard Station.

    And steal remote gates for residents at the points of Haligus Rd. & Bonnie Dr. / Lakewood Rd. & Vida Ave.

    Proven track records of Chefs (Hells Kitchen winner/s & redesign of Menu) Golf Pro. / Ladies Cleaning Facitlity & Locker Room attendant. / Management of Country Club. 1st rate Groundkeeper / Caddy Trainer / and redesign of Olympic pool w/Spa and Manager’s of the crew and Manacurist/hair solon/Masseuse or Naprapath on staff 2 days a week w/tanning beds.

    Advertise.in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune/Magazine, Daily Herald, Bill boards to & from Chicago. Assessment of residences would go up with the new added features of year round access automatic Membership to the Club itself with added security would raise the value of inner circle homes $1,000 a month but 2,000 a month for non-resdience…

    Golf Pro?

    Golf lessons offered at by appointment extra cost or once a month free sign up date.

    Outside Resident Memberships would be featured at Twice the cost but, exclusive packages would change the whole out look of Turnberry.

    Furthermore, fishing at lakes would also feature an inner circle of membership/residents only.

    That ia how to redesign & save Turnberry C.C. as first criteria is zoning/walling off for exclusive rights to land, lakes, roads, only exclusive control under care of the Lakewood Fire Deot/ Police, trash, Public Works.of sewer & Water.

    Not their building permits or rights to land or subject to local ordinances of fishing? Under private Management of Turnberry C.C. itself. T

    hat is how to honestly save it…

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