Bartman Fundraiser

The Democrat who would replace State Rep. Jack Franks in the Illinois House of Representatives, John Bartman has an electronic reservation service for his August 25th fundraiser at his family farm.

You can see it below:

John Bartman sign-up form.

John Bartman sign-up form.


Bartman Fundraiser — 12 Comments

  1. He must be waiting for the unions to show up.

    I hope people are tired with the rigged game between public sector unions making deals with polititions who do not have the taxpayers interest at heart.

  2. Democrat John Bartman (Marengo) v Republican Steve Reick (Harvard) for 63rd District State Representative (western McHenry County including Harvard, Marengo, Union, Alden, Hebron, and parts of Woodstock, Lakewood, Bull Valley, and McHenry).

    Election November 8, 2016.

    Steve Reick defeated a Democrat whom ran as a Republican in the primary election on March 18, 2016, Jack Franks supporter Jeffery Lichte.

    The Government for the People PAC supporting Jeffery Lichte and opposing Steve Reick featured attack mailers on Reick and included the IEA teacher union PAC (IPACE) sending a contribution for mailers to the address of Shaw Decremer, a former Michael Madigan staffer whom is now a lobbyist.

    (The day after reporting the contribution, IPACE issued another report stating the address should instead be the Naperville address listed for the PAC).

    Incumbent Democrat 63rd District State Representative Jack Franks dropped out since the Democrat party found someone he (Jack) believes is electable and holds political views consistent with his own.

    Jack Franks is running for McHenry County Board Chair v Republican Mike Walkup.

    John Bartman is a former Chair of the McHenry County Democrat party, was listed on a Jack Franks letter to Governor Rod Blagojevich asking for a job at IDOT (John received a job at IDOT), and current IUOE Local 150 affiliated IIIFFC prevailing wage monitor.

    A prevailing wage monitor checks to see if prevailing wages (state mandated union wages) are paid on government construction projects).

  3. Looks like no one is showing up.

    Also, the disclosure statement required by the State Board of Elections is missing!!

  4. Has anyone looked into what kind of subsidies Bartman receives for his farm?

    Wouldn’t having a fundraiser in a government funded entity be illegal?

  5. The real question here is he related to Steve Bartman from the Cubs game

  6. Different Bartman than the world
    Series guy.

    It does make me giggle that so
    Many people bring this up. 🙂

    Since this Bartman is so ill qualified
    Compared to awesome Steve Reick,
    I do say I hope Bartman’s name hurts
    Him at the polls.

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