Sheriff Bill Prim Running for Re-Election

Confirmation that Sheriff Bill Prim is running for re-election two years from now comes from a fundraising invitation that arrive yesterday:

The invitation to Sheriff Bill Prim's September 22nd fundraiser.

The invitation to Sheriff Bill Prim’s September 22nd fundraiser.

Join Sheriff Prim at his re-election campaign kick-off event, while celebrating his mid-term successes!

Visit to let us know you’re interested or to become an event sponsor.


Sheriff Bill Prim Running for Re-Election — 31 Comments

  1. He will lose the support of those who are against patronage and nepotism unless he does some house cleaning before the next election.

  2. I don’t believe Sheriff Prim needs any house cleaning.

    His dedication to the community and his leadership has proven he was the Right Man at the Right Time.

    I’m happy to see that he will be running for a second term.

    My vote will always be Bill Prim.

  3. Voter would you still always give your vote to bill prim if he came forward and admitted that he like neither kittens or puppy dogs?

  4. Leeeery, would love to know where
    Prim has patronage & nepotism employees.

    Not trying to be adversarial
    On this, just curious.

    Question to others on the blog:

    Does anyone think LIKING puppies
    & kittens needs to be a prerequisite
    For any job or office in Mchenry county
    Other than animal control ?

  5. Watchdog 2 (are you the son of Watchdog? a sequel? What does it mean… I must know!)

    I don’t think that I was inferring liking puppies and kittens was a prerequisite, I was simply asking voter directly.  

    He/she (not implying transgender, simply indicating that I don’t know which gender voter is) seemed pretty committed to Prim, so I was just testing his/her (see above) loyalty.

  6. The Head of the MCGOP is the head of HR and was hired shortly after Prim was elected.

    Just saying.

  7. Don’t know about kittens and puppies, but with some politicians it’s really clear about what they like by what they vote for ….

    Take Lying Jack Franks for instance.

    As a Hitlery Clinton Delegate he voted to support her platform and programs which include:

    Transsexual bathrooms

    Black Lives Matter – “Pushing for a social transformation”

    Abolishing the death penalty

    Higher Death Taxes on Farms

    Could get real exciting here in McHenry County with a ‘Leader’ like lying Jack Franks.

  8. Firebra… Maybe that’s the problem.

    Perhaps the puppies and kittens should be the litmus test.

    Not just the question but let’s put the candidates in a room for 24 hours with puppies and kittens and see how they behave.

  9. Best idea I’ve heard all week!

    Just picture for a moment if you will:

    Chubby Banker in three piece suit locked in small room filled with many many puppies and kittens for 24 hours.

    Exit Lying Jack Franks form the race.


  10. I wonder if the event ticket comes with a Get Out Of Jail Free Card if you get pulled over on the way home after too many of those Oktoberfest beers.

  11. Inish, I’m pretty sure Sandra was a manager at Pioneer Center and then went to work as Business Manager for the Lake County Sheriff where she managed the budget and oversaw payroll and HR functions for the employees.

    Are you doubting that she was qualified to run HR in McHenry County?

  12. I have seen the accomplishments that Sheriff Prim has produced as a leader in the Sheriff’s department.

    Am I loyal and committed to Prim, I’ll say this, I’m loyal to anyone who has the drive and commitment to the community and this Prim has shown.

    I’m committed to anyone who, in his leadership, has turned the Sheriff’s Department into something everyone can be proud of and this Prim has shown.

    I’m committed to anyone who sees into the future and will work with all departments in McHenry County to see that the Sheriff’s Department is the best it can be and this also Prim has shown.

    As they say,

    “Actions speak louder than words”

    and by Prim’s positive actions he is doing a great job.

    #Willy Wonka, I get the point you made about the dogs and kitten reference but FYI Sheriff Bo comes into Sheriff Prim’s office every morning to get his doggy bone treat from his Boss.

  13. I will stand behind Sheriff, Bill Prim, wholeheartedly.

    As Sheriff, Bill Prim has worked to do exactly as he promised, in “returning the Sheriff’s office back to the people.”

    He has demonstrated an absolute sincerity toward putting principles, before partisanship and paving the way for a better, safer McHenry County, rather than becoming a political tool to be used to “settle old scores” as I see going on all to often in the MC political arena.

    I can honestly say, I feel better and safer living here with Bill Prim as sheriff.

  14. I would, however, feel even better and safer if sheriff Prim could somehow entice Sheriff, David Clarke to come to MC and work beside him!

  15. Willy Wonka…. aka…chocolate freak…. Who cares what gender voter is…but I know her as Velma Dinckley…

    As the 50th Sheriff of McHenry County, Bill Prim stands for… Honesty and Integrity……NO ONE can beat that !

    Ich bin ein treuer fan von Bill Prim !

    Sehen sie am Oktoberfest !

  16. Joe,

    The point isn’t whether Sandra has been sucking off taxpayers for years in her previous job positions.

    The point is, Prim created 3 positions in the Sheriff’s Dept. to give patronage jobs to those who helped get him elected.

    It is a disgrace Republicans allow Sandra to be Chair of the McCGOP and act as if nothing is wrong, when those on this blog tear apart Jack Franks for his patronage requests in 2003

    It’s also infuriating that Sandra makes almost 6 figures via taxpayers as a Secretary yet Anna May Miller gets called out for the same thing.

    Whether Sandra is qualified is another topic.

    If she had any brains, would she be requesting proof readers for website and facebook posts?

    She can’t even get meetings times on the website or in emails correct.

  17. Joe- I’m pretty sure that job was never published to the general public for applications.

    I never said she wasn’t qualified but it is hard to think that it was a quid pro quo.

  18. Happy, that is too funny !!!!!!!!!!

    Inside joke but how many people know who Velma Dinckley is?


    No really who knows who Velma Dinckley is?

  19. Hey Willy W, your comment about the
    Puppies & kittens just struck my funny
    Bone & just had to respond in an absurd way.

    Hope you don’t take it personally, ok.

    As for the screen name, there was a watchdog
    On the blog when I first started posting.

    So, just kept the name till I find the ‘just right’

    LOL , no sequels or relation to watchdog, who seems
    To have disappeared or changed their screen name ?

  20. Denying the patronage highers is truly a sad thing.

    It use to be the wine was Patronage and Nepotism, and guess what was dropped so the Sheriff wasn’t always part of the target.

    One down and two to go.

    Protecting a weak link in the herd makes the whole herd that much weaker.

    Republican’s should be dam happy the Dem are so poor at picking candidates in this county.

  21. Watchdog 2… having fun here too, although I would have preferred a deeper back story.

    Happy Trails… Chocolate freak?

    Maybe nobody cares about voter’s gender but I bet voter does and that’s all that matters to me.

    Well that and the kitten puppy thing.

  22. L.O.L. Willy Wonka, yes my gender is important to me and there will be no gender change for me.l.o.l.

  23. Willy W, dang a missed opportunity.

    Coulda shoulda come up with something

    More silly, crab-sassy or whatnot for the story/sequel.

    Careful though, there ARE some very
    Intense crabby trolls & toddlers posting
    Pottytalk from their bathroom thrones.

    I do lose my sense of humor when
    posting about Jack Franks though.

    Could work on lightening those posts
    Up . . . Maybe . . . Occasionally 🙂

  24. I’d figure out a way to slip a Golden Ticket to the person that is able to get the Mystery Machine to the Sheriff’s fundraiser for Veronica.

    Might want to leave Shaggy and Scoob at home with all of the law enforcement types that will be there.

  25. Sandra is doing far better than any of the others before her.

    She is well qualified and perfect for that job .

  26. I think you should get all the laughs in now.

    When Hillary becomes Commander In Chief a black cloud of depression will settle over the land that may be impossible to lift.

    It will take more than Velma and Scooby to cheer us up.
    The only jobs Hillary will create will be overseas making anti-depressants.

    Btw – Good job, Prim.

    Wish you had demoted all the backstabbers and ass-kissers but you can’t have everything.

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