Opponents of Gonsiorek Pull Up 2011 District 47 Questionnaire

Those who believe that Democrats will make hay out of a Daily Herald candidate questionnaire if Nancy Gonsiorek is selected to run in Nick Provenzano’s place have forwarded the following (emphasis was supplied by the sender):


2/23/2011 Nancy L. Gonsiorek Daily Herald Candidate Profile

If your district had a superintendent or other administrator nearing retirement, would you support a substantial increase in his or her pay to help boost pension benefits? Why or why not?

This is an age-old practice used by many school districts and an area that I always struggle with. This practice is unheard of in the private sector and I daresay that, by and large, our taxpayers find this unacceptable. However, by providing the incentive, we guarantee a notice of retirement that is sufficient to provide for transition. Additionally, we typically replace those veteran administrators who are paid a higher salary with candidates having fewer years of service and therefore the effect is a much lower overall cost to the district and our taxpayers.

To address this situation at district 47 we have implemented an administrator cost-reduction program, which I supported. One facet of this program was to cut the previous administrator retirement incentive in half. While the new program still provides a guaranteed increase for a period of years prior to retirement, the increase is less, as is the number of years over which the increase will be paid. This was one component of a reduction package — which included a pay freeze — that has provided substantial savings in our budget in the area of administrators’ compensation. Again, I am very proud to be part of an organization where our board, teachers, and administrators have all made concessions to ensure that kids come first.


Opponents of Gonsiorek Pull Up 2011 District 47 Questionnaire — 9 Comments

  1. Never a fan of artificially increasing comp at the end of a government employee’s career.

    It creates compensation that is higher than it should be, and increases their pension without an increasing results.

    This puts an undue burden on the taxpayer.

  2. How about OR Hire outside bus service and do away with all the unnecessary salaries period!

    you know exactly what the bus service will cost each year and nothing MORE!!!

  3. Reason #598 not to appoint this tax-creep.

    cal, why would the demos try and sink her?

    She’s one of their very own!

  4. Since Nancy is an accountant, maybe she can tell us why she voted yes for District 47 having over 100 million in reserves, and why nearly 40 million is invested for 2,3,4 and 10 years in the future while the levy has gone up every year?

    If she says anything about the uncertainty of State funds, we know her answer will be untrue, because District 47 implemented this “investment” policy well before the election where Rauner won.

  5. Some rank and file teachers hate when administrators get any perk the rank and file does not receive.

    But teachers and administrators receive the same TRS pension benefits which are extremely lucrative compared to Social Security and 401K.

    Thanks to legislative benefit hikes, collective bargaining hikes, and administrator contract hikes.

    All of which is largely opaque to taxpayers.

    So if they want to draw attention to pensions have at it.

  6. If the ‘people’ are like you
    Dirty xxxxxx, we are going
    To need gas masks for all
    The toddler potty talk.

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